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  1. Oyuu


  2. • mrbee •

    Imagine if they used real skin.

  3. R B

    Oh wow now I want one of these

  4. Diex1M

    Ok now you made me throw away my entire phone in a volcano 🌋

  5. Lunare Klane

    Is that jojo reference ?

  6. Ridhima Singh


  7. The Summitts

    Brings a whole new meaning to snake eyes

  8. Jojo Fan youtuber

    When it moved it scare me a bit and shocked me

  9. Put a name here

    *P l i s h e l p m e j u s t k i l l m e*

  10. Yassin thebeast

    "Room shambles"

  11. His Majesty

    No. Just no.

  12. Chuuya Nakahara but cracked up ver.

    Gojo is that you?

  13. Hippy

    Jfc, which japanese artist made this? Junji Ito?

  14. nice man


  15. Billiekawii💖

    Sir, no, no, please, no, this can't exist, this is the spawn of Satan as a cube, this is Satan dice

  16. Cheap Travels

    Im confused

  17. Shadow anims

    Poke the eye.

  18. TheUnreal

    Poke it in the eye

  19. deusa Nix


  20. Paxx Stellar

    This makes me unbelievably uncomfortable

  21. Jason Pavlich

    ONE WORD (beyond those two): GLORIOUS! 😂😅🍻👍😁😀👏💗


    How dey do dat?

  23. Pink

    uhhhhhh....... •-• im gonna have nightmares

  24. Sharissano

    Oh I hate it...

  25. Kristina Flint

    Okay but how much, I would but something like this to fuck with people but I doubt I could afford it

  26. Gragas Minh Béo

    Wait for the "human-like vagina"

  27. Lofee

    Imagine slicing that with a knife and blood starts to come out ◉‿◉

  28. Kaylee H

    That’s terrifying….

  29. matilda Pesina


  30. Calamitist

    god that's horrific

  31. Skreperiukas


  32. Eden DeMarlo

    It's only rotating not moving.

  33. cedric_gaming hd


  34. StrandedCow

    I just threw up in my mouth…

  35. Joshua

    I like it. It encompasses how human lives are valued at the cast of dice. The remote control is even more meta, in the idea that you blink when your bosses say so. Or, that society tells you when to blink vs. Your cast die. And that rolling snake eyes means you're complete...ish. awesome piece.

  36. Diffy 1991

    I am not sure how to feel right now

  37. Paul R.

    Me wanna squish

  38. Gago Bibo

    Junji Ito's toys be like

  39. Brandon Viernes

    What the shit? No deck in the box?

  40. sm0ll

    Plot twist:it was made out of real human flesh

  41. Mr.E

    I thought it was gonna be a spring lol

  42. Deku

    That's one of the children in my sister's basement

  43. Senif

    Honestly tho- I rlly want it

  44. Akirra!


  45. Lily Chang

    Pepole with long nails could do this

  46. Israel Gabriel


  47. HydroPlayz Gaming

    Imagine seeing that on your friends house at night

  48. Susan Skobiej

    Now what if you cut it 🤔

  49. will marshall

    The weird bit is the nipples

  50. I'm a pro

    Now make a mouth

  51. ?¿?I’m Not A Thing?¿?

    Me:*Grabs physics and yeets in trash* Well don’t need that!

  52. BeiBei Maku

    It's a dice-


    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh help

  54. Waltito

    This should be illegal

  55. Paulyn Raneses


  56. Maria Asela Castillon

    everyone gangsta till it blink on its own

  57. Ryujin

    Japan didnt get enough with tentacle porn

  58. Andrea Robinson

    It's so funny you should mention the party... I have headphones in because the neighbors are blasting us out right now, so I feel ya.

  59. Fio K

    Weird but cute sometimes

  60. •MÎRØ•

    That’s dark...

  61. Thor Odinson

    Just blow on it.

  62. Instantly Broken

    I'm watching this video yet again. I think the yellow ball trick that he did with the poster board with a hole in it he was hiding it in his left hand at first behind it then he moved it to the crook of his elbow and then back from the crook of his elbow to his left hand

  63. 한ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅʏᴠɪɴᴛᴀɢᴇ • Hiatus

    When the eye blink... I said hoshi lit (holy shit) in backwards, staph ✋🏻😀

  64. Cristian Acuna

    Sooooo where can I buy one? I want to scare the shit out of someone

  65. Loner Kid

    I would use it to scare someone

  66. Skvllb0dy


  67. Biggie-Kool


  68. M.Fakhri. Rs

    My new nightmare

  69. Takeo Ma

    Nice fleshlight... wait...

  70. CEGSpace

    Thanks, I hate it

  71. Noah Syress

    Anyone else watching this at bedtime and was like oh Chris Ramsay has uploaded another puzzle vid. BUT dose not look at the title that says the puzzle is the ULTIMATE test of patience. then stays up pass there bed time and realizes that it is past there bed time

  72. Reverse Uno

    When it bucked its eye i bucked my eyes 💀 like bruh

  73. amber woods

    Yow that is amazingly creepy

  74. katsuki bakugo

    The eyes look like gojo satoru

  75. Antonio Venegas

    Was the chocolate good?

  76. Π JUSTIN ∐


  77. bander Meshal (Dark Matter Man)


  78. 🌟 StaticVaporwave✔️

    *drills hook into red piece and pulls it out*