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  1. Jean Caruth

    It’s crazy cause he is still underrated and ppl think he’s just getting recognition this is his 8th season coming bruhhh

  2. Jesus Sanchez

    I'd prefer kyle lowry instead of WB

  3. Wong Seng Yong

    What is the first song name?

  4. Armin Fazeli


  5. Tre Williams

    Wheres Cory Brewer over fish?!?!?! Top 10 all time easy!!!

  6. HokageHD

    This nets team had so much potential

  7. Intelligence

    This aged well

  8. Jigen

    Bro I love uzi sadly he’s passing away😞

  9. Peti

    Kyrie was injured through the whole finals series and Lebron still managed to win 2 games. 🐐

  10. SupremeLion

    Snoop dogg: lebron are u gonna get us the 18th trophy? Phoenix suns: ima bout to ruin this guys dream

  11. Feynman Schwinger E_MC2

    Kobe is the most disrespected sporting savant in history. Kobe being left off all time top 10 lists by Bleacher Report are insanely disrespectful and prove they have agendas. Kobe is one the top 2 players ever imo. He was a genius and a savant. Most versatile scorer ever. REAL NBA players always put him top 2 or top 5, worst top 10. Bleacher report are clowns. I don't respect any list that doesnt have Kobe top 5. You play to win RINGS not for bloody stats or PER! 😑 Kobe won 5 rings in 7 finals appearances in 10 years. that's as close to MJ as ANYBODY has ever gotten. Top 2 for me. Idgaf what anybody says. Kobe is definitely better than Bron.

  12. Felipe Hurtado

    Bron and KD the best players in the planet no doubt

  13. Givenchy Jayy

    Best individual performance in the playoffs imo

  14. Feynman Schwinger E_MC2

    Kobe in his prime is the GOAT to me.

  15. TORONTO 416

    Fakest fans, right away cheering that KD got injured then when raptors told them to stop they were rooting for KD chanting and applauding him! Disgraceful.

  16. Nehuatl Nichanti

    Great guy 🤙🏽 JWill

  17. Cane Corso

    Absolutely one of the best videos no matter the narrative that I've ever seen. Great job editing 👏 👌 perfection

  18. Money G

    Durant sounded like Ricky from boyz in the hood 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Eano Spriggan

    anyone knows the music?

  20. Sasuke Uchiha

    Definitely pacer pg

  21. Loading Failed

    Yall really let us get Westbrook for a 6ft center and 2 inconsistent 7pts -15ppg players

  22. Ryno Art 88

    4:02 the look on Cuz face exactly how we all felt. Tmac my top 3 all time. One of my favorite moments in NBA.

  23. Jo Mon

    Bet he regrets signing to the armpit of LA!

  24. hub3rty

    He didn't compare them to Shaq and Kobe, he said at their best, they can be one of the best guard-big duo in the league. Kobe and Shaq is probably the best duo of all time in terms of a guard-big combination

  25. Thorny Southwick

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  26. Kleanboy

    Come on bro.. who made the thumbnail

  27. Antwan Jefferson

    Still watching these highlights 💔🤕😭

  28. Rich E Rich

    This had to have taken forever to work on. I appreciate you bro. This was fun to watch ( high ) too

  29. Sirro

    They'll trade Schroder for Lonzo and a shooter. Just watch.

  30. Liam Green

    Luka is better

  31. Deepak Murali

    wow turns out tobias harris is also a good rapper

  32. Edward Gray

    Are the Lakers incapable of developing players?

  33. Jaylin Walker

    Lakers nba 2022 champs

  34. Rich E Rich

    Jordan in Utah #47??? I stopped there. Jk

  35. McDeezy

    why he wait so long to call change

  36. Ross

    Image when lamelo becomes more athletic... and actually gets some hops

  37. Cody Napper

    Lmao lebum needs more more more superstars lmao lebum needs 100 superstars and only got 4 rings Jordan 3 peated twice w the same squad lebum is an absolute disgrace to basketball not even kyrie and ray Allen could save him lebum is truely a bum a scared lil school girl that can't shoot even after 15 yrs n the league a true disgrace to the game

  38. The Realist

    There's gonna Be Alot More "Havon Theorys" now On FB now

  39. Stutter Rampski


  40. 702 Mob Records


  41. DarkwingDuck

    Wait kd is a little baby? Who would have guessed??

  42. AdvisedGnu69

    OKC's first playoff game since the 2005 Seattle Ray Allen Era

  43. Francis Mora

    Ahhhhhh nostalgic

  44. Animesempai0 On twitter

    i watch this yearly, gonna make it monthly now... this is a perfect HRaero video

  45. Real Abraham

    so we just gonna ignore the fact that super teams are common now?

  46. Tumbleweed43

    Lebron’s got talent. But does he have character? What does he do when his team loses? What did MJ do? We can’t compare these two. Stats wise, Lebron is equally impressive But they are different animals Lebrons flopping, occasional traveling and basically walking out of games before it’s over is pretty hard to stomach. I wish he would return to Cleveland for 1 more championship. The Right Way!

  47. Elliot Hough

    "And this is John Snow.."

  48. Celph Z

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  49. Ezekiel


  50. Ice Under Adams Fridge

    How many national TV games this man get? lol

  51. ST O

    A great coach, you will win it someday

  52. Jack Blasbalg

    Same dudes that say they want "the old, more physical game" hate on giannis.

  53. Nunya Bizness

    A genuine smile is so obvious to see compared to a forced one

  54. Sam Sabino

    We’ll atleast Kobe is still smiling after his missed game-tying shot. He knew that Wade is a great player. We still miss the Mamba

  55. P Jean

    Seeing Kobe hold up gigi after championship hurts

  56. Mikqun Blackwood

    Is Kuz really that bad

  57. Jordan Love

    this was the moment i knew Russel was going to join the lakers

  58. E Nation

    8:58 boiiiiii

  59. Im Tayka

    This will help Lebron out a lot. Not in a bad way but every team needs a guard that can control the game during a fast break I’m calling Lakers in 5.

  60. Allen Maa

    Like everyone said, I have the biggest grin on my face. She is so precious!

  61. British Biscuit Company LLC

    Man as a Denver fan this really kills me 😢 I thought we could really win a final some time with this team, but it doesn’t look like it anymore 😔

  62. Jay Love

    Welcome to the LAKERS family Russell Westbrook....LAKERS 💜 💛 💪 ✌