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  1. J DeM

    Little weak brother.... AKA Fredo! Lol

  2. Julia Cretto

    i love florence pugh.

  3. Mike Morrissey

    Leo doesn't wanna get married and Kate can't stay married. "Ohhhh man! WHAT A SIGN! They soooo belong together!" Stupid people. Lol

  4. WillZpi Z

    Wouldn’t spend a dime on them. Yet $75 mil last year? A lot of foolish ppl in the world. Listen to Posh shes 100% right family is worth more

  5. akia jones

    Good for you Kim! You deserve complete happiness and no matter and money and fame having nothing to do with it! The fundamentals of family is being together not apart.

  6. dblock5one4

    Imagine being shocked that you were asked to leave after you clearly stepped out of line

  7. Mekylla Razen Quizon

    i always stan Hadid Sisters✨💖

  8. Panda

    Fans : "Is this really happening" Marvel : "Yes my dear, It's really happening"

  9. serge louis sieben

    Jen and Ben The perfect couple

  10. Charisma Arndell

    I really love their parenting style. It’s very clear that no matter what happens they will always put their kids and their needs first.

  11. Ayedy H Dee

    "Head"? Did Kim say "head"? 😳

  12. lyvon Stanislaus

    Van Jones best don't go there. His career will be done. Stay with your class Van Jones. Best shape in her life. Lol. Yes surgery will do that..

  13. Fathmath Sobira

    He is just the most amazing and sweetest man in tye world

  14. BooBoo Magoo

    Why people idolize this dumpster fire family is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyond me.

  15. Natalia Borden

    Well celebrities are also people and as people they want to be left alone and have some peaceful time without people asking for pictures and all

  16. Dominique Porchi

    “How does and accident like that happen” maybe bc it was an ACCIDENT. What is wrong with interviewers specifically in entertainment? They always try to paint someone poorly even in death. Many people have said, including her father here, she was comfortable in water. Josey was wearing his life jacket, she just believed she could handle the water in a place she’s been to several times. It was poor judgment that caused her accident.

  17. Barsha Mazumder

    can someone tell my father that how he treated my from my childhood to teenage was absolutely horrific and wrong?? He still doesn't acknowledge that,still thinks beating with scale, belt,slapping are okay. because he is Father

  18. MnS Vlogs


  19. Donna Pollock

    Kim, you have made great decisions in your life, so this one won't be any different. You will know what to do when the time comes. The children will be fine, and they still have both of you. We love you so much, and wish you wouldn't go but we do understand.

  20. pagi parker

    Yeah it's very sad.. it's be long thinking about son. Missing his mom. I was praying last year at she can make it's. 💔💓💓💚💜💙❤💙 just breaks my heart..

  21. evrgordon22

    Meghan seems like the type of woman you'd end up punching in the face, but then taking her to lunch the next day to talk about Bravos Housewives .

  22. Kay Bryant

    But she can't sing 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  23. J M

    Asap Snowflake! What kind of a thug makes this big of a deal of a few weeks in jail.?...especially in Sweden.

  24. Sarah Pelletier

    The Video is really good

  25. Tara Quinlan

    I never liked them together

  26. e de guzman


  27. DONNA Wheeler

    Oh, good grief! Let him be. The divorce is between his parents--it’s their business, not his!!!!!

  28. becca spragg

    She literally posed completely naked for Paper magazine and he’s worried about a tight dress?!?! A dress is nothing compared to all the pictures and videos. And she’s right just because he’s more conservative doesn’t mean she has to follow suit

  29. Ur Boi Chuck

    Floyd definitely got paid to go easy. No doubt.

  30. Aleq Robinson

    So that must mean she couldn't really sing, atleast back then. Doesn't sound like the backing vocals to that song has autotune. Really makes me think that Naturi was the only one with the real vocals in the group. Now the beef all makes sense.

  31. Brytania B

    Can’t stand Whoopi Goldberg 🤮

  32. Fox Docks

    all serial killers never got corporal punishment so yeah its the right way when its not overdone or too extreme

  33. Arrania Winter

    Quick rebound sounds better then taking years to get over someone. Good on her for not wasting time. A-rod was a dick

  34. Paula Dixon Insurance Broker

    "I value privacy" lol from the girl who became a billionaire from a sex tape, Instagram bikini picture and having her entire life played out on a reality show. Lol

  35. Omar Montoya

    Tbh i think Magen was a bit right on her comments but she didn’t have to cut Whoopi talking that’s was rude but her comment has a valid point in my opinion 🤷🏻‍♂️

  36. Holydiver 757

    Did anyone notice Justin’s face when JC thanked him?

  37. Lady Lovely

    Hands down Kourtney and Scott carried the show for MANY years

  38. G P

    I liked the one where Joey got an std that became aids

  39. Valor Vision09

    Where is the best mom?

