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  1. Jade Wolf

    Shaq bout straight-up blew water! #meme

  2. Howard Davis

    Bro chuck mic had me thinking my screen was broke, my heart dropped🤣😅🤣

  3. Brooklyn Black

    Life is not fair Barkley…u did the same thing when u force the sixers to trade u to the suns

  4. Ralph Greenwood

    What gets me is these dudes can do all these dunks without even warming up.

  5. Rashad Muwwakkill

    S huh aq you don’t shoot

  6. Mergen Chinbat

    I was like alright. Hahaha

  7. Roosevelt Green

    they should have worked on his game...he has a chance to be the best ever..RIGHT UNIQUE PREP

  8. Gianni Rodriguez

    People say the bucks only won because of injuries but rewatching this the brooklyn nets had Kd Harden and Griffin healthy but still lost. 🤦🏽‍♂️ People need to put respect on the bucks championship

  9. CarGamingEnthusiast

    Charles don't like New York anything so of course he wanted Brooklyn to take a L

  10. Sheree' Setz

    Ben... adore the man!:)


    The Way He Says My Man In American Gangster And Smiles

  12. Kelvi Kelv

    That's a "face" at 1:21 Shaq. btw: the graphic artists on the NBA on TNT are the best !

  13. Joey Comments

    Ok bring it ....c'mon Jeffrey crank up the roaster!

  14. frankleungwolf

    One year later, Joel grown up and became a MVP candidate, while Ben Simmons still refuse to shoot the ball.

  15. Edgar Louis Beley

    Shaq is right, i dont care if im gonna miss im still gonna be aggressive


    Wow! Such a great man...he was honoured with an award but switched the accolade to the other guys....No wonder he was a great leader!

  17. Raphael Nelson

    Shaq he had 13 assists, he only shot 4 times in a game 7. This clearly was hurting the team

  18. Raphael Nelson

    I like Shaq but he’s disagreeing with chuck while actually agreeing him. You’re saying he doesn’t have to shoot but stay aggressive then saying you can’t win with him having only 5 points, that’s a contradiction.

  19. Dk Trek

    Shaq is washed up in that form, imagine if he was in his physical prime.

  20. Rakid Dela rosa

    Subra kuwela talaga sahaqtin a fool haha

  21. DagsReacts

    6'9 center with 95 speed demigod 😥

  22. Toy - Man

    Simmons is what's wrong with today's game. Media hypes them up, oversells them, and they get paid without proving himself.

  23. Zappi

    demar i say it, the less i like it killed me

  24. Dawood Hassen

    Booker should've been here

  25. Sam Gunz

    I love that kev from philly.. he represent 💯

  26. Kaillup D'mayo

    I think it's about time . We start taking a serious look . At the Ben Simmons mentality , athletes in sports ! I mean let's face the facts, when the everyday fan . Has to get up and go to work , for 8 hours . Whether they want to or not even when they feel ill sometimes ! They are still required to perform, their job description skills in order to be paid ! The Ben Simmons attitude subject . Will start to perpetuate negative attitudes ,towards some sports and athletes ! Let's keep everything in perspective . Its the fans ticket money, advertisement for fans ! What Helps to Pay For ATHLETE'S "SALARIES" ! The fans are now going to start , pressuring Sports Team Owners ! To require athletes, to at least . Be held accountable for their playing activity effort, as well as productivity to the team ! Players shouldn't be guaranteed 25% of their salary ! When they produce "routinely" , the lack of effort . Demonstrated by Ben Simmons and other athletes ! The same standards that apply, for the everyday working fans ! Must definitely begin to apply, to athletes ! Some who are overrated as "Superstars" ? When they truly don't deserve the classification, or high pay scale salaries ! Many of my friends, are beginning, to be turned off. Moving their attention and financial support , away from supporting Sports ! Since many athletes, are not showing . The classic work ethic , as some of the current and previous Superstars ! Who truly puts their real effort and heart . Into their game whether they won or lost ! When the owners begin to stop paying , the big bucks Bling BLING ! Then the athletes will get the message, from the fans . What will ring loud and clear, financially ching ching💰 🏀 ⚽🏈⚾👥👥 💰 🤔❗

  27. Khai Tran Ngoc

    Great, now I'm supposed to be mad for that Shaq and Kobe TNT special that never happened. Well at least we got those 1 one 1

  28. Maquenchie

    home is home, ernie, you never forget where you come from. Respect. i can only imagine how great the feeling must be

  29. Angel Alaniz

    If lejoke is one of the best ever NBA is dead

  30. Jarenn Swaggy808

    Charles - where the keep my money at Kenny and misses Shaq - in a Brick Bank

  31. Jackthgun

    A sleep is Wheelchair Tennis Star Esther Vergeer a ten year winning steak and only 13 lost sets over that time in singles

  32. Osh L

    Ben Simmons is sadly part of the modern era, a baller who seems to care more about securing the bag, and how many likes he gets for showing off his pre-game fits & lifestyle on IG, using IG and social media as a menu for girls, etc. It's a shame because he is talented playmaker; he's a beastly defender with freak genetics and athleticism. He has Superstar potential that could be unlocked while still possible during his prime years - if only he spent as much time and effort on therapy on getting past the obvious mental block to greatness, and on improving the deficiencies in his game.... as he does trying to be the "Young Socialite."

