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  1. TheBigCheese

    Hey jack use the krig 6 with the malano

  2. A Nur

    Jack acting like he doesn't shoot dice @ dice with the ceo

  3. Subverter 1.1

    The Spartans are finally normal, players in Halo 5 and Reach felt small

  4. B-Quinny

    That was such a good game!!!

  5. Jody Torres

    The guy destroying a chopper was boosting for the other team

  6. Vladimir Ćirković

    "Got an awesome game for you today, let me spoil it for you right now" 😂

  7. Oliverus 69

    i hope we get a building like in siege of shanghai

  8. Jacob Hall

    Nobody should pre-order this game. Developers have been screwing their audience with unfinished games for the past decade. Anyone remember the Battlefield 4 issues? You couldn't even finish a round on the Dawnbreaker map.

  9. AxiomNachtFox

    Even with the graphical upgrades, there's gonna be that one guy "The graphics could be better." You want 120 fps or not?

  10. John Trussell

    Wait people still play COD? Lmao

  11. Tatey333

    On top of that, the MG82's are laying around everywhere, so EVERYONE is using it

  12. Joshua Martin

    Until you buy the blueprints and they nerf it

  13. Broski

    That was sick game

  14. Dustin Collins

    I was truly hoping this one would fly under the radar I love this gun

  15. Daniel Heydon

    The milano finaly got some love,you can use it now,slow but powerful and very accurate.

  16. Kiwon

    P.s vlk shotgun gooddd

  17. Daan1005

    Please remove specialists and let us play as a generic soldier

  18. Kiwon

    I wish i could use your code in the store i still put it in but i can't buy the pass

  19. Noizy Hill

    We didn't need it,we just wanted more weapons and 2 operators per season :(

  20. ֺ

    hope for part 2 in 2021

  21. Kyle E

    Xbox, Playstation.. on a bigger map but same 64 players is stupid.

  22. Seku Tard

    that emblem on the riot shield was the ivory fist

  23. El Cebo Tibio

    The exhale at the end… those sweaty endings👌🏼🤣

  24. Brent.2017

    I like being able to call your own tank instead of never being able to drive one due to other players always taking them. Assuming there is no limit on tanks at one time.

  25. loge79

    The demo for BC1 on PS3 was Oasis in Rush mode and that was the first time I played a BF game. Absolutely loved it and it’s prob still my fave map of all the BF games. Loved most of the maps from both BC games, especially Port Valdez, Arica Harbour, End Of The Line & Acta Non Verba.

  26. jay yay

    I can't wait to play this im a hardcore battlefield player and thses maps is just what I was waiting for and the chaos it has with it fucking awesome

  27. Ace Greene

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why Jack didn’t pick up that satchel.


      he already had one so you can't - can only pickup plates

  28. Azzy D Adventures

    Ahhh the G3 is back

  29. chavali anirudh

    Jack please bring back rap battles

  30. Random Chaos

    I still use the M4 😂

  31. Dean

    I refuse to play this game since the patch I’ve just been playing bf4

  32. Ray Brown

    That gun hits like a truck

  33. Rüben

    Jack acting like he didn't personally level the village already

  34. Ben Schoemann

    Where's battlefield!? Arg!

  35. Juni0rM1nt

    They should bring back GunMaster & Scavenger.

  36. Juni0rM1nt


  37. G

    Have you tried the fara since the update? Absolutely no recoil whatsoever now. Reminds me of the kilo in its prime

  38. Rich Rich

    Would love more info on the weapons. DICE has never let me down when it comes to customization but I’m just wondering what the progression/unlock process for weapons and attachments this time around

  39. Carlos Allen

    Another "gun" thats so amazing you have to play..until next there this gun build...until next here's another OP click bang bang..respawn.

  40. Bläk Kneit

    there are "gameplay trailers" and there is "gameplay"

  41. HatinTheSwagHUH 757

    After that first clip that gun look like a cheat code lol

  42. art geez gaming

    Absolute clutch there Jack!

