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  1. Zak Vincy Youth

    Looks like the Porsche keep getting the jump on all the drag and breaked before the others as well 🤷🏾‍♂️

  2. Bilal Shoukat

    Mat, yanni might have won if hes alone driving, cuz youre adding to the weight of the car😂😂

  3. some guy

    For 150,000+ pounds sterling, I expect the headrest leather to not look like yesterday's laundry.

  4. Priyanshu De

    I hate tuned cars

  5. Vusi Moiane

    I swear Yanni makes these videos fun😂🔥

  6. Marius marius

    Imagine that cheaper, stock, reliable 911 turbo doing 10.00 ....

  7. OG51 ACRC

    Why are u not in the Porsche matt.

  8. Treasure Hadebe


  9. Dinesh Ravindran

    Porsche driver is a cheater. Don't call him again on carwow 😤😤

  10. OG51 ACRC

    I wish they had voice chat on here so I could really take the piss out of matts wingy voice. Shaggy from scooby doo


    Porshe driver cheated twice

  12. ASAP sosaTM

    Audi R8 TT with 1.200hp without built transmission? Good luck with that

  13. All Things G

    Keep the guy in the Porsche, out of these races🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Treasure Hadebe

    Ray cheated

  15. Richard Harris

    Trade off,insane power for a few tenths but reliability is crap and pockets are empty,nah

  16. Rory Nesta

    shoulda let the owners drive the cars as they know it best.

  17. 麟黄

    The porsh is cheating always🤣

  18. Martijn Quist

    Scardest faces ever in a carwow vid.. mental

  19. Garage Built

    Looks like a chinese knock off.

  20. Thomas Wackerow

    Pf course the Porsche.is best

  21. MrJungle123

    That porsche definitely had a run up in the first rolling start race. Edit: and the fucking 2nd one. 🙄 Edit: and seemed to cheat on the brake test

  22. 20 10

    This is aethers ttrs isnt it?

  23. Γιωργος Κ

    Porsche very fast

  24. Marc

    Maybe you should use the R8/Huracan Performante from Klasen Motors or the R8 of BK Performance, both flying the 100-200 in under 4 sec

  25. eric barner

    Nothing I love more than waking up to a 3000+HP drag race from mat and yianni!

  26. Nach Mzln

    Mindblowingly fast

  27. supercars and fitness enthusiast

    Porsche the best

  28. KOH

    That Porsche VS Evolves M5! Make it happen 👍🔥

  29. Seaf Halabi

    Surprise the most powerful car is actually the fastest, and on that bombshell ..

  30. Sour Prince Cool

    Ford totally wins

  31. Thomas Robinson

    How about golf R golf GTI golf GTD golf GTE please

  32. Atif Tandel

    4:26 race start

  33. Bibhuti Pradhan Das

    All people of UK are busy in WTC and here Mat is playing drag race



  35. Elliot Dower

    Really enjoyed today’s video!

  36. Savindu Sithsara

    That porche driver is Deaf..

  37. thefreakgamer1080p

    One day imma drive something like this ;^;

  38. Ali Omer

    The guy in the Porsche is cheating

  39. Madhav Khandelwal

    That 911 driver wasn't aligning with the rest of the two cars before any start.... :/

  40. Fadhil

    As if the 911 Turbo wasn't fast enough 🙄

  41. Chace

    Only thing worse than a sore loser is a cheat and the driver of that Porsche cheats a lot! Starting a 50mph race at 55 or 60mph is not fair. Being behind in the break test and stopping at the same time. I wouldn't even take that porche into consideration in this test!

  42. John Wilmington


  43. bongani khumalo

    Porsche flopped 😂

  44. Eric Wambua

    The porshe guy does not know the meaning of level at all😂

  45. Anant

    Ahhh....PORSCHE was the best No problem in tuning And I think it would have won against R8

  46. David Beese

    Cars tuned to this level just seem utterly pointless. It’s just so people can Willy wave at car shows. Give me the standard versions of these cars all day.

  47. Božidar Štrbac 204 TROB

    do a jdm race with a supra r34 and some thing else

  48. KB

    Wonder why it took soo long for you guys to put the stats on screen side by side, it’s really helpful 😅

  49. i play

    That was fun you should've bring A tuned supra

  50. A. T. Carspotter

    Tuned cars are always a mess

  51. David Lopez

    U should put the trap speed and it will be perfect :)

  52. N “I Can Too” S

    Flapping a paddle. Might as well play a video game.

  53. Bohali (Re-Defined Detail)

    more tuned cars, please

  54. All Things G

    I got the TT RS🤙🏽🚀

  55. J Mula

    Porsche is a right cheater

  56. Irfan Putro Biantoro

    The fantastic drag race ever! 👍👍👍

  57. Azriel Ahsan

    Whats wrong with porsche ☹️

  58. Reveal Media

    The Porsche guy sorta cheated in rolling race. He was staying behind and not leveling, probably building up speed and boost ready to go. When that R8's boost kicked, it would have beaten Porsche in same speed start.

  59. Rod Peterson

    Just get the people who can drive the cars

  60. SJ

    Banging out a million views in two days for most videos, incredible!!

  61. Geo Thompson

    The porsche driver has been fired!

  62. Franso Arbela

    Porsche kinda sus but god that was a great video

  63. 8 8

    I would love to see that bmw from evol in here with them

  64. Shaan

    Please do tesla model s performance vs Porsche 911 turbo s


    bring more tuned cars man,great work❤️

  66. Hamilton Gary

    Carwow : **audi race** My minds : **car go will go bussin** Mat : **starts talking about car specs** Douchebag : **TRIGGERED**

  67. Evgeniy Medvedew

    The thankful committee psychophysically zoom because perch ontogenically sail sans a majestic gateway. white, sable cell

  68. axel

    Typical forza lobby 1000+ hp and awd

  69. bogdan9

    3 buffoons in modified cars trying to race ... not a good episode

  70. Thành Dĩnh Anh Nguyễn

    a lot of trouble with the two audi, but it insane fast !!!!

  71. Tshedza Munyai

    That thing is a box on wheels

  72. IlieSiAtat

    The driver of that Porsche is so so bad .

  73. SuperAfricankid

    Matt, I miss when you used to say “I’m SAT in a (insert car).” 😔

  74. sil3nt9

    Matt ya'll need to ditch those radios for something hands free lol

  75. squarewheels

    Looks like we might want to think twice about going to ES motors. they actually to send a cheater to represent their company.

  76. LE 11

    That Porsche driver cheated

  77. Brent McDonnell

    Awesome 😁

  78. Mohammad Arabsson

    The blue 🔵 is cheating

  79. Nick Cuoco

    Do more tuner reviews!! Love it 🔥

  80. Maniac

    Smile on his face tells us all !