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  1. Atom

    Clicked for the goofy rear spoiler.

  2. Nic Johnson

    Frankly, Larry is a really cool guy with a big personality, but he's not a particularly skilled photographer. He has a fairly bland style that doesn't reflect much of an artistic or creative vision. I think it's important not to conflate the truth, people like Larry because he's a bit of celebrate and gets to photograph cars people like.

  3. paul jones

    What a couple of bloody idiots!!!!

  4. RS summers

    What specs does that John Cooper Works have

  5. alexanda

    Very very good review. I feel like you're one of the few that 'gets' what the car is. Mine is staying stock.

  6. revanth

    pls someone tell the name of music used :(

  7. Tango Advance

    Having just taken one for a test drive, I can’t relate to your review findings at all, everything worked as expected inside, there are a lot of reviews complaining about switches and stuff, yes it’s different but the brain is an amazing thing and adapts very quickly to things like the rear window button etc. The ride is super quite and comfortable, fast if you want to drive it that way. It was not that long ago that a car with 200hp and 0-60 of 7 seconds was a super hot hatch?! Complaining that you forget about a drive is exactly the point of this “people’s car” It is not designed to ignite the sole. The only down side I could see was the price and crap colours. I for one positively look forward to the future. Ps I’ve always thought as a Golf as the choice you make when you have given up on life and just want a car in a vanilla flavour.

  8. Bam Bam 444

    That road car does not deserve the senna name, it's horrific

  9. Quarter Mile

    Lmao...this existed?

  10. Chokyo

    Zenvo's come a long way from burning cars on Top Gear

  11. Ryan Turbitt

    None of these reviews on this car mention the insane amount of software issues vw is having with thr golf range as a whole. Everyone is returning them right away, literally everything from the car braking it's self, boot won't open, speakers don't work, screens going off

  12. Λίνα Αντωνίου

    Henry, your supposedly evil laughter at the end reminds me of this guy:

  13. Nik Gnashers

    It's loud, it's unsophisticated, it's brash, it's ugly, it's fat, it's cheap, and it's obnoxious. It's American.

  14. Jay

    This car just let everybody see you and hear you from a very far distance. Made for high-profile persons, with big pockets. 😃

  15. Grand Padre

    From the side, the Hoffmeister kink is gone and it looks like a FORD MUSTANG. I guess that validates FORD designers. BEAVER-IAN Motor Works.

  16. Remi Ramos

    I'm still baffled that this channel has not reached 1M subs.

  17. Michael Jordan

    Good review. Kind of seems like a lesser car than the gt350r. The gt500 is just too heavy for serious track days. I guess if 1,320 feet is your only demand, this is fine.

  18. mncn2015 Airsoft

    Videos don't do justice to the way this car sounds in person!

  19. Pecinta Janda

    Japanese porn.

  20. Jabreakit Jubawdit

    I find it laughable that he says that they're good for cars for their days

  21. M.E

    Aerospace tech is done on wheels.


    the F1 starts its live as an fast road car and then become a race car. The others were barely street legal version of an race car.

  23. Nico7g

    Need For Speed!!!

  24. SpendingTimeTogether

    Talk about 2 extremes, haha. BAC for me.

  25. Steve Gunnis

    Good review. The modifications will suit a lot of people. Unfortunately the piggyback tuning box voids the 10 year warranty on the engine, so it doesn’t justify the 10% increase, for me. And I also like the extra travel and tarmac rally set up of the CP car, that’s what I wanted.

  26. Philip Malinga

    January February April new Lamborghini sian fkp37. 808 HP v2. uploa. bed. by i carte cton. 5 mar 2021 Lamborghini sian. Percar. Philip yes man. Saturday. old. 1 /_ Mr coolle ction. Lamborghini. sian ftk 37 res in car. £416 53x. tax us £587 95 x tax. Live car. model . com. £17. 70

  27. Abhishek Singh

    Man & Machine. Best combination on earth. Just pure, raw love, nothing else. Loved every bit of the video, this felt like a dream. Let's do this. ♥🙏😭😍📈🛠️🔱🔝🔜🇮🇳

  28. wlcsp

    Is it not running on Porsche engine ?

