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  1. Vexodity_YT

    where has jack been :(

  2. anaguma90

    Fuck covid man. I know you're the same age as me Sean which means you'll be double-jabbed by now. The end is in sight. Let's do this together, we'll get there.

  3. Matthew McSparren

    Check out Usagi Yojimbo!!!

  4. XxzedloxX

    Ever asked, why they record her drinking gasoline?

  5. Phoenix YanChan


  6. itsJimmythiccc

    Hey hey guys what’s going down

  7. Dylan Morgan

    I really hope you are ok Jack if anyone is saying negative things ignore them because all they want is attention. We love you Jack.


    1:08 this seems like a callback to [REDACTED CHANNEL]


    Damn. This is some phenomenal acting.

  10. PlaythroughHayden

    ellis is the best

  11. The Real Will Shady

    32:31 anakin got to em before you did

  12. TRXlord 09

    The healthy triangle is, unsettling so much so its true

  13. ✮ Savetion ✮

    Fatherless behaviour lmao

  14. Vugtis Mindog

    It a bit late. Sorry for being late. I lost my dad Years ago. You're not alone in this one.

  15. Creationeer Gaming

    I saw a picture earlier today of some blokes eating their lunch sitting of a girder 100s of feet above New York and that gave me many anxiety vibes. Big NOPE from me!

  16. tasfia

    I hope your dad is watching you from the heaven and he is really proud of you R.I.P ❤️❤️

  17. Dimansion Seven

    How come i miss this? How come nobody told me about this? This is beautiful, yet uncomfortable to watch at the same time. I guess that just shows how much effort and feeling he put into it huh? Is this what you've been doing this whole time? Simply wonderful, a pure masterpiece. Love you Sean. Keep up the great work.

  18. TJ

    Heard about this today. I'm so sorry, Sean. That's such a hard thing to go through. My grandmother passed around the same time as your dad, as well. I wasn't nearly as close to her as you were to your dad, but listening to you talk about how you're grieving, it's made me think about my grandmother, and now I'm wondering if I should go visit where she lived for a little while, to consider things. I don't know. I'm not done grieving at all. I hope you're coping.

  19. Ataraxy.

    the inside vibes of this video are extremely relatable it's all just FEAR in one video all together im really sorry you have to feel this jack it's really sad having to know that I really wish for the best of you mate maybe it's also time to take a relaxing break from everything-? meaning to at least try and enjoy yourself as much as possible after all it's always best to take as much time as you need before getting up again. we love you jack we honestly hope you have better days then before along with having a healthy body and mindset.

  20. Jorja Sirmon

    God f*** Jesus: Jack Me be like GOD F***ED HIS SON?!? Btw I do not like this language but this was to funny

  21. Astro Sikat

    Your personality not just entire channel also helped me to push thru after my son's passing. Not all people who smiles and very loud are happy. Thanks for everything 🇵🇭

  22. mercee killer

    "Become a goat God." What I've always wanted. 🐐 +insert Bee Movie meme+

  23. anthony birmingham

    man i never have asthma but man i feel bad for all you guys and also sean 😔. but the anxiety i can relate to

  24. Jay S

    Bye the way sans was planking you when he died, he is a SKELETON. He could have just been pranking you with ketchup. Sooooooo, also he could just freeze time kill you and left.

  25. Sierra

    Absolutely breathtaking Sean. Every moment was a cinematic masterpiece. I think us as viewers, we often forget that content creators are also just as human as we, and suffer problems such as depression, loneliness, and asthma. (Not everyone, but it's common enough). I sense the physical demand of putting on a happy face for us viewers, no matter the hard times you're going through, throughout this entire movie. How you reflect back on the old times, or old videos where you were nonchalantly happy, before the onset of covid where you didn't have to be afraid to even step outside due to your asthma. Not a word was spoken, yet so much was said. Absolutely amazing, Sean. I'd love to see more content like this from you. Take care and stay well. ❤️

  26. Fresher ZzZ

    I’m sorry for your loss Sean. I guarantee all of the negative comments you have seen were bots. A large majority to it.

  27. UprizeCarnival

    Ngl this kinda scared me

  28. Michael

    itachi the goat

  29. mercee killer

    I feel like this was MADE for me: I love candles and dislike coffee.

  30. orange ninja Productions

    Why the f**k was jack in the back ground walking in to the wall

  31. WindD GD

    3:34 That crunch was *earth-shattering*

  32. Jess B

    So few words but such a big message.

  33. Darlene Buck

    guess you can say the ground was slippery as shit.

  34. gameblast


  35. Ruben Rivera


  36. Jerry Gears


  37. lillylove austin

    Are you gonna continue this series

  38. Exotic huskky 09

    …I can’t relate to what you feel but I hope that everything works out good for you!

  39. quentin noble

    i just found out about this im sorry for your loss and anyone who makes "memes" about it are less than garbage.

  40. ZackTheViking

    all though there are many fans of any channel that just enjoy the videos but on this channel all your viewers are here for you, this video is really deep and i think it is healthy to get it out like this. great job jack.

  41. adrienne mckenna

    33:42 rick and morty referanceeeeeee yeeeaaahhhhh

  42. 0 0

    The alcohol hit him hard... 7:21

  43. Byrne gamer

    I hope you and your family get trough this sean, I'm with you all the way.

  44. Satisfying KH2 clips

    Sean you probably never gonna read this. It’s 5 months late but hell imma say this anyway. Despite all the bullying. Your dad is an amazing person.. I know the pain of losing a loved one. Hell I’ve lost a lot of people.. but if you think about it people are never gone until you forget about them. May he Rest In Peace. I bet he sure is proud of you. Your gettin far kid...

  45. zakai Tims

    I'm sorry sorry jack we all love you

  46. Laylah Moate

    Fran: Green is my favourite colour! Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: *GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOUR*

  47. CromchyChipDip

    Agnes: "Gravy goes well with biscuits!" Ohhh no. I see what you did there. I don't like it. That's harsh.

  48. Wildwood Hoppe

    You should say you identify as a HRaeror LOL f****** snowflakes

  49. Ethan Gee

    I just…. Ugh jackaboi you are so darn good at what you do man. Content creator and film maker like waaaat?! We will always be here for you man

  50. Brian O’Sullivan

    My deepest condolences to you Jack.

  51. Chloe BK

    Once again, thank you Sean. This video found me when it needed to most. Beautiful cinematography, you've really outdone yourself, love from Éire 💚

  52. Shadow Wolf

    Jack/Shawn should be a voice actor, Change my mind

  53. Gaming With The meme bois

    John ;(

  54. Kiwi Cthulu

    0:04 that’s a reference to that funny gay flight attendant isn’t it

  55. Optimus

    Now I miss 2012 trolls They were laughable This people making fun of this are just cringe Now I know this will get spammed with those "edgy funny" comments so yeah

  56. Tessa Sparks

    If you didn't pay the stump he would have come back later and ask you to stop the war between you and say you were wrong no money needed

  57. My Rabbit Is Epic

    U the best Sean! Think u might need an inhaler brother

  58. Ashton Haugen

    This was beautifully shot and edited. With all sincerity, I hope you are doing well.

  59. Nathaniel Mueller

    The edit at the very end is very nice

  60. Panto

    Wow, I hope you’re okay jack! Just fight whatever you’re going through

  61. Novein Jackson

    Yeah, I’m a SIMP Sniper I Money P