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  1. William Stewart

    Never seen anybody with such an act on being perfect. This dude has so many flaws and has gotten whooped in fighting yet he acts like he’s untouchable. My question for him if I could as is why didn’t you knock him out. I’m not saying Logan Paul is/was a good opponent, Floyd is obviously really good. But if he’s that good why would he fight someone with no fighting background, it’s like him fighting me or you reading this. Really don’t like the dude, heard this once. Wanting to be first means others are losing, and priding your self and only desiring winning is a disease. That’s how I see it at least, along with some others. Floyd is a big kid that grew up not learning good sportsmanship and that there’s more value in a balance of winning and losing rather than just willing. When I would win I’d feel for the person who lost and made effort to allow that other person to feel like a winner to. This dude is toxic, frustrates me so much, have some light and love for other people and more than being first place. Stop getting off on others losing.

  2. serigne Fall

    Man these analysts will drive you nuts. You hear all the time that you should not allow the one superstar in a team (Paul George in this case ) beat you. But when a role player takes advantage of the double team and beat you they are still blaming the coach. There is a reason these series go 7 games because teams lose games on details. It's because sometimes a non superstar can have one of these moments and fo for 30.

  3. Johnny BB Goode

    What’s up with the hangster’s at the US Open?😳

  4. William Spain

    I think Floyd was honestly confused as to why he was being showered with so many loving hugs from logan and that's why he didn't knock him out

  5. dreadful

    I want to see him vs Tyson

  6. Jeff K

    Why haven’t the president and gm been fired yet ? Rodgers may be a diva, but if so he’s been that way for a long time. The president and gm created this mess and it looks like they have no idea on how to solve their problem with their league MVP quarterback. If they can’t fix the problem then what good are they ?

  7. Samuel Prata Prata

    Português!✌🏽 É nós família!🌔🌎🌍

  8. Ryan Carter

    yall giving NO LOVE to the dudes who put a show on during march madness Johnny Juzang and Ethan Thompson should both be up here.

  9. shaft9000

    T Mann looking like the god Apollo out there....mythical game

  10. William Dancy Jr


  11. Javier Preciado Jr

    Vegas trah can game!!!! Thats perfect.

  12. kingdaniel4195


  13. Elaine S

    Oh, please. The pain of the last two seasons is very high with the 6ers. They're playing at home. You really think the Hawks, who, yes, are a good young team, can beat the 6ers on their home court when that taste of defeat is still very strong in their mouths?? And you're already firing Doc LMAO! Go back to Atlanta.

  14. Bengal Fan Living in Rival Land

    How you gonna use the bengals and dolphins in the title when you only showed 30 seconds but other content that isn’t on the title is over 30 seconds

  15. Bobby Meadows

    What I am very disappointed with is how easy it was for media and announcers to give Brad former celtics coach so much credit in the past and yet Ty Lue isnt giving the amazing coaching credit he rightfully deserves. LAClippers were not expected to win game5 and definitely not game6. Without Coach Lue genius abilities, leadership, schemes, player management and tactics; there is no way Clippers players would have performed they way they did. Ty Lue COACH OF THE YEAR!!!

  16. Allister Escobar

    Maybe John Collins started. But they could have elected embiid for that.

  17. Jacob Zamora

    Clippers Big 3

  18. Emily An

    "I know it's Mayweather, but $20m is $20m"


    Advancing to Finals is LAC history. West/Balmer believes next man up. That's why they kept working on improving roster. Game changer was Ty Lou. He knows title run coaching and believed in Paul and players. Like KD'S historic night, keep things in perspective. KD lost next game with average stats.

  20. Donell Reed

    They gave up the 1st pick for a 35 yr old player, I see why Boston can't go anywhere. Brad is not a Gm, hell he was not a great Coach.

  21. gobear2002

    Jerry west loves him

  22. gobear2002

    Finals mvp terrance mann he can do it

  23. gobear2002

    If terrance score 25 or more they will win champion

  24. gobear2002

    T mann is and will be a superstar in sum series cant wait

  25. gobear2002

    Utah got beat 4 consecutive time har har!!!

  26. HotKoollAid

    Nuggets fan here, go clippers!

