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  1. A B

    looks pretty generic tbh.

  2. lou jean

    They should release it on sept 22 !

  3. RiceCake1512

    Everyone's talking about the Renderzook but I wanna pet the penguins

    1. lou jean

      it takes 7 whole months to come out!! im mad asfuck :(

  4. David Underwood

    Goodbye Activision…

  5. Old Time Gamer

    who came back here after the game play reveal trailer of 2042 :)

  6. Jacob Mamula

    I don’t know how I feel about the specialist idea. I wanna be a grunt not some super soldier hero

  7. Ryan Pomeroy

    Implementing characters instead of classes is going to ruin the game for a lot of the og battlefield player base. Probably the only disappointment about this reveal

  8. Fariz Ramadhan

    Where gaming tuk tuk

  9. RemuSanity


  10. Matt Hardtke

    I hope that tornado is in multi-player lol

    1. E Enderman

      There's no singleplayer

    2. Finn935

      It is man!

  11. TheJuantaco

    POV: you watching a good trailer

  12. minij hooi

    happy :)

  13. Bolle Gamer

    I like how they remodel modern weapons instead of making crazy lazer guns that makes no sence as 2042 is only 21 years to, it makes sence seeing how old modern equipment today even can be.

    1. minij hooi

      okay we can agree, a grapling hook goes with everything

  14. Cordoba

    The “When games turn into movie scenes” series: 📈📈📈

  15. creamm milk


  16. Giuseppe2245 -H_27_RUN


  17. Phoenix McCloud

    My comments never get noticed.

  18. Archibald Tuttle


  19. sandhya vargheese


  20. Sergio David leto

    Fail no is br,2 fail 128 players for a world,300 player need these map.

  21. Wiksaraya Binar Nugroho

    10 years, and still one of the most epic trickshot in the history of battlefield

  22. Malcolm Evans

    You Have Out Done Yourselves:()



  24. 困るマン

    Is this main theme remix of kick start my heart?

  25. AR

    Infinite warfare part 2?

  26. Just Breezy

    Still can't believe they put Stun_Gravy's trickshoy into the trailer.

  27. aman singh

    I tried to upload the trailer and it claimed by ea.

  28. Trojan Horse

    Lame looks unrealistic, nothing compared to rdr2

  29. Miguel Acosta


  30. Fish

    This was look similar like Star Wars

  31. Brizan


  32. チャンネルアイビス


  33. hoho so you're approaching me

    all my years of playing just cause 3 has led to this moment...

  34. Available & Unavailable

    this game is very good but the gamplay trailer is not very good because the player din't kill any one during the gameplay. so please realise a second trailer

  35. David Díaz

    Why aren’t you including a campaign on this masterpiece? :(

  36. nayil100

    Looks amazing, is this the latest Battlefield game?

  37. Billbeaux

    My favorite part was the red-head with a prosthetic arm claw, weilding a giant Maori club.

  38. Ruben Gacia

    Remaster this pls

  39. Seajay73

    I remember when EA made the best games. The Commodore64 days are long gone :( Nothing new here. Same old stuff with new cutscenes and disposable gameplay for a top price. *eyeroll*

  40. Matt Mofer

    Can confirm all the clever vehicle kills, the helicopter, ATV and the jet kills are all things done in BF3 and 4 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Andy C

    Hope people still play the battlefield V, I enjoy that game as well.

  42. Fameless TV

    Did you noticed that on the Taxi in 4:05 you can see the sentance ,,Why walk when you can Fly?"

  43. sapp E

    okay we can agree, a grapling hook goes with everything

  44. Random Gamer

    This is taking levelotion to a hole new level

  45. The Proud Patriot

    Pure awesomeness!

  46. Ace matolcs2

    Just cause 5?

  47. Alledoy

    The storm looks amazingly terryfying

  48. English Dave

    I know the jet scene was supposed to be cool but it’s just so dumb. It’s like an 8 made the idea.

  49. The Proud Patriot

    2:54 those guys just disappeared!!

  50. John Smith

    why was this recommended to me now? I know why; the DICE LA project they've been working on alongside BF 2042 is BF3 Remastered!

  51. Isula Perera


  52. Joey Glick (Films)

    No campaign apparently not gonna buy it

  53. erived 11

    de verdad que no tiene campaña?

  54. Keven Oliveira

    Battlefield 2042 The Apocalipse

  55. Noolore

    inb4 "women weren't in the military during 2042 this is so unrealistic"

  56. Joeh “Vexoxv” Edits

    3:16 anyone remember the guy who did this in the game lol

  57. Antonio M

    Me: How long do we have to wait? DICE: 4 1/2 months. Me: Ok we can do this 2 days later am still watching the trailer over and over

    1. Ghost Shooter


  58. Shield

    Petition to add Rendezook and loopzook as an Achievement

  59. Ahid Khan

    It has the same music from the leaked trailer!!

  60. SCP Gameplay and Tutorials

    I can’t wait to play this game!!!

  61. Hathaway Kouchner


  62. Hathaway Kouchner


  63. Fresh&Fly

    Motley Crue in the background I’ll take it

  64. hiroki kisigawa


  65. M0993 L

    Battlefield need two routes, one for historial and realistic and the other one should be modern/near future and fun.

  66. IceBlitz

    What's up with the insanely inconsistent frame rate on this trailer? There is reason to believe an RTX 3080 was used, or maybe 3090 to be able to make the best looking trailer possible. But it's somewhat unnerving to think that the game is so poorly optimized that even the top cards cant achieve 60fps in 4K.

  67. StrawberryCake

    This looks like a trickshot compilation

  68. lucas lennon freitas pinto

    Parece estar muito top o jogo, pegaram o melhor do bf4 e melhoraram foi muito bom, porém está bem caro para brasileiros 300 reais

  69. Commie Hunter

    Thank you BF

  70. Luís Antônio Amaral


  71. ZS- ELI

    Time to get the bucket out again boys🪣🤟🏽

  72. Dikoyman