  29. Lisa

    how is the road noise in the cabin?

  30. Anthony Flood

    Great , Great review 👍🏻👍🏻

  31. Rocket

    How much talent does he have ? *y e s*

  32. Rocket

    Weld those wastegates and the engine does 4k hp for 5 seconds

  33. Maicol

    Beautiful American muscle!

  34. Abhijeeth J Nair

    The transition was pure art !

  35. monsterp1970

    I very much miss my Opel Manta GT/E, booted, not hatchback, and white of course! I think it was a 1984, which I owned from around 1991-1994. Loved the long doors, especially with the widows down :-)

  36. Restart Car

    Full DECAL SET, renovation KIT:

  37. TolitsDTerrible

    Aston has great car designers. Their cars are all elegantly beautiful.

  38. robert deniro

    Ils m'ont rendu une poubelle. J'améne mon véhicule chez eux, *************GARAGE ALPINE A LOMME ******** car ils sont agrées avec mon assurance. Je me dit : ils ont des bonnes notes, en plus c'est un garage Alpine donc c'est du sérieux. Ils avaient fait un devis estimatif à + de 1500 euros. J'étais allé voir avant un autre garage, pas agrée par mon assurance, mais ce dernier ne fait que de la carrosserie, il restaure même des voitures anciennes et américaines. Montant de leur devis +- 1000 euros. Bon comme je devais passer par mon assurance et qu'ils (garage Alpine) étaient bien côtés sur Google, bingo, ils vont refaire ma carrosserie. Je leur avais aussi laisser mon boulon anti-vol de roues, en cas de besoin. Je viens récupérer la voiture ce matin (le 17 juin 2021), je vais à mon véhicule pour regarder ce qu'ils avaient fait : la moitié du travail........Sic. Je leur dit comment ça se fait que vous avez fait que la moitié du travail? Le gars me répond que c'est l'expert qui a dit que. Alors que quand j'avais laissé ma voiture, ils m'avaient certifié que ce sera fait. Pas content, le gars me remet mes papiers, je paie (assez énervé car le devis comprenait ce qui devait être fait mais qui n'a pas été fait, on appelle ça de l'arnaque en français). Ma voiture a les vitres entièrement fumées d'origine donc on ne voit pas l'interieur de l'extérieur. J'ouvre la porte et là, le massacre : de la poudre blanche partout, le cuir pareil, ils me l'ont griffé, le lecteur/gps pareil plein de cette poudre blanche, qui est sans doute rentré dedans car le lecteur est en façade (peut être foutu car si ça s'est déposé sur la lentille, adieu le lecteur, ça va faire rire mais le lecteur est un alpine.......). Je réclame mon boulon antivol, on me dit que je ne lui ai jamais donné, j'insiste, lui ne demords pas, ça dure un bon 2 minutes, me traite de menteur, alors que je sais que je lui ai donné. Je m'énerve encore plus. Il s'absente, puis revient et me sort "il était dans un autre dossier". Sans commentaires. Pour les rayures sur le cuir, la poudre partout, sur et dans le gps, il me propose un coup de chiffon. Excédé, je pars car c'est pas avec un coup de chiffon que je vais faire partir leurs griffures sur mon cuir, ni enlever les marques blanches et cette poudre qui est partout, certainement aussi sur et dans mon lecteur/gps. Un massacre............. GARAGE A FUIR..............GARAGE D INCOMPETENT, AGREE ALPINE MALHEUREUSEMENT Litige ouvert et paiement bloqué par mon assurance. Mon assurance a trouvé cela inadmissible.

  39. Andrew Middleton

    This is same money as BMW M340i! I know because I had a golf R looked at the new one and wasn't convinced by the cheap feeling interior and everything an extra approach. Looked at the BMW and yes it's not a hatch but the boots huge and the seats fold anyway. Drives better, faster, interior blows the golf apart, more economical and cheaper to insure. The M340i is now on my drive and the golf is gone.

