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  1. جحخهه وعيوني هلاك


  2. bin bin

    Hello you're so so cool and you have ideas

  3. Emma Garibaldo

    Am a kid

  4. Emma Garibaldo

    It’s not fair and she won’t love you

  5. Cherly Rodriguez


  6. Emma Garibaldo

    It’s not right you need to get your kid like a chocolate bar or something

  7. F  A  N  I } ♤

    No entiendo tienen un jabón anormal son raros😑😑

  8. Samanta Mejia cary

    hola me gusto el video

  9. Jup1t3r

    Ah how good is it to put ur germs on the clone of ur face

  10. Art Freak

    I don't know how to feel about this video

  11. Lena Clements

    For just buy a Dove soap at a store for 25 cents

  12. Djaylon Lux

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  13. Gabby Squad

    No offense but if that is THAT BAD you need to teach your child the word no

  14. Kirti Binda

    my mind: how is she not dead?😣

  15. Gabriela Aucancela Mariño

    que rrico bien bonito😘🥰

  16. alohaxmaddiee

    Yeah idk about this

  17. Yuchen Li

    Gràcies por esto😄😄😄♥️♥️♥️

  18. Amy Rezabala


  19. Elizabeth Greenwood


  20. Elizabeth Greenwood


  21. Elizabeth Greenwood


  22. Roblox Builds 😁

    the feet. Nooooo 😭😭😭😭

  23. Dr Sure

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  24. Samiah Marie Steinwandter

    RIP an Haare

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  32. Анна Габидуллина

    А после такого мы возьмем и здохнем :)))

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    Para que existe boneca???

  34. Safete Islami


  35. Silvana S


  36. red rose

    The foot soap will not clean ur hands that will make ur hands much dirty

  37. Karsyn Luckey

    Anddd ur saying cutting hair is ok??????? Wow what a great mom

  38. Aleiya McIntosh

    Omg 😱 she know how to untangle gee I need her

  39. Ani Anetova


  40. Croyance Mabumbi

    Wow nice

  41. lolo nono

    2:00 😭😱

  42. Hiba Anabtawi


  43. ᧁꪮ𝘬ꪊ❤︎


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  45. anomic gaming

    Its 5min crafts...

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  55. Lucian Starkey

    What. Won't the pop it break

  56. Alicia Valverde


  57. Wilma Maco

    dirty feet = germs in hands

  58. Maeya Sanghera

    This still doesn’t fix the fact that half ur hair is gone! 😱

  59. Kennedy stooksbury

    Make more of these

  60. shadow of the meadow :p

    Ew gross they're I'd probably still germs on there


    If I cut my mother hair my mother will not let me in my house 🏡

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  71. •Angel Tea•

    You guys are such idiots. A TAMPON?? REALLY USE A BANDAGE

  72. ingrid hernandez


  73. Simpi Saikia


  74. zin mar myo

    Everyone:🤩🤩😍😍😊😊 Me: It's not a big change. JUST A SHAPE OF FACE .And when we use it ,lt will gone little by little and it doesn't look good 😁 anymore!!!

    1. Andressa Victoria Costa Saraiva


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