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  1. Riley Coon

    Can anyone tell me the name of the piano song at the end pretty please?

  2. LS1212

    his jumpshot was so smooth back then

  3. Hittz

    As a laker fan.. congrats bucks

  4. nadun sinhabahu

    After all of this Still, there are people who think Melo has an overall better carrier than Giannis.

  5. Billy Zambidis

    Giannis' documentary in 15 years gonna be legend-ary

  6. Animesempai0 On twitter

    kashmoney middleton

  7. Amiel Sta Ana

    Bucks in 6

  8. JarJarrellBinks Pokémon

    I love Vin Baker

  9. madzz G

    “I met his daughter Gianna” 🥺🥺🥺

  10. 2CardArsenal

    Kenny foreshadowing NBA Championship!

  11. Badr Ftouh

    does somebody know the name of the instrumental behind ?

  12. Naija Bias Football Channel

    I don't get the Melo negativity. Do u hate ur big brother for making u tough? The man himself said Melo helped him. Case closed.


    Congratulations Gianni

  14. Tseuqer

    0:20 It's been a long journey. Then you reached out to make it short. I see.

  15. Jenson Rajkumar

    2:17 Mamadi was so surprised to see the video from his parents

  16. Wirul Razali

    One day 3:13

  17. Faisal Rasyad

    When gianni and khris getting old, he needs to step up along with bryn.

  18. pas pap

    adetokunbo !!!!

  19. pas pap

    adetokunbo !!!!

  20. pas pap

    adetokunbo !!!!

  21. pas pap

    adetokunbo !!!!

  22. pas pap

    adetokunbo !!!!

  23. DJsExoticDetailing

    No way I’m standing up for the whole day


    Hii from greece athens🇬🇷🏀🇬🇷

  25. JReaves5421

    30:49 Bobby was protecting referee Scott Foster from CP3 lol

  26. Antonis Vasileiadis

    What is your favourite food "Chicken'' ...that aged well

  27. Christos Christos


  28. AyKxs

    the man became mvp 2 times bro what a legend

  29. Rosalynd Sembler

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  30. Slime Games

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  31. Ford Larquad

    Fear the Deer, Ernie!

  32. John Edrozo

    Deym, two years later, he got the big trophy

  33. Non Fungible Gamer

    Fans underrated Jrue, good thing the pay Jrue received from bucks is not underrated as well.

  34. Theodore savvaids

    You knew when you came in Bucks that have the chance to be like that dawg hahaha

  35. Donavin Rideout

    Gianni been soaking up game from these guys since day 1.

  36. MD Kutzler

    I always liked John Hammond. He did a great job with limited resources.

  37. NBA Boy-J

    This man won 2 MVPs a ring and is A 5 time all star in only 8 years!!! Thank you giannis you are legend

  38. Captain Stickman

    Umm this cant be game 5 cause firtly Nets won game 5 and it was played at Brooklyn

  39. LRae

    Kobe would have been proud of his performance

  40. Khara Schmidt

    Thank you giannis antetkounmpo

  41. Dimitris Christodoulou

    Παιδιά όσοι λέτε για ανύπαρκτο scouting Παο-οσφπ, δεν έχετε επαφή με την αθηναική μπασκετική πραγματικότητα. Τα παιδιά ήταν γνωστά, στο μπασκετικό κόσμο, που πήγαιναν 1000-1500 από το '11 να δουν τα αδέρφια. Όπου τότε Θανάσης και Γιάννης αντιμετωπίζονταν ισότιμα ως μεγάλα ταλέντα.

  42. morning16

    Let Sam ball

  43. Adam Davis

    Jordan Nwora needs minutes this year!!

  44. Farangutan

    He even speaks English like a Greek trying to speak English , same .

  45. Pessimist

    it´s disgusting how in every video of Gianni, racists against greece are sprouting like mushrooms

  46. Cuentos, Leyendas y Mitos LEOyE

    Job's done now

  47. panosgaridis

    Ένα πράγμα που δεν καταλαβαίνω στους Αμερικάνους είναι ότι το κύπελο το δίνουν στους ιδιοκτήτες να το σηκώσουν και όχι ο αρχηγός της ομάδας! Τεσπά !!!