  43. RickOShay

    Players vs AI ! Yay finally !

  44. Raul Diaz

    Yessss i agree i smack with ground loot

    1. Raul Diaz

      U missed those shots haha under airport parking

  45. Sylar Chun

    yeah, FARA and C58 are the long range meta now

  46. Stok_96

    2021 LETS GOOOO

  47. Irregular Hunter J

    cold war is ass

  48. FireeStyle

    i just don’t understand how they thought the MG82 was balanced 😂

  49. Mike Johnson

    No one should be playing this game. Bf4 servers are so populated right now. Everyone getting ready for new bf. I'd suggest everyone go play bf4 not this junk

  50. quinnjordan115

    Bf3 metro and noshar canals

  51. Joe H

    New setup videoooo plsssseeeee <3333

  52. Johan Ottosson

    ...Arma 3 won that

  53. Easy To find channel

    Jack and the boys acting like he isnt sweaty. By complaining about sweats

  54. NL sgt Wolf

    1 how good is the Ai ? 2 the grapple….can you only swing or can you tos it 30 stories hight and go up ? And how fast? 3 how good are the turrerts and robo dogs?

  55. KingZeroe

    Love that this game got an update, hunt showdown will get a new map soon too.

  56. Stanislav Tanev

    No BF2042 content, no like

  57. 4231jerome

    Seems like the c-58 is modeled on the g3a3 battle rifle

    1. 4231jerome

      StanDaMan I’m impressed with your gun knowledge

    2. StanDaMan

      Cetme model c, basically the g3’s predecessor

  58. Kyle Howard

    I think these maps are going to be too big, bigger is not better so I don’t know why developers are always about going bigger. When a map it’s too big makes it so you are just traveling and there’s no action which is not fun!!

  59. Neddie Spaghetti (NeddieSpaghetti)

    Stodeh says KSP is least used but funny enough I have used it before lol

  60. Alfa

    You playing on controller there, Jack?

  61. Jwrecked

    Is it a Battlefield music at the end?

  62. Marcos Mañé

    demasiado texto

  63. R.D. Account

    I really hope the new battlefield wil be like bo2, futuristic but no bullshit

  64. Andrei Barceanu

    I started seeing a lot of people using the fara(as a long range weapon) recently. You should give it a go

  65. MrTgrtgtg

    Even the ground loot versions are very good. Definitely goimg to dominate in the coming days.

  66. Magnus Holm-Hagen

    I want more solos :) Watching Fugglet, Stone and Aculite channels makes it feel like Im watching 4 different versions of the same thing.

  67. Blako Desu

    So the C58 is an Amax with less recoil and a 55 rnd mag?

  68. Mo Geb

    Boom like I said PS2 style

  69. EvolKnives

    Personally I wish they would nerf the stun. It’s literally impossible to win once you get hit by it unless they happen to run and stand right in front of you.

    1. Carcosa

      I mean, that’s the purpose of the stun 😂😂😂😂

    2. Ben C

      I'd recommend running battle hardened it does help

  70. MYL3SaboveU

    C 58 ground loot is a beast too

  71. Ok

    The Cold War AK with the new barrel is basically an Amex with zero recoil, I highly recommend to try it out

  72. Joe_coolhg 06

    This this on PlayStation

  73. demon 1281

    Huge maps doesn't mean good. I rather have more action instead like bf4 where sometimes you wouldn't have a lot of action cause you had to run and find action.

  74. Lucas Brant

    Jack acting like he wasn't the cameraman for the trailer

  75. The Bomber

    Makes the amax nerf a silly decision

  76. Vini

    The reallife weapon is the HK G3 right?

    1. Mowskii

      CETME Model 58

  77. Random Guy

    Finally an Amax type gun that I can use with dark matter

  78. RegRep

    I can't stand the color palette in this game 🤢

  79. Project Trippy

    So great!!!!

  80. Josua

    I use the P90 as a secondary and i prefer it to other SMGs