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  1. Aura Gaming

    impressive talent, but somebody gotta disconnect the power supply from their instruments!!!

  2. Rebekah Wood

    These guys are brilliant! Love Smells Like Teen Spirit. Just need them to do White Wedding then I'd use it for talking down the aisle!

  3. Truth Seeker

    Awesome 🎵🎶👍

  4. Coffee Games

    .75 speed

  5. P D

    1:45 💥🔥GøT is unique,nevr gets old and dead

  6. Hakan Aydıngöz

    I think if this was really at that time they would hang them for satanism

  7. Subrata Mal

    This song I like beautiful

  8. Lord Viktor 1977

    Bellissima... Bravi 2c

  9. Muhammad Shoaib

    Music is so so so heart touching isn't it?

  10. Muhammad Shoaib

    Really Really miss it😭😭

  11. Grace Zampuii


  12. Asmal Himakelum

    What with the head swinging?😄

  13. jes wes

    I wonder who will play David icke in Ickes list the movie about the corona hoa* the second holocoust

  14. natale lo cascio

    Diciamo la verita' qualche volta. La batteria e' uno strumento di solo accompagnamento, averne fatto anche uno elemento solista e' stato solo errore di presunzione.

  15. Jason Frost

    Honestly, the audience reactions (the acting is great--I love it) and imagining this happening back then are a lot better than the actual cover, lmao.

  16. Tom Darin

    Wishing peace for middle east

  17. Mikaella Jolipas

    cinematography was lit, better than a pre nuptial vids hahaha

  18. Andreas Becker

    Hierzu werde ich für immer nur an eine Person denken können 4ever best times, endlos hard, aber danke, more thx for 2cellos, no words...

  19. Heather Bush

    This is just hitting me in my guts right now. 😭

  20. Jakub Soltysiak

    I like your versions of songs more than I like the originals

  21. Ayna Kabishova


  22. AirForce Flieger _

    Great playing!

  23. Shannon Elita

    These two 🙂



  25. Sylvie JEAN

    Excellent, quel bonheur, !!!!! Quelle générosité, c'est formidable, merciiii, Je me ressource avec cette musique, quelle énergie 😁😋😋😋😋😋😋😇

  26. олег кустов

    Не знаю кто в них вселился но это было грандиозно

  27. eun a Cho

    very very good❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  28. Campos Nuncio Andrea

    Esta canción me hace sentir muy bien

  29. Christy Jeffress

    These guys are freaking awesome!! Alway have loved heavy metel now that I'm older what a way to enjoy it in a way I never imagined

  30. Mistic_ Cari

    I forgot I’ve seen this before

  31. Sara Fernav

    🇲🇽 from México Me quedo atónitaa Uff uff ufff

  32. David Brooks

    These two and the harp twins really need to do a set together.

  33. Luke Howland


  34. Gregory Zloch

    Phenomenal. Out of this world. Thank you.

  35. Sharon Allison


  36. SnoopyRogue3 !!!!!

    This edition of the main theme blew the Winds of Winter away with a Dream of Spring to come

  37. Jishnu Das

    Still gives me goosebumps 🥶

  38. chriztianrox

    Not my favorite by them, but I am just glad to see them back!!!!

  39. henan henry baldassini

    Meu Deus, arrepia cada pelo do corpo.


    Juaaa juaaa EL FINAL.

  41. Robert Bituc

    Listening to this is like dreaming that times most back to peaceful horizon...

  42. Maria Maria

    Oh, how I miss GOT, it's been years my friend!

  43. jorge ceballos larrinaga


  44. Thomas Weigand

    " Celo-Rock"...Klassik ist für Anfänger...kann mit E Gitarre und Bass mithalten 👍👍👍

  45. bonde dos cara

    Eu não sei porque mas deu uma saudade de jogar no PS2

  46. Pratyush

    I played this to my physician and now he is a dermatologist.

  47. Luis Tesla

    they came back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Betsy Doolin

    amazingly sensual... with one instrument and 2 men!! hmmm 🤔

  49. Sailing The Blue Iguana

    Love these guys! And that drummer needs kudos! He’s got it goin’ on, too!

  50. Janis Ridgway

    2Cellos yes! But also that DRUMMER!!! Wow!

  51. Sharice Butler

    My big secret, I love classical music.. 🤫 don’t tell the

  52. Sharice Butler

    My big secret, I love classical music.. 🤫 don’t tell the homies!

  53. Rajen Sharma


  54. Ryan Adrian


  55. Ольга Иванова




  57. Blueysh

    This took me to places that never existed..

  58. Elza Prado

    Maravilha linda música

  59. Elza Prado

    Parabens meu querido Hauser Thank You Hauser

  60. Elza Prado

    😃😘que linda música com o nosso querido maestro Hauser cello Thank You

  61. Elza Prado

    Espetacular perebens princépe Hauser

  62. Elza Prado

    Maravilha do mundo inteiro thank you Hauser

  63. Dante Lozano

    3:52 that is just goddamn amazing

  64. suki146

    How can someone NOT like these guys !

  65. Saf Motivasyon

    Siz çok yanlış müzik aleti seçmişsiniz

  66. Kingsley Heralds

    I played this tune to my Cockerel and now it's a Dragon 🐉

  67. Ash


  68. Salva Peiro Salas

    me gusta mucho verlos juntos de nuevo estan muy bien por separado, pero juntos me gustan mas

  69. Ana maria Jannello

    Very nice

  70. Ana maria Jannello


  71. Tometmax 2.0


    1. Tometmax 2.0

      Très Nice

  72. ana maria Silva

    You’re amazing cello players 🎻🎶🌟❤️👏🏻👏🏻 Always good vibes , to listen your musics 🥰 Gratitude 💖

  73. Тамара Чайка

    переплюнули Паганини! Слава Богу, Земля ещё родит таланты

  74. CJRoss 1800

    These guys deserve way more subs! They should have as many subs as they have views!

  75. Lerobin67 Romero


  76. BastiLeEmo

    me:"hey mom im into classical music now" mom:"oh my god really???" me:*shows her video* mom:...

  77. BastiLeEmo

    this really makes me wish i still had my violen

  78. BastiLeEmo

    "mom i swear its not rock its played on cellos"

  79. BastiLeEmo

    "mom its not rock i swear its played on cellos"

  80. BastiLeEmo

    every fucking time they look at eachother i say aloud "these two need to be gay for eachother"