  48. Janelle Wade

    The uttermost caption tribally dream because yew rarely bounce worth a condemned north america. woebegone, fearful fearless slope

  49. Cooper Teeno

    The most humble down to earth MVP

  50. Sayeed

    "Khris we did it man. We fucking did it" - I've rewatched this particular scene over and over. The love and brotherhood between these 2 is beautiful to watch

  51. Basket

    He just jumped over a 17'11 feet guy. Dayum!

  52. lastStand20

    Thats the wisdom u get when you struggle in life. Thinking of the future is a fairy tail or luxury. Thinking of yesterday is a waste of time. Fight today to cover the present day's needs. Giannis was wiser at his 15 than many grown people are today. Its really funny and disapointing for me to see so many people praise Giannis for his wisdom. Those who at the same time believe the non western civilisation people deserve the life they live. This guy has the wisdom of all poor and mistreated people of this planet. Welcome to earth fellow americans . Greetings from Greece. A citizen of the so called "western civilisation"

  53. GoodPrince

    I started watching the NBA only because of Giannis and it s still the best desecion I ve ever made in my life. Thank you so much Giannis ❤️. I wish one day to be in USA and watch a Bucks game ❤️

  54. John Kasern

    I really like the fact that he is not suffering from the NBA diva mentality.

  55. mclamjrballer

    Buck y'all should sign jimma Gatwech

  56. octaviakf

    The support these brothers have for each other is something that black men need to see all around the world. The unity they have for each other is amazing and I love TA he’s so hype for his brother he’s his BIGGEST FAN & I’m a huge fan but I’m no fool I know his brother has him more than I do. And I LOVE IT!!!

  57. Matty Matt

    Can we get one last Jim Pashke Giannis interview please?

  58. Kdego Fojler

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  59. malvoish

    Huge mistake jrue is garbage

  60. TENDER

    GIANNIS is a honest guy kind guy awesome dude,and now he made kobe proud and i love how GIANNIS write things down in his notebook and also the all star game haha

  61. Marquis Edwards

    This just shows me how racist USA is! White America would never do this, look how his people support him.

  62. Master

    Kobe turned Giannis from a solid 25 ppg MIP, to a back to back MVP Champ

  63. Sean P

    What is the name of the last instrumental??

  64. Dark Nate

    Good GM.. Good interview by the way 🤛🏿🤛🏿🤛🏿 if bucks run it back and get the finals the media gon be 🤢 again.. Lets make it happen

  65. Arcell Mcgowan

    Kevin love in after buyouts now let's convence DeRozan to take a pay cut 🤷 for that run back and give Jordan ⏰⏱️⏲️💯

  66. Prince Cherub

    2021 Kobe Bryant All Star MVP 2021 NBA Finals MVP 50 Chicken Nuggets

  67. Pro Sports Outlook

    Lol love that they took another Greek player! Let's see if he turns out remotely as good as the first one!

  68. Pavlos Kaisseris

    words are not enough to describe the Antetokoumbo family, they got hearts of gold.

  69. Anthony B

    Go get Buddy Hield

  70. Unbelievable Overall

    Giannis antetokounmpo Gets payback lol

  71. Emeka Nkeze

    And haters says he doesn't have skills.

  72. Isaiah Hicks

    Giannis is a class act & he DESERVED THOSE 2 MVPs, he has the work ethic, the drive & he showed he had the heart this year which is ALL the attributes of a champion Kobe would’ve definitely been proud to see what he has accomplished this year.

  73. Thomas Pick

    They have to feed the animal 6 times per day. A good present would be a toilet brush and a toilet plunger. The water bill in his house must be high to flush all that feces to the sewage plant. The sludge in water purification, is called Milorganite. Milwaukee- organic- kyriptonite. So, go to your local nursery and buy a bag of Milorganite. That way, a bit of Giannis will fertilize your tomato plants and the plants will grow real tall.