ABBA, whose name is made up of the initials of the four members’ first names - Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid “Frida” Lyngstad - was one of the biggest pop groups of the 1970s. Forming in 1972, the Swedish band burst onto the world stage two years later with their mega-hit ‘Waterloo’. With Björn and Benny as ambitious and ingenious writers/producers - their forceful manager Stig Anderson sometimes helping out with the lyrics - and Agnetha and Frida providing their compelling and emotionally charged vocals, the group was a powerful presence on the pop scene, conquering the world with hits such as ‘SOS’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Fernando’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Take A Chance On Me’, ‘Chiquitita’, ‘The Winner Takes It All’ and ‘Super Trouper’. Disbanding in 1982, the extraordinary success of the 1992 compilation ABBA Gold brought them back in the public consciousness, where they have remained ever since.

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  1. Miroslav Hokeš

    I am happy for your arrival, now I don't know, if should I laugh or cry. A long time ago, when I was young tiger and when I kissed the teacher, ABBA already was my love, my life and I was able to listen it on and on and on. From those years on, I've been waiting for you, because I didn't believe all is said and done, and now I'm glad you're back as good as new. Well, some ugly rubber ball men could say this gonna be your Waterloo and that the king has lost his crown, but I don't believe it. I'm knowing me, knowing you and mostly of all I know ABBA is winner and winner takes it all. So let the music speak and thank you for the music. Now, move on and sing a new song, chiquitita...! :-)

  2. Misael Caballero'

    I’m crying.


    Canim babam ile bizim şarkımız. Yillar geriye dönse, küçük Hilalin olarak kalsam ...

  4. bonny jannes

    But i am not in myself

  5. Linda Canning

    My mama's favourite band, I absolutely love this song and I think she would too❤

  6. 53 Raj Tupe

    still spinnin' heads in 2021 🥂

  7. 80s DJ

    Back for another fill :) A B B A 2021

  8. D

    I hate those puppets

  9. Rust Shoo

    I mean, Abba could surely charm the socks off the most dour and grumpy around with this. To entertain well, without exhausting the audience, is an art form. The problem latterly has been that to be entertained is to be exhausted.

  10. Tjoppy

    Divorce shit made into musical art. Clever.

  11. Nick Katanakis

    We need ABBA and this kind of music more than ever...

  12. Yammzy Shumba

    Old is good.

  13. Mark Haigh

    Tune x

  14. Chris mitsos

    Take a chance on me just might be their best song ever but god there are so many...

  15. freezing71

    The way she sings the very first line. “No more care free laughter” is absolutely beautiful singing. It is haunting, yet seductive. This was my go to abba song as kid. Still listening at 48. Welcome back abba.

  16. Driving Addict


  17. Олег Виничук

    Приятное созвучие голосов. Ани-Фрида тут как-то необычно выглядит в отличие от других клипов.

  18. Eirik Rødberg

    I have ordered the Lp. If they release any more songs Prior to the album I will avoid listening. Want to have heard as little as possible when the album is released. I know it will all be good having heard these two tracks. Hope there are one or two classics on the album like mamma Mia, Sos or summer night city.

  19. Tjoppy

    The unmistakable ABBA sound. Bless you Agneta Bjorn Benny Annifrid 👍


    I've been waiting for this for a long time, and look, it happened ❤️beautiful song can’t stop listening x

  21. QuiqueWolves

    joder que buena musica

  22. Christian Ulm


  23. damon fuller


  24. goksun v

    Prepare your soul to get synchronised with entire the universe when Benny tickles the ivories at 3:00

  25. Guadalupe Fernández

    Amo a Abba!!

  26. Олег Виничук

    Как они мило смотрят один на одного... При этом ещё что-то и поют... Внешне - притягательно обаятельные люди и грандиозно наделены музыкальными талантами от высших сил...

  27. Elizabeth Saunders

    Love it !

  28. Samsung J510

    Великая группа

  29. Fadime

    Türkiye'den dinleyen yok mu ? Gerçekten böyle bir grubu dinlemeyen insanların olması üzdü.

  30. Marie-France Leonard

    Le retour. Magique.💚🙏💙

  31. Izumi Yuki

    I know if my mom was alive she would have loved it to hear Abbas music as a kid I would sing with her to the songs

  32. malefi cado

    this made me feel so happy

  33. ghislaine porta

    j'adore !vite qu'ils reviennent

  34. Adrian Wick


  35. Jennifer Powell

    So beautiful it made me cry when I first heard it💝

  36. Michael Verhey

    Danke ABBA du gibts uns Kraft in dieser schwierigen Zeit.

