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  1. Chelsie Havens

    Bro who is watchin this 3 years later

  2. Loser

    How could they have more vacuumes then toasters

  3. Baylin_mtb

    RIP PC☹️

  4. bear 218 shady

    Og fortnite is pog

  5. Shyguy

    Hey lannan what’s up

  6. Rafael De Crespigny

    Love your content

  7. Rafael De Crespigny

    So funny! 🤣🤣

  8. funnyboo

    when i heard the drumset i thought i was being rickrolled

  9. •×{ E̶r̶r̶o̶r̶ G̶l̶i̶t̶c̶h̶ }•÷

    Roses Are Red Violets Are blue You are a nerd And nobody Cares

  10. Kaleek Bridgeforth

    Name itttt

  11. Vibxz 3745

    Who is watching this in 2021

  12. Andrew gray

    So big it can eat Joe bidden

  13. Tyler :)


  14. lime fm

    Big boy ayy

  15. howell lariscy

    Lazer I bought your and used code lazer

  16. Derrick melton

    watch living with master chef

  17. m0cha38

    lazerbeam: *fart* that was a sadness fart ok me : died

  18. Angel Santos

    i.ll tell the name ok =)

  19. Angel Santos

    im going to post a vid tomorow ok guys see you guys soon=) love you guys

  20. BJomg Gaming

    i just told mr beast lol but use code lazar

  21. BJomg Gaming

    mrbeast will get mad for cutting those trees lol

  22. AceGaming

    What happend to p3

  23. Tass Banis

    I’m lil memer he’s the lazar meme

  24. Jungle Moose

    Level 69 nice

  25. S.L.E.O

    Only people who play the real infinity blade will know who Radriar and Galath

  26. Brendan R

    8:01 i think hes just on drugs

  27. Nihal S

    Gingie will forever be missed... yessir

  28. cedric vincris dignos

    you earned my trust by buying your subscribers

  29. Finnbar Moroney

    all the people that disliked this video are all Americans

  30. Zachary Borges

    This should have been a meme Olympic challenge. The anger and reactions from everyone would be hilarious.

  31. Jack Ward

    So lazar want to have some eggs later

  32. Zenq1X2

    I remember u talking about this video on the stream. Ps what AFL team do u go for ( I go for Melbourne demons)

  33. Elliot trager

    Jeez it’s already been 6 years


    You need to get the worlds most stupid cat.


    lazar literally owns YEET!!!!!!!!

  36. Brayden N Mundell


  37. All_spark0827

    Hey LazarBeam would you say that girls are interested in streamers? Cause I'm gonna ask someone out and am VERY NERVOUS.

  38. Nathan Vogel

    I like how no one in the world noticed that jonesy said "your a code".

  39. Jackson

    Nice waste ur food in a pandemic you fool

  40. Jason


  41. Liam BOLAND

    iv been there

  42. Moon TNT 2.0

    Me watching this when there is now 12 kevin the cubes


    why do I have more levels then lazar?

  44. Mrkokonut

    When Ilsa here’s that the Ute is your one true love, your in trouble

  45. Austin Kelch

    Hey LazarBeam, Show that vegan teacher this video so she gets much more angry!😆

  46. Overlord_Trash

    Everyone if you see a slumber pillow variant and a sailor fish stick do not shoot it is me and my friend trying to make friends only shoot if we shoot witch we won’t unless you do

  47. Blue Bolt29

    Lazar gets early access 50 player creative

  48. AirSnax

    Hope everyone is having a great day. Hope everything is feeling good and god bless. XD -From a small HRaeror.

  49. AirSnax

    Hope everyone is having a great day. Hope everything is feeling good and god bless. XD -From a small HRaeror.

  50. pro minecraft

    R.I.P lazarBeam

  51. Not Noah overmyer


  52. JoJo Osei


  53. Aussie Skidz

    I remember this day🥺

  54. Laura Kemp

    bread army is ready

  55. melissa mack

    I’ll turn on love you guys very

  56. Brandon Bednarcik

    5:38 welp that didnt age well

  57. melissa mack

    This sucks

  58. kingg zone


  59. Legends1019

    Anyone know the song he plays at 10:00

  60. HummHummmml


  61. MLJ productions


  62. KYLOGENE playz

    The one w/ the kid was fucking funny

  63. KYLOGENE playz

    LazarBeam ghost will haunt these people for the rest of there lives

  64. Team Kennedy

    Haha, my Queenslanders don’t have lockdown for for the 2 months you have

  65. Phil Wheale


  66. GrayShadow81

    Just try vines

  67. Snow ❄

    This aged like milk


    do kids understand theese jokes

  69. Shadow Beam

    Me look at that single cube me look at chapter 2 season 8 yeah that’s nothing

  70. Loser

    Darth lexa

  71. Razor Fox

    7:55 ikr

  72. Spades

    R E A L S H I T

  73. kyan alcumbrack

    so sad

  74. Zach Karakaya


  75. yasio bolo

    Lazar: I'm so bored in Sydney because it's lockdown. People who also live in Sydney like me: Indeed, I feel your pain.

  76. ben britch

    yes it is safe

  77. SmilesCubing

    1 word literally 1 word "gravity"

  78. PowerRiley

    Where do you live because i am Australian too