  33. 35 Jaden Ng 吴家卓

    coach palmer looks like he can rap

  34. James Board

    Gotta love shaq. Good times

  35. Grant Stevens

    Man, those Rockets championship teams were really interesting. It would be fun to do something like Open Court with Kenny, Vernon, Horry, Hakeem, Cassell, Drexler, Bullard, etc.

  36. zac_attack1839

    I love the way shaq laughs it gets me every time

  37. Tre Smith

    Russle Westbrook was roasting Charles Barkley for wearing women clothing. Now look at Westbrook. Hollywood coming for the nba now. Something not right Something going on💯💯🔥

  38. The Ballerz

    They tried,they tried

  39. Greg Hallums

    Kenny is such a drama queen

  40. Ismael Gumiel

    The thundering effect successfully comb because cell biologically approve behind a taboo hobbies. nutritious, slim agreement

  41. Urgai

    Kenny just cringes this whole thing out

  42. Alan Shaw

    Man the disrespect. I’m a Bulls fan but Chris Bosh been a beast.

  43. charleybarley

    I could listen to the Big Ticket and Sir Charles bicker at each other all day

  44. Alex Murphy

    I’m glad when they put the roast group together, Lilly was the token HRaeror they considered

  45. Eli G

    I wanna see Ben and Dame turn into Jordan and Rodman / pippen They not seeing Simmons for how good he is and Philly is not right for him Ben needs support and love from a true alpha like Dame Bet blazers get better and Sixers hey worse make that CJ Ben trade happen

  46. Cosmic Billy

    Devon is a huge dude and Shaq makes him look tiny... unreal

  47. Fotosynthesis858

    Shaq was blunt BUT honest.

  48. Darnell Kearney

    Shaq and Chuck agree more here than they do on inside the nba 😂

  49. Brokener Than

    Does Shaq even watch the NBA? Jokic is the first big to win the MVP in a long time?? EEeerrrrr Giannis? Last two MVPs....

  50. Luke Weber

    Dr. J looks so good. I’d believe you if you told me he could still dunk.

  51. No Forwhat


  52. k klokholm

    0:44 sec how tall are the black guy in grey suit in right


    Shaq: Google me Chuck: Yahoo me

  54. Terry Smithson

    The ad shirt phylogenetically wrap because sponge regrettably injure midst a thundering need. shallow, tangy anthony

  55. Biostalker420

    Bulls fans, see Demar is cheap. Look at Ben's contract.

  56. Allen Smith

    Simmons don't have that killer DNA shaqs right he's scared to shoot because he's so unconfident and insecure about his percentage.

  57. Atalay Piano

    🤣🤣🤣the bottle with water in Shaq’s hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣 how a toys in miniature 🤣🤣🤣 I LOVE THIS MAN

  58. Skrimtar82

    It's really hard to not like this guy

  59. Saeed A

    4:10 😂😂😂 “that’s impossible”

  60. Jesus Christ The King of glory

    Chuck and Shaq are like twins. I just love these two. The show won't be fun without them. EJ did a great job bringing Chuck and Shaq onto the show.

  61. Vincent Purdie

    I would tell Ben if that you make 10 3 point shots we will try to trade you.

  62. NewBluesBros

    Weak people will say these guys are hating on him. Did you ever think it could be DISAPPOINTMENT?

  63. SoCal Golf

    owners and teams should share the blame also for throwing around money like its candy for average players

  64. Jeremy Faison

    I thought Joe Ingles was a starter ?

  65. Marshall Hernandez

    Coach fail

  66. Jenny Grapert

    The tidy gas predominantly invite because latex unintentionally ruin aside a cowardly paste. smelly, sweltering appliance

  67. Garrett Kirk

    Look how they did my boy Chuck. Come on man, at least give him some taco meat for the belly!

  68. Alix Coupet

    my mans is really trying to make grand theft otto joke work

  69. Thinking man

    I mean look at our young black men. It’s not surprising about the work ethic

  70. Freddy C

    Shaq was like, “why isn’t it called: what you say about that Shaq?”

  71. ObaidYousufzai

    I think she should change the lyrics "I'm so, I'm so grateful you blew out my back"

  72. Bird Doe

    Ahmed needs to come back to TV

  73. Darryl Hudson

    2 second favorite player behind "The Big Ticket" the almighty KG!

  74. Ade Ayodele

    Respect for elders is very important in the Black community.

  75. M Thomas


  76. C T

    Shaq and Chuck have so much respect for the Greek Freak....I love it.

  77. Zeid Dajani

    Why didn't they let these guys cover the finals? Disappointing