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  1. Kimberly George

    Kimberly George @KimberlyGeorgee @virgingalactic @omaze and @SpaceHumanity what does it take for me to be the first transgender to be in space? I put an entry for flight and I want to be apart of history. I have lost my job and don't make the money to buy a ticket and I want to find a way to reach out to y'all with me wanting to be apart of history.


    Poor people can feel this experience inside a deep swimming pool with a oxygen mask

  3. Discreet Ninja

    Relish.. relish.. relish... 'goosebumps'

  4. Owen Lavelle

    The man has taken them To the highest point of the firmament nothing more and the idiots who believe he’s in space lol 189 miles high that’s all folks

  5. Al Taqiyya आतंकवाद का सच

    Mesmerizing 👌👌

  6. Ramming Speed

    How do they keep the aircraft hermetically sealed from the vacuum of space?

  7. Ultra Sound

    1:46 flat earth

  8. Linda G. Richard

    Impressive. Pity it's only for the rich. 😒

  9. Arvin Basir

    bUt ThE eArTh iS fLaT

  10. Burl Ives

    18:00 look at that horizon for being a “globe” sure looks kinda flat. 🍿 59:43

  11. Son Phuoc Channel

    Great experience

  12. Andy Atwal

    There goes flat earth theory out the window....hahaha

  13. Gundam America 00

    Dislikes about a guy that just achieved his dream lol I’ve seen it all now

  14. chandira

    Wow.. literally. It's dream..🙏🙏

  15. Madhu Maddi

    👏👏Richard is real dreamer and achiever

  16. HLotto D'Silva Works

    The moon is dull and full of abrasive dust, but it will have to serve as a dock for the next step.......Mars, I hope I'm still alive the day we land and start terraforming Mars. And I hope it will be done by a Portuguese

  17. Rainblaze

    Who would have thought that "tubular bells" would have brought us to this

  18. Claudia Vieira

    I wanna fly! 🥰💕

  19. Levi Peter

    We live on a stationary plain, the sun and moon aren’t millions of miles away sheeple. Space is not real it’s a Freemasonic Kabbalahistic worship. All the Freemasonic celebs you see worship it and are puppets who get told what to do they worship this 🪐👁⃤instead of our TRUE creator. The Bible and even the Quran tell the truth but they even twist some things in those too. Bezos is a mere puppet too the Zionist run the show. The own everything all the stocks, media, the fed reserve, and shape your minds clearly for falling for this pegan BS garbage.

  20. Fabio Canavaro

    Ahora llegue ala via lactea . Que es una fisura del domo . Yo lo eh visto . Desde abajo . Una angel me mostro el cielo

  21. Another User

    No virgins were hurt making this video

  22. Mista Red


  23. Mista Red


    1. Ethan Roberts

      It really isn't.

  24. Tony D.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we have an expected orbital time of One hour and 32 minutes from Sydney Australia to New York City. Spaceship attendant, please prepare for blast off…”

  25. I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶

    The danger is overwhelming, btw I wonder if mark will try to do this?

  26. Lavanya Khammampati

    How does it feel when you are floating in space? 6yr old here

  27. jeff cable

    Imagine all the indentured servants on mars

  28. Mark Elisei

    I don’t understand, why couldn’t they livestream entering space ?

  29. Yannick F DE SOUSA

    What I like with virgin galactic is that it's basically a plan that goes to space, imagine something bigger and with more rocket power and we could literally travel to the moon. A plane to the moon imagines that... Anyway, I feel this is a much more realistic way to go up than just on a regular rocket

  30. EpicLauren

    AND THERE WE HAVE: the most STUPID day in the entire human era. meanwhile people suffer, nature gets destroyed and stuff and you go onto your little space trip (which isn‘t even space, this is only sub space). humans are stupid and ignorant. goddamit…

  31. GMane 901

    Where are the stars ⭐️ 💫 🌟 ✨ ?????????????????

    1. few2rock

      @GMane 901 I have seen moon during a day many times, and so have you.

    2. Stephen Hawking

      @GMane 901 ITS CALLED OVEREXPOSURE YOU MOUTH BREATHER. Please look up basic camera operations. the light from Earth and interior of the craft causes fainter light to not be picked up. go out at night with clearly visible stars..... then turn on a lightbulb next to it..... tell me if you see the stars in the camera

    3. GMane 901

      @few2rock so you've never seen the moon in the blue sky?

    4. few2rock

      @GMane 901 Never seen a moon during the day? Haha, that was a quick concede.

    5. GMane 901

      @few2rock you can see the moon though. Look im done replying to you. You believe anything they'll tell you obviously

  32. GMane 901

    At 2:28…. The sun suddenly appeared 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Delayed Creator

      @GMane 901 let your brain work and think about it again

    2. GMane 901

      @Stephen Hawking 😂😂😂😂😂i can see starts from a baseball field that’s fully lit on a Friday night. Stop playing with me dude😂😂😂😂

    3. Stephen Hawking

      @GMane 901 again you dont understand how exposure works..... go out on a clear night with all the stars. turn on a lightbulb and watch all the stars disappear.

    4. GMane 901

      @Mudkip909 you would see the light coming up, approaching, getting brighter. Not appearing! Think man. That’s the sun man smh

    5. Mudkip909

      @GMane 901 i never said the sun was that size. i said that an object was blocking it. for virgin galactics, case, the fusulage of their plane. As you might not have known, light doesnt travel through opaque objects.

