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  1. Payton Thompson

    Uzi so cool 💕*!

  2. Sylvia Williamson


  3. Rafael Torres

    The kaput stem principally rhyme because cheese unfortunately unfasten opposite a gainful zipper. melodic, loose glove

  4. Sylvia Williamson

    I love myself,

  5. TrulyKhale

    2:00 of frank is all we deserved

  6. Lauren H.

    what's the music playing tho 🙏😍


    hermosa rosita

  8. Stacey

    Why does the wife of the second richest man on earth get free makeup?

  9. Artisan S

    Dune, I saw that movie in a 1300 seat theater, my girlfriend and me had theater to ourselves. And no, I did not buy 1300 tickets. So 1298 dudes and dudedettes missed the movie, and we were in heaven. Great outfit BTW, 3 times cooler then frozen whiskey. And thanks for the NI tip you chared on Twitter. I'm running CE now 😄, got me through quarantine and more.

  10. YoYo Vishu

    Love you

  11. Son Mi

    Odry would never wear this. To much lady for showing underwear

  12. The Corrupted Cat

    It's giving me Mae West 🤍

  13. Katie Gibbs

    noo lil uzi don't shout out grimes

  14. Uhwtfugood


  15. New Boy Genius

    Hood News 🗞💎

  16. Lauren H.


  17. Sumedha Sharma


  18. Blue Jello96


  19. Kirsten O'Brien

    I’m just gonna say it: The thing that makes you American is the American flag. That’s the beauty of America, a country where people of all races can come together as one nationality to share one culture, destroying the British class divides that were partially responsible for our Revolution. If America were just a conglomeration of cultures that already exist elsewhere, there’d be no point in leaving the country that you left. Honestly, I get so tired of this s-t. But they both seem sweet and look lovely 💖.

  20. bostongirlsandy

    I miss Cara D. the model.

  21. beelzebub beelzebub

    Uzi and Erykah that's dooope

  22. MANDAE w


  23. 316MX

    I love how Olivia is one of the most famous singers atm and yet on set she's still a normal teenage girl it's really inspiring. Love you Liv

  24. Simrandeep Kaur

    This Beauty version is so geniune. Never seen anyone so graceful ! New fan of yours Gigi ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Buki Boy Tarpley

    Don’t tell me uzi didn’t pull tht met gala fit off

  26. findKHRISTINE

    Are there pictures of the dinner dress as well?

  27. Melissa Wright

    She seems really nice and really cool. Although I'm not a fan of her music

  28. T Woho


  29. T Woho

    Love her

  30. AquaTeh

    1:09 "...​💦​fasshioon..."

  31. Алия мустафакызы


  32. Khaleesi 7.5

    Am I the only one who senses a little Afro centricity in the design of the costume? The feathers and the color remind of certain vernacular architecture in Africa. And iman is an East African queen as well 👸🏾

  33. the_dead_writer

    hello all! hraero.info/contact/1Yxk2mynz8bXqbo/video just a small attempt to cheer up anybody who is feeling down. thank you vogue! keep shining!✨

  34. Lilpastyp

    What a happy genuine soul

  35. Tasnim Khan

    Ugh want that purse!! Where do I find it

  36. Jennifer And stacy

    They are soo cutee 🥺🥺

  37. Maria Kleymenova

    Add Russian subtitles, please.

  38. Daughter of JAH

    Plastic surgery is a murderer!!!


    La mujer mas bella de la historia del cine Americano

  40. Blair Brown

    Not gonna lie,I'm hypocritical enough to hope that Grimes will be rich enough to live out her life on Mars,because she just might pave the way for my Descendants to get into deep space when the time comes. 😉 😀 😄 😜

  41. ar!ana egoav!l

    una piedrita del diamante vale más que mi casa y yo juntos xd

  42. Christine M

    Chloe grabbing her dress like a princess that she is. Halle never misses, that pink, the subtly, yess babes

  43. Tatiana Soddu

    nasconditi ciao

  44. willow

    her eyes are really pretty <33

  45. Hotdogdaddy

    The color of the hair with the color of the dress...is a choice...the marilyn monroe meets rockstar vibes....is another one. Not to hate or anything, I think Billie is awesome, but I really don't like this look.

  46. samuel vasquez

    Ovaries of steel

  47. Jesus Casiano

    New type of respect for this great beautiful woman. This dress stood out the most.

  48. Alyssa Bell

    They dressed her up like a weird alien and called that fashion. Poor girl.

  49. Out Of Box

    Who's think kendall is a good girl...one thing we have to know. We can create a NBA team with her boyfriend list.

  50. Jordan Callan

    They should have done 20 more minutes with Lil Uzi Vert

  51. Raad Raad Raad

    A Queens Emma stone sit down stop moving your bottom love you women's 999k like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

  52. Isabela Vulpe

    Idolatry in America is nauseating, it s one thing to like people is another one to be so obsessed with celebrities, thank God is not at the same level in Europe...

  53. Kentiyaman


  54. Lisa Jones

    Megan Fox is really pretty!!!

  55. R P


  56. Masha Rosa

    the respect i have for emma for doing all these interviews while actually just wanting to get inside like everyone else

  57. veronica silva

    Fiz a make e fiz mais ainda parecida com ela...rs... Gostei! Rs

  58. rosiefilms

    me watching this like I haven’t seen it 20 times

  59. Ubi moon

    People who are groveling at these pathetic people feet need to get a life instead of worshipping these frauds.

  60. p g

    Bit safe choice and not aligned to the theme at all but it's her first time attending it and so happy to see more Asians this year. Can't wait for Lisa's debut, I envision her to be more of Met Gala gal. 🥰

  61. c. aurel

    I AM AMAZED! ❤

  62. Michael Boone

    Why is a youtuber there and of all youtubers why tf is this one here

  63. Michelle Mullard

    What an absolutely beautiful dress!

  64. Umaima Riasat

    Why is this video so therapeutic 😩 or is it only me who finds it so?

  65. Bree M

    Her dress im sorry but no..just no

  66. Sally Robertson

    Dress is great ! Audrey was Belgian, not British I believe

  67. Habiba Zaki

    not the ring i thought we were over that🤦

  68. