A free multiplayer game where you compete in Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island in Creative, or quest in Save the World.

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  1. HarghunPlayz

    0:46 something is behind what is that?



  3. 2nerdsonacouch

    baby come back :( i hope this comes back in season 8. by far the most fun i have had was just bouncing around as a cow balloon. i miss it so heckin much now.

  4. Let’s draw

    I wish fortnite apple is back but you can only get it on android or Samsung

  5. Dan Fletcher

    Random boy: Why are you all wearing my costume Me and the bois: *Our*

  6. Lee Williams

    Ok so WHY HAS NO ONE NOTICED BASICALLY SIREN HEAD AT 0:46!!! Edit: perhaps this is the Halloween season?!!! I remember asking epic games for a siren head!!

  7. GREAT

    what about naruto

    1. Yussif

      THIS IS FORTNITE Not Naruto

  8. GREAT

    what about naruto

  9. GREAT

    what about naruto

  10. GREAT

    what about naruto

  11. Noob for fun Oof


  12. blaza 47

    0:46 siren head


    Previously on Fortnite lore... Fire king: no one cant stop the floods of lava! Jonesy: lynx get away from that drum gun please! Bunker jonesy: did the fire king get defeated? Serenity: yes I stopped him but s newer threat is coming. Jonesy: cattuss... Serenity: we must build a robot to fend ourselves. Jonesy: serenity use the orb! Serenity: this will destabilize reality but... Jonesy: what?! Serenity: nothing. Serenity: now die!! Jonesy: where are you going? Serenity: reality 2 here we go... The foundation: The zero point is unstable, save reality visitor.


    Previously on Fortnite Lore... Jonesy: why are you destroying the island!? The visitor: to save reality, something IO fails to do. Jonesy: I'm sorry everyone, goodbye fortnite island. Jonesy: were alive... were alive! Ripley: me and my twin brother are the rulers of the island, I hope you understand your not the one in charge anymore. Jonesy: Ripley! Ripley: goodbye jonesy... 8 ball: the island is now yours to takeover. Midas: then the plan begins... now.

  15. zyris sage

    bring it back to the item shop

  16. mrjhons

    rip fortnite on device android with apple

  17. Andrew Keys

    I’m ashamed to say I spent money on this game

  18. Andrew Keys

    It’s like fortnite gets worse and worse every season

  19. Ruben Chavez



    Wow kevin live until now

  21. finley0400

    just went into the sideways and got killed by zombies within 5 seconds

  22. finley0400

    i hate this season

  23. crod553

    The Stealth Game Knight is definitely a Playboi Carti skin 😂

  24. SOFGI


  25. starwarsjoey

    no way this was two years ago

  26. Nintendo memer

    Put the skins into a 2800 v bucks bundle

  27. God

    ‘The Return of the King’.

  28. The Foundation

    The beginning of the loop and Kevin's terror

  29. El Rey Cubito

    0:32 we can see superman playing with batman skin

  30. Axer Zero

    Damn Banshee is so skimpy wtf

  31. Swirlix123

    Epic can you add naruto to the extra skins in the Battlepass

  32. Swirlix123

    Epic you need to remove Raptors everyone hate raptors

  33. Porter Brinkmann

    This is on my recommended in 2021

  34. Nintendo memer

    Turn the skin bundles to 1700v bucks

  35. Eurko

    What are you trying to say fortnite 👀

  36. Mikhaツ


  37. IryXV

    that supreme collab finna make fortnite playable again

  38. akihiro Plays

    I miss this season alot i wish fortnute could add the season 7 props in creative especially corny complex props

  39. lil dingo

    Hey epic why did u delete some of my skins

  40. Mike Buckley

    6:42:30 how in the world do those bullets connect???

  41. Adrioser

    najlepszy sezon

  42. Rock675

    Why isn't Griff getting bullied

  43. denagan12

    Damn for a sec I thought they did something right for once and added skin customization but nope game still dog doo doo

    1. Agent Peels

      You say its bad because you're bad at the game

  44. raymond parker

    Guys we wernt suppsosed to trust doctor slone she said in the live event and said she is not gonna take us back home that's why jonsey turned his back on doctor slone

  45. Raarr


  46. GWC - Gaming with CHIME

    I think, this is the reason why We don't trust Slones. Even Jonesy didn't trust her.. due to these reasons. And if Jonesy didn't call the foundation then we might be dead.

  47. SomeThingWeird YT

    Best season bp trailer imo


    Fortnite my game is laggy can you fix

  49. chum

    yo i need the drip dog

  50. Carlos Martín Silva Lira

    Why did Epic Games nerf the EXP. Points in imposter game mode? WHY?

  51. Brook Wallin

    I have a question can you make a skin that's called Alexis please

  52. SomeRandomModelerOrSmth

    Secrets: At 0:19 you can find a kevin near the top right corner At 0:28 you can see Fabio using a duo crossbow At 0:33 you can see more baby cubes at another location other than believer beach’s cubes At 0:38 you can see a cube out of the corrupted areas At 0:45 you can see toona fish holding a SMG that inst in the game yet (Name is supposedly Combat SMG) And at 0:47 you can see a tall monster of some sort? That’s all I found tell me if I missed anything

  53. Tyler Does just dance

    Only if fortnite new

  54. Mik 神


  55. Cotton Andy

    “Yeah it’s a fun game, but I’ll probably only play for 20 minutes to an hour every week” Don’t pretend you didn’t play almost every day

  56. Vincent Xie

    Will you ever bring mobile back?

  57. Roobar


  58. Zombie_Corp

    esta es la cúspide de las colaboraciones en fortnite

  59. Jipioso Gamer

    "We've reduced the XP earned in Impostors mode by roughly 50%. We're keeping a close eye on player XP progression this season and evaluating several improvements for the near future. We'll provide more details on these changes when they've released."

  60. Grace Bennett

    What’s this song called????

  61. Robert Lamas


  62. Giannis Antetokounmpo


  63. kevin the cube

    Hi I'm kevin the cube

  64. Aiden Federico

    Could you please do a style for doggo without the glasses

  65. M1nty

    Petition for Epic to bring back old sound effects.

  66. shayaanh123 Hussain

    No more Punch Cards normal challenges please

  67. shayaanh123 Hussain

    No more Punch Cards normal challenges please

  68. kaktusák 009

    Can you do some more punchcards and chalanges please

  69. Isaiaz Denneny


  70. Isaiaz Denneny


  71. Xavier Prest

    well done

  72. Jackie Diaz



    Horrible collab but I think collabs are still good

  74. Jell-O 101

    When the Battle Royale has a better story mode than the actual Story Mode. Unless the Battle Royale is what made the story mode happen 🤔

  75. Ruv


  76. Jonesy Mertens

    You guys are ruining the last bit of soul that fortnite still has

  77. Jonesy Mertens

    I NEVER said it but fortnite is dying

  78. Jonesy Mertens

    That's so disgusting

  79. Banner boy 33

    All streamers get free wins all the time or just cause you give them to them you always let them stream snipe them and always let him get the kills on them that’s why they get so high kills why all of us are trying to play a game with actually got switched against them but all HRaerors just act they do not actually play the game they literally just sit there they asked if they want a few fails they get a few bales they want to win they get a win completely for free versing or bots can you fix this it’s on fair for all of us to play the game normally skill base matchmaking doesn’t even do anything I’m good at the game and then I get teamed up with literally bought the biggest ones in the whole world please fix this

  80. Bruh

    Dear, Fortnite I’m begging you to make the quest better because you can barely level up in battle Royale.