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On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, custom PC builds, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
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  1. Abdurrahman Çetinkaya

    Now live on Soviet television: Smol Boris and his komrades

  2. Mr Samoloth

    slav no upload video me angy

  3. Viktor Approves

    Going to Hungary because you are hungry

  4. František Novák

    So cute

  5. Engineer Gaming

    remember, no american mayo

  6. T1010

    Smol Boris looks like he's ready to go to Nevada

  7. Patrik Zakara

    Alternative tittle :how god created boris.

  8. CasuallySeal

    I thought his shoes we're bread

  9. Wojo0205

    He very smol indeed

  10. Goldenpig

    I want to see smol artyom

  11. Макс Иванов

    Бро я же знаю ты русский))))))

  12. Woud


  13. dream's assasin

    The intro never gets old ITSSS BORIS TUDUNG TUDUNG TUDUNG

  14. subzero142

    maddness: slavic edition

  15. dream's assasin

    I was expecting the song to be ITSSS BORIS TUDUNGTUDUNGTUDUNG

  16. Chakra Silaen

    i dont know man look like madness combat characther to me

  17. Drogov war

    The comedy pinky

  18. Astojanovski

    Smol in body, big in heart

  19. SuperPyroRO

    Madness combat, cyka edition.


    Hey Boris, you might enjoy a channel called Berd, very very basic animations but funny. It’s a good example of humour winning over being graphically amazing. You are doing a great job! I hope you keep enjoying drawing and animating.

  21. Jack The demon

    *Boris grabs a AK 47* CHEEKI BREEKI!

  22. стик

    Madness boris

  23. Ngl exlf

    Looks like Boris watched madness.

  24. baniidapateu CR

    Ah yes, right in time for the tiny comments fashion

  25. Crats0nTheGuy

    Smolus Borisius

  26. sandra Morgenthaler

    Why he have Slovakian flag than Russian flag on his PC?

  27. Subaru Hatchback

    Lol this reminds me of madness combat

  28. Christian Edwards

    Boris in wii sports

  29. Lopao18

    Smol boris is awesome

  30. TheKX

    he smol


    Be ruski my fellow slav

  32. うちあLikStar


  33. うちあLikStar


  34. Sgt. BlueBerries

    project madness be like:

  35. Lazy Boi

    This comrade is very smol!

  36. master of blue

    smol boriś

  37. L Guy

    i am microwave

  38. Bagasl

    Напомнило заставку из Ералаша)

  39. Gris GMS Second Account

    Intro of an new child program

  40. Jebu

    hank but in russian

  41. Ethan Kennedy

    is this a hint to a song that he is gonna make hmmmmmmmmmmm?

  42. Oscar G.King

    OOOk then...

  43. MrCountCrowley

    madness boris? is that you?

  44. Михаил Андрушченко

    *Madness Combat* : The smol boris revenge

  45. JM Lee

    **Boris transforms into marshmellow man** Me: oh the memories...

  46. Y.K mic


  47. Cl 47

    Hmm, smol Boris

  48. Noah _kp

    how is boris

  49. Rohan Kishibe

    This reminds me of the newgrounds game Madness

  50. -Gamer-

    Slav Shoes

  51. Rafi Hexa

    the only minus is there's no legs, can't squat :(

  52. Liske


  53. Xoán Ro

    I'm normally a quite sad girl, but this man can take a smile out of me💜💜💜

  54. Liske

    u o r so smol

  55. Bartkac

    *Slav Headpat time?*

  56. Miles Quicumque

    Per tutti gli italiani la musichetta di Fantozzi che nostalgia

  57. Роман Леонтьев

    Boris - tonk

  58. TuanVN 2007

    now instead of "Vadim Blyat" Now it's "Smol Vadim Blyat"



  60. Leo E.

    It's like Yerolash

  61. launch site

    But why he so smol

  62. Dr0nezZ __

    Smol Boris Big bias?

  63. Ecusida

    *madness combat flashbacks*

  64. Kairos

    Slav Discord logo hittin kinda different

  65. Dope

    next thing he's gonna do is kill 30 people over a radio and try to to kill a cherif.

  66. Remstage Music

    Slavness Combat


    new slav boy

  68. Laksamana Suhendra

    Smol Boris

  69. vape cat

    he looks like a madness combat character

  70. Dr.RubberFace

    Madness combat: Boris edition

  71. YeetOnDeez

    Ayo the new madness combat episode looking sick

  72. poiuytrewq fg

    oooooo i sense a boris maddness on newgrounds

  73. hanzo2001

    Smol Boris is smol

  74. Flipping Chips

    What would you call a lofi version of hardbass? How would it sound? Does this already exist? Does any exist at all?

  75. GG Auras

    The nost cute thing to see on youtube

  76. ord april

    Somewhere in Nevada

  77. Penn

    Madness Borisanity