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  1. Ridwan Michael Welong

    Ol girl just hustled you Cash 🤦‍♂️

  2. Stanley 2 Drippy

    How the finesser get finessed!?? Cashhhh!🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣

  3. Chris Wright

    I just watched an old vlog with cash and mal and cash said he didn’t like shoes with clear bottoms

  4. Digital Eric35

    Ayo can someone tell me that sneaker store pls tryna cop something

  5. rose ッ

    She’s beating you in a 1v1

  6. Rolando26Baller

    I know some of y'all seen her on Instagram 👀


    How times have changed 😂😭cash buying yeezys

  8. Chris Wright

    Wish my bills were pais

  9. Gucci_Mane_125


  10. Relaxing Sounds


  11. Karl Malonzo

    Bruh the only time I saw cash bought a yeezy back then was when he done a giveaway of a yeezy beluga pair if ykyk

  12. Daitroit

    This was a fire video

  13. Zain Brown

    Cash you got violated ngl.

  14. Snappa T

    Miss the sneaker vids💯

  15. Akeem Wilson

    A lot of bills must been paid

  16. Shaqtinanime

    Damn them bills were paid good

  17. Vlone Tiktoks

    most adds i ever seen cash run

  18. Terrell Simmons

    5:47 ayooooo

  19. Jamari Rodgers

    That girl bad😛 what’s her @

  20. Christian Crippen

    Her vs curry

  21. Funny Valentine


  22. Mclamore Gaming

    I can vouch there are no Jordan 1s just sitting on shelves now days

  23. Eddy Montana

    What kind of Nike those are tristyn got on ??

  24. Adnan Yaghoub

    The crocs are way better than those yeezys

  25. Adnan Yaghoub

    Those yeezy’s featured in the video look like fancy crocs

  26. Kenia Jackson

    He look like 5k mal 😭

  27. Jayden Atkins

    How can I find this freestyle in the intro

  28. Feen 4VC

    she the real top of the key

  29. sale7

    Im dead bruh .. a Supreme sticker 😭

  30. Kayoo

    Should’ve invited flight 😂

  31. Gameboss Jeff

    Cash when she said you need two of them🥺

  32. backyardigan

    Y’all hooo

  33. Dom Mendez

    Damn cash she jus finessed a finesser 🤣

  34. A man

    MAn!! I ducking hate that store. They botting shoes 1000%

  35. X Yz

    Cash need to go back to the lab the jumper ain’t looking to good 🤣🤣🤣

  36. Xavier Edwards

    Thank Flight, bc he pretty much pays for your shoes and your bills

  37. Trevon Stripling

    Out bad lol😂

  38. sale7

    I swear Kenny is the worst cameraman ever

    1. Zzz Bbbb

      What’s up with him I enjoyed the vid

  39. Tovar23

    Why was that dude handing him just general release/bricks? Smh

  40. Riky hernandez

    Cash went out sad vs that baddie


    Cash a trump supporter yessuh

  42. Luis Morales



    Yoo i think the finesser got finessed cuh 😭😭 homegirl can shoot lol

  44. Awesomeness Network

    The real villain here was the ceiling whenever Cash shoots. 😂

  45. Eddie Granados

    Hype beast killer gone ? 🥲

  46. H.S.O

    7:02 cash was you tryna come out the closet?

  47. Salvador Garcia

    The fit wasn’t meant for shooting

  48. Mike Wang

    I like 2hype but that intro cringy

  49. Tj Flex

    Cash don’t say we’re hating on you again when we say the top of the key ain’t it lately. The real ones been noticed this 😂😭

  50. FlacoNYC

    cash be doing Kenny dirty🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  51. Idk uploads

    Is ash dead or sum

  52. MP

    Her jump shots better than Jordan’s 💀

    1. Greg Kareem

      Yo chill dont ever say that in yo life disrespectful

  53. George Washington

    Mal look like the uncle at a cookout on the grill


    “You see that flick tho” misses twice after💀💀😭 & how many times it took you to get that first shot😂😂


      Still love u cash u know it’s all jokes 💜💜

  55. Sean V

    i wouldve told them mans to put 500 mg that hit right

  56. Zzz Bbbb

    2k lag be like 1:56

  57. Kenny Chao

    it's lit there!

    1. HKROW

      @Pablo Castillo polo g

    2. Pablo Castillo

      Stf I mean plz don’t talk

    3. Giannis Burner


    4. Greg Kareem

      I think we know Kenny 😐🤣🤣🤣 its cash were talking abt ofc its lit 💯

    5. HKROW

      Im a New HRaeror who make Crazy Content, If you could help me Pay some Bills I’d appreciate it🔥

  58. Zzz Bbbb

    2k lag be like

  59. J Clutch

    I’ve been binging sneaker complex videos and now this came up

  60. Griffen Geer

    MAL ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  61. Cashc vlog

    Cash do sneaker collection upload next month....

  62. Emanuel Graham

    About time this is what we want miss. We tired of them damn reactions and shit man step out the house and vlog something

  63. agustin luevano

    Where the top of the key @???????

  64. Johnny

    I miss the sneaker vlogs with ash :/

  65. holddat majh

    2:11 "even LeBron miss man" LeBron don't miss like that

  66. Trane

    3:16 shitted on em


    Mayo on steak hell no

  68. realhoodbaby

    Cash got his first pair of yezzys and they the ugliest ones smh😭

  69. Jeremiah2410

    we need flight in this video 🔥🔥

  70. NeverMissAllie

    Come shop with us @SoleWorld in del amo mall!

  71. Ty

    She hit Cash with that Jordan🤣🤣Closing her eyes on him

  72. Nick Pierce

    🤏🏻 that much

  73. Benjamin Whitt

    she finest my boy cash at the start

  74. PuertoRicnHammer

    He didnt airball , he hit the wall!🇵🇷🔨💪🏽

  75. EasyClapz _


  76. Ben Quayker

    Top of the key😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  77. Tommaso Gorini

    "I feel like a real chef right now" flight says as hes holding a spoon and fork stabbing his dusty steak

  78. Cameron Jones

    You should do the best milkshake

  79. J.C.IX_ Deuce

    Where ash

  80. Cold King

    That was at soul world at del amo