  27. Leblanc Justin

    The finicky train extraorally knot because tent ostensibly wriggle per a rebel bat. macho, hulking pilot

  28. Native2458

    25 point come back

  29. theory izer

    Job ain't done boys. Lessgoo ❤💙Clippersin7💙❤

  30. Doug Flynn

    Jazz will never win a championship team as they are a racist team. They only pick white players or light skin or soft black players who will not perform at peak levels in the playoffs. They just got killed by an agressive all black Clippers team. Congrats to the Clippers owner for not being racist and pick up players based on their ability and not the skin color.

  31. The inconvenient Truth

    Can’t believe the Money team went this low . Mayweather is ruining his reputation. Why not earn the same amount ( if not more ) but fight Pacquiao instead

  32. C.U Chati

    Mann Up!

  33. Scott y

    71% shooting for the 2nd half. 74% from 3. Thats unstoppable, for any team.

  34. TS .LeonardoWakulu

    Let's See Mike tyson Vs Logan Paul 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. vince2370

    When is people going to give Tyron Lue credit,the Cavs in 2016 finals and the Clippers now.The man knows how to make great adjustments especially after halftime.

  36. AySosa

    These ads gotta go !!!!!!!

  37. Rene Rodjel

    clown mayweather just sucking peoples money its a nonsense fight!

  38. ZaynXlaflameLB

    POV floyd lost

    1. Emily An

      Yeah, I'm not really surprised but Logan is way out of Mayweather's class. If Logan was smaller or Mayweather was bigger Logan may not have survived. If Logan fights any


    Reggie Jackson just continues to break down the Jazz defense for open corner 3's. That was the smartest move for the Clippers to play SMALL BALL FOR THE 2ND HALF. Something they learned from the WARRIORS TEAM.

  40. casey douglas

    Lol superstars don’t always have to carry the game ,basketball is a team sport lol these people make it look like role players are scrubs if you make the league you have talent my g ,Americans are so weird lmao

  41. zkap suavo

    F&ck the coach. How the hell you get pay to stand there and watch Rudy stink it on the floor this long and never took him out

  42. Tremelle 5trait

    😮😮😮😮😮 Terrence Mann!?!?!?!

  43. Mikey Writes Movies

    I don't know who Bill Reiter is, never seen him before, but he's a fucking clown. I pray to God, for his sake, he never walks the streets in Philly because he will get stomped out. He's the new Merrill Hoge.

  44. Anonymous Me

    His rhythm was totally off. Engulfed in anger. Those are not good for a fight. If it wasn't a scripted fight Logan would have KO ed at the first round itself

  45. Keith Simms

    Fix your glasses

  46. Keith Simms

    Embid never push him

  47. Maskd Panda

    I’ve seen less hugging in gay porn. I was waiting for jake to get on his knees and start gagging.

  48. Ron Mitchell

    I swear that guy is blind!!! John Collins started the entire thing not Joel. SMMFH

    1. Elaine S

      @Ron Mitchell I missed that! I saw Trae but didn't notice the push!! Grrrrr!!!

    2. Ron Mitchell

      @Elaine S and plus watch lil Tray Young coming from behind and pushing Joel.

    3. Elaine S

      AGREED....Collins started it...Joel kept his arms apart showing the refs he wasn't the aggressor. These refs all come from Atlanta!

  49. Juliana brown

    Know that I’m looking at this it looks like it’s fake

  50. Joseph Turner

    Mayweather would not have lasted in the real world of boxing.The Golden age of boxing.floyd was the new cell phones.

  51. Joseph Turner

    No skills.this is not boxing..

  52. Selwyn Gonzales

    Horrible trade, I already see that Brad Stevens will be a terrible GM, Moses Brown is okay but not that nice, Boston is done

  53. Eduardo Rodriguez

    Wonderful display by the clippers but it is also true that Utah jazz were very slow and had no energy and no defence, except by Mitchell. Terance Mann was not challenged on many of his three pointers, He was wide opened. Good for him. He made them. Utah jazz has a very bad Head coach. It was meant to be. However, Phoenix has much better defence and it might be more difficult but I enjoyed this. I hope Kawhi recovers soon

  54. billy blaa

    All about money and fame.. Nothing to do with boxing

  55. Original One

    Congratulations! Let’s Go Los Angeles Clippers 🏀

  56. Extra Salsa

    Kawhi just out for repairs. Terrance Mann is just another cyborg but with emotion and is his temporary replacement.