  37. Elo Jensen

    Thank you ABBA.... for the return when you was most wanted

  38. Mário Bento

    Best song ever

  39. grimandi

    How long have these been in high definition?

  40. Nina Mark

    А скоро новый год

  41. ivan piva

    Ho pianto come un bimbo. Grazie per questa meravigliosa emozione

  42. Esma F

    I'm not crying... You are🥺😭💘

    1. Smgs6006

      Let's admit we both are <3

  43. Nina Mark

    легендарная группа нет нигатива один позитив Одна только новогодняя песня всегда как шлягер

  44. danielito

    Entendi se me hizo chiquitita .___________. ? XD

  45. Esma F

    Welcome back Legends! 🥺💗

  46. Constance Cherry

    Its a hit

  47. Constance Cherry

    Its a hit

  48. Pablo Honores

    0:00 The first videocall in 70s 😮

  49. Nina Mark

    и правильно и сделали


    O M G 😵😵😵😵

  51. Nina Mark

    я не понимаю столько бы денег заработали но как то не захотели

  52. junior1079fb fb

    movie for fernando

  53. Nina Mark

    они молодцы нашли в себе силы и встетится вновь друкзьями партнерами и это здорово

  54. Polsor

    I like it beacuse you can make a old-good song in 2021. When i hear it i'm in 1992? 1982?

  55. David Bosquette

    I... can't.... stop..... listening....... Its......... so........ perfect ❤️

  56. Cyber Space Official


  57. Sancho Pancho

    I'm a big AC/DC , Metallica and Motörhead fan but still love the songs of Abba , wonderful !

  58. Pascal Lavidalie

    Tout simplement génial ce come back et cette chanson , ils sont reparti pour 40 ans !!


    Wonderful song. The genius that is Benny Andersson . The girls voices are fabulous. The usual inventive vocal harmonies. Female singers in their 70s have no right to sound this good. Its been nearly 40 years but their voices are still there. Amazing. I love this song.

  60. Pascale D.

    Help, I' m addicted to this song 😱 Love at first hearing 😍 So glad my favorite band is back, and how 💞 Thank you for this music @abba

  61. Mitchellibobeli AUTTP VCDPG 2004

    Rhythm Heaven Epic - Remix 2

  62. Jim Crawford

    Absolutely Brilliant they have not lost the magic that made them Global stars.

  63. Аndrew К.

    Умницы, молодцы! Наконец-то, так долго мы этого ждали!

  64. Spiritual Wonder Boy

    After listening Chiquitita next Fernando ❤️ Masterpiece! Thanks ABBA

  65. Delia Repka

    these good talented decent guys in music industry fully deserve their success🎉🎆🎊☀

  66. Lucia Oliveira


  67. Watchflex Watchflex

    Both the new songs had a little about turn on iTunes yesterday,both going up a place but today they are on way down again BUT it does show that if you get streaming you can change the fortunes of these songs.Songs can go up the charts as well as down.

  68. Christiane Schmidt


  69. Pascale D.

    This song is a(nother) masterpiece! It was worth the wait. So happy they are back 💞

  70. Alvaro Meléndez


  71. johnybravo1705

    I'm 50 and I have tears in my eyes

  72. tomekgnu

    Haunting music...because of their divorces. Crazy world, people... Only God gives real peace.


    I love

  74. Jm Quenon

    L époque de la jeunesse, de l’insouciance, de l envie de vivre vers un futur meilleur. Qu’est ce que cela fait du bien au moral,au monde, en l’espoir.qu’est ce que j’aimerai retourner à l’époque d’ABBA, aux années 1975-1985. Merci pour cet œuvre et pour toutes vos merveilleuses chansons. ABBA sera immortel…..Mes plus respectueuses pensées…

  75. Yvan Krzeslo

    i can finally watch the wwhole clip without bursting innto tears. i adore it.

  76. Carola Gericke

    Das ist Das Beste nach langer langer Zeit....Danke für eure so wundervolle Musik 🎶🎶 großartig ❤❤❤

  77. CFW

    I love this song, I can't stop listening to it!!

  78. Guy Michel

    Abba is the only therapy I need!

    1. Guy Michel

      @Skyler Borg I know 40 years is a long time but it was worth the wait, including that a new album is on its way! I can feel happy hormones whizzing around my body thanks to Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Frida!

    2. Skyler Borg

      Yes, It's amazing!

  79. Artem Uzhakov

    2021 brother and sister!