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  1. RJ Benson

    Vinnie Jones + (bald) Mike Bisping = Sean Strickland

  2. Star Dragon

    Porior deserves the title short

  3. MM 93

    Backflip vs backflip next lightweight fight

  4. Iz - zy

    I missed the old mcgregor🔥🔥🔥....

  5. 마이쮸

    First, and last twister in UFC 5:48

  6. Notorious Miks

    Its time to showw. Your GREATNESS

  7. Zeke

    28 wins 25 via knockout and 2 via submission thats 96% finish rate and he is only 28 years old. This guy built different!

  8. B0N3Y4RD

    This was the first time I ever saw Wonderboy fight. And damn rights he's been a favorite ever since. Sorry- DARN rights. He wouldn't appreciate that slur nonsense

  9. Tantowi Haryanto

    am i the only one seeing trump on the right side????

  10. SpartanCL1989

    So many unnecessary shots

  11. Karl Quinn

    Why did people boo McGregor braking his leg? Lmfao the calibre of mouth-breathing dopes that go to these events is unmatched.

  12. Niten Sapkota

    That's cheating Dana 🙄

  13. Max B

    I just cannot figure out how he could escape that guillotine from Poirier... It was insanely locked in...

  14. Drillosophy 101

    Rogan watches every fight like it’s a stripper he’s thinking of beheading.

  15. GauravSingFedMV3

    Peep Trump on the right 3:32

  16. n0ne - CSGO Gaming & More

    sean strickland has a very clean 1 2


    I HOPE HE DROPS TF OUT OF JAKE but bro i just idk man ugh bout to be a good fight i guess

  18. Kermit red Hernando

    Aa finally I can now watch The fight because Last year in 2020 October 31 I didn't not watch all the fight Weidman was the first fighter To defeat Silva and now Hall was The last fighter to defeat Silva

  19. Baldr Sindri

    i see trump

  20. Play Story Games

    Pqp, essas mulheres batem muito.

  21. John Schaedel

    Why did I just find this...

  22. maria rosa

    Por que de violencia no me gusta

  23. nodnarB regzteM

    Gane has the physique of a guy that can gain mass just by looking at a barbell.

  24. Clint Oruss

    Conor sounding even more Irish here than normal

  25. Flies at Dawn

    Maybe we should be drug testing the judges now, too.

  26. Batman Sugar

    Miesha Tate UFC legacy... She never beat Ronda Rousey.

  27. Warrior Saint

    Tony Ferguson is the devil himself!

  28. Ellis Lowe

    Tom segura and trump in the background is top tier lol

  29. RAFFA TV

    ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ"...... thank u salamat po

  30. Esteban Nicolas

    What a boring fight

  31. spine spindle

    The famous battle of the 'high fives'✋🏻💥

  32. deadtreebark

    rip jake paul

  33. Ethero_369

    One commentates & the 2 others talk baloney.

  34. Андрей Сотник

    Whitout Habib it's not interested

  35. Alexander Kogut

    Done. Goodbye Conor

  36. OnceGreatBritain

    His father did not die of covid. Thats bullshit.

  37. Dare David

    Why no HRaeror or any dumb rich scum would ever enter the octagon and call out mma fighters. It's just on a different level.

  38. Tvgc Mma

    Women behind in black noticed leg broken first

  39. Disther cockdiesel Stuhrling

    for the mamalukes who wonder why george is fat and shredded at the same time.. STEROIDS.


    portier vs olivera ferguson vs conor Islam vs chandler dariush vs page van zant or justin!! 🤣👏🏽

  41. الخلاط

    The most beautiful, best and most enjoyable light weight You really shouldn't miss a match of that weight

  42. Prince HotBod

    Lmfaooo Joe pointing in the thumbnail 👈🏼🥚

  43. Onur ji

    The sound of his head hitting the ground.. That scared me the most

  44. Zayd Vestal

    trump standing in the back like 🧍‍♂️


    dariush aint doing shit

  46. Cole Hughes

    After watching this I’m almost certain that Gane will piece Lewis up badly until Lewis wilts or catches Gane with a finishing blow

  47. A LLegendly

    That Ortiz knockout was so weird looking. Did his head hit at all?

  48. Braza Mamba

    Islam isn't at same level of dominance as Kabib. I don't think he can beat Charles and Chandler. Both Charles and Chandler can k.o Machachev, and on the ground I don't see Machachev holding Chandler for long time...and with Charles, if Machachev give his back like he did on his last fight it is over.

  49. Mike G

    3:33 Some twat in a red tie (upper right corner)

  50. Peter

    Trump’s fat head in the back lol

  51. Horst Tristan von Wittenbach

    Damn, some guys' ears are so fucked up... 😅😅😅

  52. A LLegendly

    That Fernando guy is a pure asshole. There’s no chance he didn’t see Charlie Wards arms go out straight in the obvious out cold move. Asshole.

  53. juanvarall

    0:08 translate please

  54. ま


  55. jared glinka

    The neat alto atypically pretend because aftershave connolly admire outside a tasty thunder. barbarous, lush bill

  56. Christopher Biro Jr

    Justin vs Chandler would be an interesting fight

  57. Timothy Dalton Mirambel

    Tony is the type of guy to .....

  58. Rima Mukherjee

    The lowly asparagus unpredictably interfere because ticket trivially coach beyond a sweltering david. narrow, late look

  59. Derek Langston

    Brendan Allen be like: “YEAH YOU GAVE ME CTE BUT LET’S RUN IT BACK”

  60. Ntro Gaming

    Just as classic as mario yamazaki

  61. Derek Langston

    Respect to Tom Segura for being a good celebrity fan and showing up for the prelims lol

  62. Monte Wood

    I just realized sean completely butchered rob fonts name💀

  63. Rajiv Ranjan Sinha

    2021- "Year of The Lightweights"

  64. Trafalgar D Water Law

    Islam all the way babyyyyyy

  65. desaturated

    3:59 Trump reaction at the far right.

  66. m6_jedi

    I was late to this show and I've binge watched all of them over the weekend, matt is a buzz he comes across as a good down to earth guy.

  67. Unknown Informant

    "you're strong, but everybody's strong" 🤣 DC is just naturally funny man


    Joe looked chocked

  69. Rash Don

    No shame in losing from the greatest.

  70. Mechkanism

    Yo good shit Steve I like how he said “I wouldn’t wanna see that fight, I’m not a fighter.” 🔥

  71. saiyam sanghvi

    Miss the old Conor

  72. Mark Roman

    5:44 someone from the audience definitely said something nasty to mcgregor

  73. Marques Salley

    Anderson got to give it up he is not half the fighter he use to be

  74. Disther cockdiesel Stuhrling

    close your right eye... and bring your fist from right side towards your nose.... you wont see your fist untill its few inches from your nose... how the fuck do you fight killers like that???? one tough brit