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  1. JIm Bean

    It looks like they unpacked a bunch of Russian nesting dolls

  2. jph `

    Look on the bright side, Chuck. At 7/20, your career % went up.

  3. Joe mama

    This age well lol

  4. RedpillAdminister

    Kenny has such a fragile ego. Always trying to make himself seem bigger as time goes on.

  5. Stan Villamayor

    Well after the Clips sent the Jazz packing I guess Shaq was right all along eh? Mitchell has LOSER written all over him Blowing 3-1 and 2-0 leads in the NBA playoffs plus bombing out of the FIBA World Cup all adds up to a rather forgettable career IMHO

  6. Kicksahoy

    I keep repeating Dwight missed dunk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. JJ Perez

    What happens when a regular guy is among legends

  8. Preston Dolman

    "I'm gonna be a barista so I can be on TV when I grow up"

  9. Carlos M

    As much as Kenny is full of himself he was correct that Maxwell quit before the 95 playoffs

  10. Kevin Ramos

    The doctor on this bit is gorgeous!!!

  11. Anthony Savage

    Yeah shaq “accidentally” bombed Kenny in the head 😂.

  12. Josue Guillen

    Who been lying to Lonzo?

  13. Raheem Gilliam

    Bruh Kenny’s knees 😂did they get worse

  14. HoodyFrog

    Who watching this after he got exposed last night on *defence* 😂

  15. T Redd

    If this is booker vs PG13 it will be a great series let’s be honest the nba better with teams that got one Man.

  16. Patrick S

    23:30 mannnnnnnn, spice left (23:50)

  17. Parker Essential

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  18. Dam

    Bonjour non

  19. dq9

    I doubt any of these boomers have ever even heard of Rick and Morty let alone watched the show. I love Inside the NBA, but this was a major swing and a miss here. Sorry guys, maybe talk about the big ol' women from San Antonio some more.

  20. Matt Black

    I’m a Raps fan and don’t like the Celtics an ounce but I don’t get how Tatum wasn’t on any of these teams…

  21. dq9

    Shaq needs to stop calling everyone "soft" while being the biggest baby on the internet. At the end of the day, it's a couple of old men yelling at clouds. Also Stan Van Gundy didn't work out as coach because not only is he a lousy coach, but he's also a Van Gundy which makes him even more pathetic.

  22. Diesel Wiesel

    There are only two players you can build around in the NBA; everybody else requires a particular system built around them (Curry, Harden, Embiid, Antetokounmpo, etc.) and it's LeBron and KD.

  23. Victor Gonzalez

    Kevin Garnett is sooo cringe when he talks ahaha

  24. James Stocks

    NBA to further their Marxist propaganda, Lebron James, NBPA president Chris Paul, and a small group of players met with Barack Obama to seek advice. .. On television, former Houston Rockets player-turned-TV analyst Kenny Smith told the audience that he was going to join the protest, too. So, while on live TV, Smith took off his headset and walked away while Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley, and host Ernie Johnson watched, Obama is a Marxist and he won’t stop pushing his suffocating ideology, even in entertainment. ..

  25. Diesel Wiesel

    Kenny is not humble or smart enough to be persuasively coy.

  26. Peyton Long

    6:33 Barkley could’ve had a comeback he was like 38 at the time could’ve helped a team like Sacramento around the time

  27. Parker Essential

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  28. Miles costa

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  29. Asa

    There was no clips of the Cavs or Cleveland wow that proves that the NBA prioritizes certain teams

  30. That Dude

    The only pre, half and post game show I watch in any sport.

  31. Maximum Fishing!


  32. kekcuti sacegko

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  33. Nate watson

    ernie with the head fakes is GOLD

  34. Brody.KG.5 KG

    Kenny getting hit is hilarious


    I remember when Kenny took horry place in the dunk competition til then I thought he could only go up the escalator for 2😂😂😂😂😂

  36. mathompson53187

    Sullied by sponsorship ...

  37. Rvve Duio

    “Good company” lol. “How you gonna say good company when it’s just you?” . I enjoyed that lol

  38. Fhsdsj Thudh

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  39. Fhsdsj Thudh

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  40. Big V

    I don’t think he’s the best but he’s top 10 and Ik people who know more about basketball then me and say he is the goat defender is so 🤷🏾‍♂️

  41. Dimal Tabuni

    Shaq: what is it? Kenny: asteroid Shaq: what is asteroid Ernie: no Kenny: i got him 😀 Shaq: 😁😀

  42. Dixie Covalt

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  43. Malace From the Palace

    Kenny got him at the end tho lol

  44. Thatboylije

    Shaq that’s what obligated means

  45. Oakley toniya

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  46. Zeytountsi

    Chris Paul is a crybaby but I hope he recovers soon

  47. Meredith Lewis

    Westbrook should’ve made it over Kyrie and Beal . Kyrie missed way too many games

  48. Angel Roman

    He should just thank Jordan for taking a 2 year break otherwise the bulls would have won 8 straight titles.

  49. PengxueYG

    some players play to just play and not improve each year. thats what the sixers is

  50. Matthew

    Y'all ever just watch these vids to reminisce

  51. Psycho Blue

    In my opinion Stan needs to take an approach similar to Tom in New York, you see Tom still has his way of coaching but he definitely learned to speak and connect with the players of this era differently.

  52. SevereDripJay **

    Why is Kenny the only one always wearing actual dress shoes 😭😭😭😭

  53. elitealex1

    Hoping dray goes on to become an analyst <3

  54. kalinwang1

    Giannis antetokounmpo only player to received 100 out of 100 votes. Stop the Hate. This is proof Giannis should have been MVP.

  55. dylan hill

    I ain’t saying she a gold digger....

  56. 88 Classic

    😂🤣😂 the gift tho

  57. Lesly Guel

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  58. Eric Dannug

    Who's watching this video after the Jazz defeated by the Clippers on game 6?

  59. Brian Davidson

    Best show on television anywhere.

  60. Joseph Oppong

    This is gold man, give these men their flowers

  61. Brian Davidson


  62. Francisco Feliciano

    Ball + Hog = Eliminated

  63. TheHulk80 Tv

    He didn’t say he was the voice. He said he was the one that everyone was comfortable talking to

  64. Jerome Golden

    Kenny why u taking ur jacket off 🤣 ur trying to hit me harder

  65. wastedWIFI

    I'm crying 😭😭😆😆😆😆😆

  66. Ivan Cruz

    Hilarious... lol...

  67. Echo

    The 6'2 guy sabonis 😂

  68. Justin Russell

    They got to bring Gary Payton back on the show to set Kenny straight.

  69. Doc

    Mitchell is done dirty all year... he should be on one of these teams

  70. Gerard Ligonde

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  71. Dheeraj Sah

    They forgot Shaq's it is 1, 2, 3 not 1, 2 back to 1 😂

  72. assmane999

    lol. So mean. But hilarious

  73. Shiffer Lonnie

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  74. Flurry Lo

    Bridges a real one💯

  75. NewOriginalSoundtracks NOSS

  76. Sean P

    CCP schill minion network, Charles is the only genuine asset mouthpiece, what do you expect, T Turner is just another boring predictable elitist globalist demon puppet, O'Neil freemason 33° of boring.. Goat Lucy is almost done with these play toys..

  77. Sergii Soshka

    this podcast aint going anywhere with these statements...

  78. Crestmob General

    Vernon was there he left the team during the playoffs

  79. sajeel chattha

    shame that lebron happened