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  1. Sirius1127


    1. Sirius1127

      (No hate on the vid tho)

  2. James Johnson

    Do another 100 days on a cloud

  3. marcos lopez

    Wait why would you be in a mod where you are only in a cave?

  4. Hyper Ander

    How do you put in the code

  5. Linzi Phillips

    That's wisp

  6. Ney Mar

    Bro how do you get those maps

  7. Hiri Pad


    1. Hiri Pad


    2. Hiri Pad


    3. Hiri Pad


  8. Maria Magana

    I’ve been watching since 30 subs I can’t believe how far you’ve gone

  9. Shamesse Bitar

    Xnestorio is the voice for the star:D

  10. CarlosFamily_ YT

    I want this to go on until 1000 days because of cloudberry can you please start with 200 because I like cloudberry

    1. CarlosFamily_ YT

      Of your videos

    2. CarlosFamily_ YT

      Scrap That do 300Because I watched a bit more

  11. su yin chen

    Isn’t this raft?

  12. Marvin Thoens

    Why destroy king Kong when he was saving the island

  13. Elijah Nadeau


  14. Gloster OP

    We all knew that this was scripted

  15. Tiffany Huynh

    Why does the star sound like xnestio sorry I spelled his name wrong and hades shadow apples and I think Zeus is graser

  16. Cam Games

    Cloud Berry!!!!! :)

  17. Annie Huang

    Do you still have cloudberry?

  18. Kyranfelix

    I love cloud Berry and this a really good video!

  19. Kyranfelix

    I like all of your vids. You are one of my favourite HRaerors. When will you do 200 days on 1 cloud?

  20. Bhvss

    Your dragon name should be forest bone

  21. Yannai Palmer

    I want that lunar cape

  22. Phoenix

    This is definitely the best minecraft modpack video there could be

  23. XxSilvermanzzs

    Can I join you in a video

  24. Lily123 Lily123

    You pronounce it cronus not cronos

  25. Radhamani G

    Acookiegod, xnestorio and Forrestbono..... I am gonna love this

  26. Vines

    “Then my man pull out a glock-19”🤣🤣🤣

  27. Ice Dyna - Brawl Stars


  28. Penguin

    I'm going to sum up the comment section for you: Mars is the god of War not Pluto. Pluto is also known as Hades in Greek Mythology, so he is the god of the underworld. Mars is Aries in Roman Mythology. Jupiter controls the weather and is also known to be Zeus in Greek mythology. Kratos is the god of war in NORSE mythology.

  29. Jake Glez

    I heard a cookie god

  30. Our Eccentric Life


  31. Boba_Star

    Its a skull crawl

  32. QianoGhieVarrel

    And we do it all over again!

  33. Deangel on control

    This is the continuous of teh ancient grease chrono right?

  34. Marinou Family

    You completed your goal good job

  35. GHOST

    Blades of chaos?….. are you becoming kratos?

  36. papaya

    Cronos is a titan not a god

  37. JohnMatthew Cuadra123

    Bro I watched all ur vids pls keep posting some vids it's so nice and cool pls keep posting don't stop I'll support u all the time love u bro Take care and God Bless u

  38. Ivens Manfrin


  39. jayden Barrett 66

    Name the pants geffry

  40. Aalia Azfer


  41. Supervisor HK

    Wow Half a year 1 MILLION SUBS

  42. Mikeysaurus Vlogs

    You should have added Kratos from God Of War, he killed all Greek gods so he is better than Zeus, he is from Greece too, he would be a challenge, more than zeus

  43. Angela Sok


  44. Louis Andrei Anchorez

    11:23 is no one gonna talk about that he has no armor

  45. Moch N Kurniawan

    at the moment when the ghast king summoned a ghast behind the king the fireball hit the ghast king

  46. גיא דלגדו

    What the name of the mods pls I need this

  47. Angela Sok

    Please 200 days on the clown

  48. The Last And The Wurst

    I love that you play kingdom hearts music when you fight. i am a kingdom hearts nerd btw


    I found a stegosaurus on the way. IT WAS A BRONTOOOOoooooo……. But stil it was a very nice vid 👍🏻 ❤️