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  1. Pronoi919 Boro

    Clown. Tap machine


    That dude is fucked

  3. roslin 77

    So tired of these two!!

  4. Devashree Wankhede

    Omgggg I laughed more reading the comments

  5. Iris Rose

    Satanic hand gesture with crazy eyes to go with it ? Clearly somethings up.

  6. MahnDough

    He probably felt inauthentic during “We Are The World” by being surrounded with rich artists knowing the song was about giving, helping, charity, love etc… my opinion on why he chose not to sing it, but 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. FloralAntheia

    I love her so much omfg


    They are not the same person... Their roles are not the same and none of it matters.......TURN OFF YOUR T>Vs.....Kemon people...

  9. Juan Barrios

    Ajajajj y se hace elchoro con MacGregor 😂😂😂 y es puro blondom

  10. Bridget Barba

    Congrats to both of you. I am so happy and excited for you both.

  11. wardah khan

    Emmys were rigged.. no awards for wanda vision?

  12. G Rodriguez

    Ugh Daily Mail keeps flogging these stories that are basically “Rebel Wilson leaves brown poo in toilet” [insert graphic of doe eyed Rebel looking dead inside]

  13. Linda Good

    I love your new Show 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  14. Aaron Osera is back

    What bad word did Meghan Trainor say from the music video of "All About That Bass"?

  15. 𝚖𝚕𝚙 𝚐𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚊

    It’s sad that almost the whole cast have been to jail or a mental hospital

  16. Jon

    Is she part asian? Or did she have asian inside of her. Or is brad part asian.

  17. just me

    This is amazing news .I am so happy for her . congratulations girlfriend .you and your husband make a beautiful couple 💯again congratulations on the baby ,you guys marriage , everything 💯so happy for you guys

  18. S P

    Couldn’t be more happier for her. God bless 🖤

  19. June Turt

    I love u

  20. June Turt

    I love u

  21. yoshioka

    Why didn’t Conan? I don’t get it. Isn’t it obvious that he’s the only one worth watching? Lol

  22. Debra Campbell

    Who bloody cares

  23. ted mack

    He aged terribly but I guess being a coke head does that to you

  24. June Turt

    She was so pretty

  25. June Turt

    She was so pretty

  26. Prokid93

    Tristan you’ve done her dirty and you have betrayed She’s moving on so now leave her alone

  27. Priscilla Larbi

    We don’t really care about this story … is either you are trying to prep our minds to accept when they finally announce they are already together or what…

  28. Molly C

    I didn’t even recognize Khloe.

  29. Mariel Padilla

    Looking forward to this since last time it came out

  30. Unknown Anonymous

    He's a complete joke.

  31. Moise Kabongo

    Demon's in flesh.👿👿. They've got no shame but Satan agent's in mission to destroy the world.mess children mindset to creat more demon's in flesh like them.

  32. Support techno ❤️

    Why god


    what the hell is Ja rule doing there he's so irrelevant 😭😭😭

  34. Jessica Thomas

    Don't worry Ellie, I'm sure he has another woman to comfort him until you arrive.

  35. Jackie Buriak

    If I looked like that I would be showing lots of skin too!!! Keep killing it girl!!!

  36. arjun Prasanth

    Maeve's hair turned from being pink to black

  37. Catherine Quihuiz

    I love Conan.

  38. Krishika

    i’m the 5.1k’th like, hi

  39. k Sewell

    Why her eyebrow so big

  40. Krishika

    i’m the one who made this video 5k to 5.1k….hi

  41. Paulina Sulahian

    She does a lot of promo lol I feel like she does it for years and years all year

  42. Stories telling for children

    Love Taylor Alison Swift

  43. blackpeter70

    Tom thought War Of the Worlds was another Spielberg true story. Y'know...like Schindler's List, but in colour!

  44. clarenz belarmino

    The dog is right there can't help it but I'm too distracted with the dog😍😍

  45. J GoTTi


  46. Suzie G


  47. Jackie Foreman

    What? That's the lamest excuse.

  48. care_alliance

    Pls...don't let ruby down, we love her sooo much

  49. Debra Campbell

    Who bloody cares

  50. Honey Bee

    I can’t believe people call This baby ugly! Seriously you people are MEAN!!!!

  51. The Empress

    Ooh i see Larry he's the ideal father. He is dedicated to make sure her daughter is fine! I admire him for that! The daughter has a mom and dad in one! Makes me feel sentimental !

  52. ShamanSupreme

    This lady has always been crazy and y'all support her. She spends all day talking other people down and can't even get her shit together

  53. MEREDITH Anne

    I know guys like this it’s always about the chase for them

  54. Craig Stethson

    He lied when he said he doesn't know the guy. How does he know that MGK's a vanilla rapper boy

  55. Lady Steel

    Total misogynistic mockery to women. This satanic puppet and his idol obumer 😂

  56. Hira Gomes

    he should've come with that baby bump on the red carpet.

  57. Amanda Moore


  58. Consistently "Inconsistent" With Posh

    This is Kris Jenner trying to force Tristan down our throats again. Khloe and Tristan never broke up the way I have been seeing it since the announcement. And by all means she has a right to date him without everyone's input in their struggles.

  59. Khun Sint 🌈(Sarvente)💜

    It this real or fake?

  60. empressveiw

    Why does her face look that way? I only recognize her voice

  61. Joanne Faith

    According to the bible Freddy is still her husband, while her first husband continues to lives she is bound by the laws of God, Jezzy is not her husband in God eyes, she has to go back to husband, and they can live separate lives without fornication or stay with him and make it work, but again while he continues to live he is still her husband. Before we marry any one make sure, you can see yourself been with that person for life, because the marriage vows you take, God honours it seriously, if your not sure about someone continue to date it doesn’t matter how long it takes, before you walk up them aisles to later on say you want out, the truth hurts but it heals, the laws of God to do with marriage, connects to God commitment he has himself to the chosen’s those who lives by the laws of God his sheep’s who he calls his brides, the ones he is coming back for

  62. K Jackson47

    No masks?!!??? Super spreader event???!!!! Oh yeah that’s right. Celebs are are elegant and special

  63. Danger Zone


  64. Oxy


  65. Zion74@rey

    🔯#Zion74)"👏👏👏 🤖#Butonaruto)"👏👏👏 👾#Reymi)"👏👏👏


    Beautiful hair ciara gorgeous dress at least someone wore dress like human others r too crazy

  67. Percival Flores

    That's no surprise, it's what they truly desire.

  68. Monica James Smith

    Umm soo nobody realize she was drunk doing this interview ijs🤷🏾‍♀️

  69. Tsering Lamo

    Jungkook 💜🐰

  70. JeyMSolo_MuSiC

    That Walk & Pose... IS IT FOR ME!!! 1ST time seeing her and ummmm ... 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Ossa Aty

    He is colful world

  72. wvrthyシ

    nas fit is giving me prince vibes idk why he just looks amazing

  73. Ossa Aty

    He is gay brah

  74. Ossa Aty

    We are Muslim

  75. Ossa Aty


  76. Kea E

    Same shit different months. Khloe don’t be a fool!!

  77. Peggy O'Neill

    We all agree that rose Family need to come back

  78. Weirdbulous

    🙄🙄 yeah Okay

  79. leahcim snrets