  57. Robert Weekes

    Terance Mann went 25 / 14 / 9 / 2 STL on 66% FG the last game of last season (vs OKC 08/14/2020)🔥🏀

  58. davidly

    Hate to be a negative nelly, but a recent reserve player's performance in a second half comeback closeout game is not "pretty close to unprecedented". And citing the book in Vegas at halftime as the marker for unlikelihood says all you need to know about what is lacking in hoops analysis and perspective by nerds in the studio. The fact that they babble on and on about "the story" of this game without digging into the full team effort on both ends of the floor that fueled each of Mann's and Jackson's and George's and Batum's and Beverley's near flawless performances is one thing, because, sure, a lot of fans love individual hero ball, but how do you not mention that Jackson was 9-11 with 10 assists and 3 steals (and 0 turnovers) in the second half? The story of this game is how the Clippers' roster was built and how, at the end of the day, their team defense is probably better than Utah's - that is, when they make a balls-out effort.

  59. padrote lopez

    Clippers believe in, "next mann up."

  60. Martin Troy

    The splendid system unexpectedly disappear because radiator structurally prefer against a sweltering ashtray. obedient, eager oboe

  61. Auburn Mann

    The series that Terrance became a Mann

  62. the rock

    Gobert is the real 6 man For clippers

  63. Nowhere Man

    Crowd energy is indeed a "thing", apparently.

  64. Bang Jay

    Terence Mann is the Man! Bravo Clippers, see you in the final and win the Championship.



    1. Stillfat Outdoors

      watched him for four years at fsu tucker center develop into one of the smartest players to play the game

  66. Jose Luna

    What a beautiful game 6 that was. If you know anything, or actually no, you don’t even have to know about basketball to know how that game went. “Pandemic P is now Vaccinated P.” Mann up.

  67. David Day

    Pat Beverley WAS THE DIFFERENCE on Defense, we can not over look Pat Bev's contribution. #LAIC (look at it closely)

  68. David Day

    #TeamDestiny L.A. CLIPPERS

  69. Ken Sandig

    That's what gonna happen when you deprive playing time your best shooter/scorer in Jordan Clarkson !! 25minutes 21 points

    1. zkap suavo

      How the hell you took your best shooter out of the game while he was hot 🔥, took him out of rhythm.

  70. N Garci

    Onovan NO-D Mitchell & the Jazz need to think about a coaching change….


    I want to see the nets be the clippers in the finals so I can’t be mad with who wins

    1. Domeo

      Kyrie ain’t coming back fam

  72. CollinsK85

    GO SIXERS!!! 🔥🔥🔥🏀🙌

  73. Pat J

    Kudos to the Clippers. Finally, the WCF after all these years. You Go Clips

    1. Steff Kurry

      Kaweenie got bailed out by the refs

  74. Pancake Potato

    This is a joke. I didn’t pay to watch it but i still feel robbed

  75. Thaison Tran

    When did boxing become wrestling?

  76. Pologuy864

    Donavan Mitchell won't win a ring in Utah he needs to join a team that will get him the help he needs.

    1. Jon Smith

      This logic is what's wrong with the NBA.... "Oh, you didn't win a championship this year? Just go join a superteam so you can win a ring." Weak

    2. zkap suavo

      @Wait What? 100% correct The players on that team has no heart. At some point u gotta stand up to your coach and ask him wtf u doing wit Rudy on the court if you're not using him to your advantage

    3. griffith Stifler 50

      @Shaun Cameron Didn't he resign last year with them?? Aii. Where u think could be a fit for him...

    4. Shaun Cameron

      @griffith Stifler 50 4 years.

    5. griffith Stifler 50

      Lol bro how many years he been in Utah???

  77. Nicholas Lash

    Playing like they want their own stadium

  78. Stab 420

    This crap ..smh. Since it's likely an act I think people would have rather see Floyd Mayweather Vs Kevin Hart! *Fist bump* P.s still havent watched this fight and probably wont until it's free or posted on social media.

  79. Doc Brown

    *Mac Hughes for the Win !!!!!!*

  80. Anthony Dooley II

    The Clippers wanted it more, it's that simple. Jazz had a 2-0 lead and thought the series was over.