  40. AloisBlazit 005

    A pushrod revving over 8000rpm is fucking crazy

  41. Wilf

    So then…what’s the difference between this and the R ? They seem so close now ? Anyone care to explain which is better and the differences ?

  42. R400TVR

    Sad that they've still mapped in the pops and crackles. It doesn't need it, and still sounds false.

  43. R400TVR

    That white diffuser crap ruins the rear

  44. CP Micah

    This guy exaggerates so much and is so pretentious

  45. Doc McCoy

    Why all the cars should be captured powersliding. It's not fast, not intelligent if you don't want to change tyres once a month, and not that impressive.

  46. aweiserbud

    It looks more like a new vette

  47. aweiserbud

    Knight Rider steering wheel lol

  48. aweiserbud

    A Falcon F7 weighs 2800 lbs and a 1700 HP lingenfelter is available

  49. De Toa Baja Pal' Mundo

    I'm still waiting for it

  50. Allosaurus Fragilis

    I've got an up and its great fun. You can floor it and wring it out. You just can't do that with a lot of modern cars or you'd lose yer licence.

  51. Rashida Bobat

    My dream car for years I love Maclarens

  52. Andy Chew

    Everything about this car is good. But look is errrr

  53. Jay Walter

    Near the top of my prettiest cars ever made list !

  54. Adi

    The modern design stearing wheel irritates the hell out of me.

  55. R400TVR

    The first car with a wing under the front screen, at least on the latter model.

  56. kristian speke

    Fantastic series of films. Amazing cars. That Mercedes looks like something thats arrived from another planet! Stunning car. Mclaren & Porsche are amazing cars. A great insight into them. Cheers

  57. Gilles Priod

    every young guy chilhood dream!

  58. Edward Pickett

    Nice.but what about the New Audi S3 instead...?

  59. Miguel Domínguez

    I like this model more than the standard one, but I don't know if maybe it is too low.Thinking about the elevated zebra crossings, or the uneven parking entrances, I'm worried about hitting the bumper spoilers everywhere. Are those shorter springs a problem for common daily use?

  60. Florian Walter

    OK, you've had your fun. Now can I have back my 3 cars?

  61. Florian Walter

    A silver F40 would complete the collection of icons.

  62. Mathabi Mafulela

    Be careful there might caught on fire😅

  63. whiteandnerdytuba

    Just another electric car. Nothing new or interesting

  64. Nnamdi John

    A car that breaks down in middle of no where . I can never buy range Rover , unreliable piece of sh*t .

  65. William Zoom

    Is that a bulge in your bonnet, or are you just happy to see me?

  66. Bipin Shahi

    I Like the location, but Huracan STO at this location could be the greatest one.

  67. Chad Kent

    Loved the review 👌

  68. William Kaiser

    PORSCHE time to dump the rag top!

  69. Callum Evans

    Lamborghini partnered with Martians to design this car.

  70. deepestlight

    I'm wondering how well it will go on over bumpier poor condition roads. I'd love to see a timed race on a bad bumpy surface between a Litchfield suspension modded only GRY and a stock circuit pac one.

  71. Tyler Hall

    rx8 goals

  72. Alasdair Mercer

    Does anyone know what road this is?

  73. jonathan169835

    This shit be looking like Pokémon evolving and shit 😂

  74. clive doyle

    This brings back many happy memories for me I was fortunate enough to do thr MM eight times,also memories of the Hotel Vittoria in Brescia. Alas only memories now.

  75. Chris0414

    my dream car. this and g63

  76. Martin Charles Pitt-Bradley

    Inspired by a fighter jet? Never heard that before

  77. Martin Charles Pitt-Bradley

    I wonder how they get that Cerakote cured. Does it go in the enclave?

  78. David Merryweather

    Still so much love for this video, 3 years on. YES.

  79. Patrik Gårdewall

    Turbo ? LOOOOL this is not real power and its not real sound.

  80. SGspecial84

    That car seems like a stressful driving experience. I guess its an experience, and thats what counts, but a light weight alpha would be much more fun it seems.