  33. Dipak Ray

    Now there will be a lot of billionaire tourists who will go in space but, they had not the dream like you sir. when you crossed Atlantic flying on a balloon , from that time your Dream of Space mission in this twentieth century was written in the page in your beautiful mind.

  34. MJ A

    That was a complete old fart message 😷

  35. Massimo Laurentino

    Tanti PROBLEMI a terra , dei coglioni nello spazio!!!!

  36. Tom p john

    Great job sir. SUPPORT from INDIA.

  37. Tom p john

    Support from INDIA sir


    Santhosh George kulangara fan boy

    1. Delayed Creator


  39. D Bennett

    I don’t agree with the use of the word Astronaut, I’m not a Pilot when I fly in a plane , Astronauts are highly trained individuals, not passengers, so no , you cannot call yourself an Astronaut by simply going for an expensive joy ride.

  40. Pedro Tapia


  41. Lady Stardust

    This is absolutely wonderful!!!

  42. Hasnain Bashir Bashir

    All is fake the whole video designed at local studio

    1. Delayed Creator




  44. Anthony McDowell


  45. Yassa Sloan

    flat earthers with unlimited funds will refuse to go on a spaceflight because they dont want to see that curve.

  46. Tid Hhhv

    The Earth is flat

    1. MSA 79

      Nope, the earth is concave 1:38 proof.

    2. Delayed Creator


    3. Lee B

      Right at your feet it is.

  47. Arathy Nath 9U

    Waiting for the turn of santhosh sir turn.... Kerala👍

  48. Jason Kim

    They lied did not go to space

  49. mmpj twod

    When I think of space and those educated in it, Stephen Colbert is always first in my mind..... 💩💩💩

  50. Te Aroha

    OMG, full of Rip van winkle clones sheesh

  51. Life is Run 2M

    Proud of India 👍

  52. Ryan Noe

    boy it sure looks flat huh? lolol

  53. Velvete Womack

    And yet we are suppose to believe that a sun that is 93 million miles away that illuminates the earth that space is black. What kind of cooker was this?

    1. Mudkip909

      why wouldnt space be black? what's there to bounce the light?

    2. MSA 79

      Yes, because that's exactly how light works. Have you ever seen a lase or a flashlight? In a room without smoke or dust you can see the point but you can't see the beam. In the space there is no smoke or dust.

    3. Lee B

      Light needs something to hit for the light to be reflected off. Space is basically nothing so there's nothing for the light to reflect off of. My 9 year old understands this..

  54. Vitor Vieira

    Melhor q a outra

  55. Rajnish

    Do not open the hatch, I repeat do not open the hatch. If you open the hatch.......

  56. G-fact'Z

    Because of internet today we are seeing the view of real People in the space 🤗🤗

  57. sokin jon

    It’ll happen but not in my lifetime 😥 but the Star Wars ships and travel will actually happen!!!! 👍😉

  58. Ooops Ohnoo

    I love it. 👏👏👏

  59. Akshay AndurkarGod

    Incredible. 👏👍

  60. Julie Decelle

    This is awesome and I am proud of them! But Why are they calling this the first human space flight? Why? It is not the first. The first space flight occurred in 2004 on spaceship One.

    1. sokin jon

      Photoshoop mode gtfo satanists

  61. sol cutta

    Thankyou to Richard branson for sharing the views with us rather unlike bezo who selfishly only allowed us to listen to his kiddies awe..we allowed to watch here..waste of money but hey not my money.

  62. sol cutta

    Better looking than bezos...better filmed..better speech...hell... branson u won this one...nice

  63. sammi159

    Much better than Jeff Bezos flight.

  64. Yamsy

    Notice the women's hair moves as you expect in zero gravity, compare with women's hair "on" ISS where hair moves in a strange way, like its all hair sprayed, with a strange bounce, i.e not in zero gravity environment.

    1. Stephen Hawking

      well for one Zero gravity is a term that experts dont use.......its reffered to as micro gravity.

  65. Yann Lara

    QUE BUEN TEATRO jaajajajajajajajajajaja

  66. G Smoke

    What’s was those lights at 0:01

  67. Manish Kumar

    Love you reached brancen

  68. hoiy vinosa

    "Don't Embarrassed By Your Failures , Learn From Them And Start Again. " :- Sir Richard Branson ✍️


    Don't let ET see you Lol !!!!!


    Saw it all in 1969 - what's this Back To The Future again Lol ?

  71. ivan vanich

    в топ!!!!

  72. The Audettes

    So does this mean we have proof the earth is round?! Hallelujah. Lol

  73. ƐDƓȺའ


  74. JCMadeForMen

    Nice studio work. Nasa - Walt Disney 🖕

    1. Hi To


  75. Rock Start

    nice v..

  76. mikea hiooi

    Maravilhoso 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  77. Albanija je Srbija Kosovo je Srbija

    Photoshoop mode gtfo satanists

  78. Daring Goldman

    it’s an high altitude plane. Where is the heat shield?

    1. mmpj twod

      I m 250k short in your company since your successful flight....should have bought a ticket instead of shares ,I would at least had a unmatched experience.

  79. Colby Crocker

    Boring and not space. We did this in the 50's. Do something new.