  40. Lori Mill

    I hope all this turmoil they're causing ends up biting them in the ass.

  41. maag bret

    '00:16' 🤔 I prefer to use *MODNANA..* !! ✏️

  42. ToddlerTab •

    Will we see the wart guy Lubert again?

  43. Luci Deltoro

    Trump has nothing to apologize for he tells the truth. He does apologize whoopie so your wrong. So u like that Biden stop the pipe line and opened boards and they have no good words to say about trump. Trump does a good job. Telling the truth. The way the media treated trump they need to apologize to him. Shane on the democrates and media and u for showing hate towards trump and a free pass to everything wrong that Biden does. We need to be loving and tell the truth forgive and work together . To make trump out like he is the enemy is wrong. He is for the right thing.

  44. Paige Mann

    It’s only been 2 years but I miss this show so much. So much was left unsaid and undone

  45. Short Short

    Rip naya 👼🕊

  46. Kiran M

    My friends got old..

  47. nonconformist


  48. Kim Holladay - Grandma Loves You!

    Best show ever! Best TV couple chemistry! I own the entire series on DVD and continually cycle through them. Wish I could jump right into the set! Patricia, you are beautiful! Love your gray hair!

  49. Flawess Grace

    Khole looks so different every time i see her. Like when she smiled her faces just looked werid

  50. Astrid Cavazos

    I need moreeeeee

  51. Gracie

    She keeps holding on to some thing that not there, she needs to move on leave him alone...She said it , herself "his immaturity".He is too young, young enough to be her son..That's just my opinion...

  52. DA MA

    Clearly the real Morgan Wallen is a guy that enjoys using the N-Word. I wonder if he is fair and HATES ALL People of Color or just HATES the Black People? There are Black People who enjoy listening to Country Music. I guess Morgan doesn't want those Black People buying his music.

  53. Nasty Brkdwn (NastyBreakdown)

    Sooo ET, we know that you all put this video package together. Whoever is on your content creation team, we need that archival footage from the janet. tour, that starts at 5:36, because the videos is clear and crisp AF for it to be from 94. I KNOW that yal have the full video from that "IF" performance, so who do I need to talk to, to get a copy of it? lol

  54. Sheldon Singh

    Great work Pink 👍🇹🇹😊❤️

  55. Patty B

    Ben focus on your sobriety, your god, yourself, and your kids. Slow down, you’re dating someone who just finished a 4 year relationship and she needs time to heal. You don’t want to be rebound. Focus and follow Jen G.’s lead.

  56. Ula Laupepa

    Meghan is very rude human being. Don't know why she there.

  57. zahedah80

    Let's not get into the legal nitty gritty??!?! She's in court!

  58. Miss Lady

    Every child is different. What is supposed to work to not have murderers and criminals and rapists?

  59. Wildflower wind

    They both acted like children.

  60. Love&Peace

    Must be her olive oil lol 😂

  61. Onyinye Elizabeth Akubue

    Girl you are beautiful, damn ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Jasmine 4985

    He said the n word in his more recent song Popstar. I agree, why aren’t people talking about this?

  63. Eric

    Leave Kourtney alone!!!

  64. Remy JT


  65. patricia forsyth

    Her mother was a genius I saw her in Las Vegas It was so sad she didn’t have to die 🇮🇪🌟🌟🌟🌟

  66. Fay Danger


  67. C O'Connor

    I have stopped watching the view. The fights were at first fun but now they’re getting too hostile and uncomfortable.

  68. Jianna Fronte

    David harbour is funny I am America's but 😂😂😂

  69. Hasu Solanki

    I always believed Lucas and Elizabeth was the right and best choice. More potential and more chemistry and attraction there.

  70. Rence L.C

    Just plss it's benji i don't like rahim sheyttt this season2 is not what i want because it's so crazy hasyttt

  71. TJ Van der Walt

    Maya is a living legend ❤️

  72. Israel

    3:58 What you came for

  73. Gracie

    Why does she keep holding on to something that's not there..Time to let him go..

  74. N E

    They’re just being themselves. No hate. Think it’s cute

  75. JR Joy

    It was a fake😂😂😂

  76. Mabongie Mgaga

    I don't know why, but I really love them together

  77. Alice Abbley

    Megan McCain should be FIRED!!! SHE'S toxic and very disrespectful!!

  78. mary viccaro

    Michael was finished when you gave the ring back. He has been torturing ever since. You can do better than him..and his mother. They don't understand your not American. Small minds. Go with God

  79. dbabeh41

    Very serious? what does that even mean?😏 It's not going to last! I kinda feel bad for Jennifer, she can’t live without a man.