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  1. Obso Erver

    I love the books. What I like about this new cinematic version is the font used for "Dune" and the sandworm teeth. Sadly, that's about it.

  2. Pule Edgar Dithuge


  3. Netboy1

    Listening to ' five for fighting 'Cavill does get the credit he really deserves as also the Directors...Beautiful movie....🎬

  4. captain beastwinger

    Day 336 of rewatching this trailer Saw it 2 times today because it played in theaters

  5. psn screamokujo

    This isnt the matrix.im sorry this is not continuing the story of it.this is trash.

  6. Mr.Anderson


  7. Mr.Anderson


  8. heyLemonade


  9. yurimodin

    in Vellinue we trust.

  10. Aaron Topa

    I'm excited for this movie and the McFarlane action figure


    Like it..very very interesting...

  12. 俊 章

    so much SB

  13. Luka 2000

    After all these years it's time to go back to the matrix again...

  14. Mahdi Ammons

    Looks good. I'm a little skeptical about this but time will tell.

  15. Garth Russel

    Curiousity kill the cat

  16. Ana Verónica

    OMG! Yes!

  17. Sn Sid Sanju

    If you saw me in past ...you can find me in future and believed it or not its always gonna be your choice

  18. Michellal

    It was amazing! Please give us the second part!

  19. Mete Keltek


  20. resentment

    the cop scene bruh lol 8/10 movie i loved it

  21. Joey Stokes

    SO MUCH RESPECT FOR THIS GENTLEMAN...91 years young & he is still going strong...1 of the best actors/directors in the movie industry...Hands down!👍🏾💯💯

  22. SAM

    It's all in her head 🤯

  23. Brahim d

    Alice in wonderland in year 2021 ، Deep question why was the Matrix series completed, now, there is no coincidence, Neo is taking pill of Alice in Wonderland and woman that tattooed rabbit with blue hair, directing him towards a future , and we are taking vaccine of Alice in Wonderland and life with blue planet, directing our towards a future 2022

  24. XxcuppaTeaXx

    The amount of times I've come back just to watch the trailer - true masterpiece.

  25. jn3hjb43 ht7

    no god in vain

  26. remy quillin

    je me suis endormie pendant la bande-annonce

  27. Pedro Macías Casillas

    Punto número uno, porque tiene un pato en la cabeza?

  28. all guns blazed

    Kinda pissed about the cast change for morpheus but hey 🤷‍♂️



  30. Niko Keček

    WB forked out 40 mil for this :D

  31. Lattice

    I will never forgive you for this film warner sisters, hope this will be last film for your company!!!

  32. frikky99

    This can only be bad. It'll wind up around 35% on rotten tomatoes. Watch it

  33. NOSTRA

    Without " the real "MORPHEUS I'm afraid there's a little something missing from the film

  34. Giname Tora

    Im comfusd What a day!!what a lovely day os this from mad max i never knew it

  35. Kingston

    Will I understand even if I haven’t watched the series (I know, I’ll start it this weekend)

  36. rohan cholera

    Uffff wat a movie a must see for all horror lovers ❤️❤️

  37. Jose Delgado

    For those who haven't realized the name of the title I think means this is about The Molti Santi of Newark

  38. Samer Issa

    I believe that the blue hair girl is Satu!


    WHYT folks do not age well! clint looks like he is atleast 1500 years old!!

  40. Umbris

    I guess the scenarist didnt read the books... well the graphics are awesome, some boom boom and that's a WB.

  41. Norths Crow

    One of the hardest movies to stay awake... im not trying it third time. Pass. uninteresting characters, no actual interesting plot. No no no.. waste of money and time. Really. Pass.

  42. Fliegerkorps X

    This film might have worked 40 years ago, or perhaps now with a protagonist that’s 40 years younger. The whole venture was ill-advised at best, and an embarrassment at worst. The glowing comments are hard to believe. Clint Eastwood looks terrible. Either HRaero is overrun with bots or people are losing touch with reality.

  43. Mr.Anderson

    I've had dreams what is that ? Am i crazy

  44. Mr.Anderson

    Am i been welcomed ?

  45. Tasos Tasos

    I never left from a cinema it was the first time

  46. Mr.Anderson

    To all who welcomed to me, thank you

  47. Stefan Ilic

    I think the guy from last scene who siting in chair is point gun in Neo? Isnt he ?

  48. Tsukishima’s Wife

    Me: Harry where😃 clicks to see if I see Harry to watch to movie even tho I don’t like these plots Yeah just had a dream about Harry too ima just go to therapy…


    some things never change and some things do

  50. Andy

    shoulda been PERFECT after this dark trailer - alas it went Will Smith...ugh

  51. The World Goes Through Your Eyes

    0:36 you guys think this is edited

  52. Willie Curry

    Morpheus should have stayed in it

  53. Alex Rehak

    Well this is the Blade Runner tv series I would pay loads to see.

  54. uncle darren

    "Tell me Neo, what exactly is the purpose, of a RUBBER DUCK?"

  55. FinalSecretOfChrono

    I hope this was shot on the East Coast and not on some Hollywood studio lot. No film set can duplicate authenticity.

  56. Hunter Grey

    I literally wasn't prepared for that

  57. Mark Jonathan Arteche

    Agents goiten fatter I wonder why 🤣🤣

  58. Noah Willems

    Ready to watch another documentary.

  59. V. Hamilton

    Probably the best sci-fi movie of the century so far.

  60. Daniela Vetrano

    Troppooooo bellooooooo😍

  61. Hesho The man

    From the bottom of my heart i hope and i wish that it will be good please be good

  62. Globu74

    Please we need Part 2

  63. Dis_ Inferno

    Please, I want 4 hours cut of Dune on HBO Max. Theatrical cut was dissapointing expirience. #DuneExtendedCut

  64. visitor55555

    This...looks...fookin'... AMAZING!!!

  65. Kankan 10

    Love how this song is actually better than the whole trilogy lol

  66. Starblaiz

    Neo: "Reboot The Matrix" Smith: "No" Neo: "Sudo Reboot The Matrix" Smith: "FUUUUUUUUUU...."

  67. Anish D'silva

    About Time we get another trailer... We haven't forgotten.

  68. ErOnIT R

    The fact that Met's theme was european royalty, and Cate Blanchett's best role is Queen Elizabeth makes it soo cool, and also the fact that they are robbing at the Met Ball and Rihanna is known as The queen of Met Gala makes it even cooler!

  69. A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!

    Whats the story about i only watch fiest matrix

  70. Lindsey Anastasia

    This movie was great! And I love it 😍 I really hope they do a part 2

  71. Rahul Dev Lenka

    The new John Wick movie looks amazing

  72. Jandreseja 128

    Awesome, a new documentary about Clint Eastwood’s daily life.

  73. Janko Bosch

    This movie blew my mind!

  74. Vasilis GHC

    (Technically) Matrix 2 & 3 never came out.. Why is this matrix 4?

  75. SaxonOrion

    Buggs - Blue Morpheus - Red Interesting

  76. noureddine noro kaspersky

    Welcome back Neo, we missed you

  77. Galaxy Sams

    Stupid movie

  78. Devashish Jain

    Please don’t spoil this franchise

  79. Bjørn Sivertsen

    The kid did not work in this and his accent was... weird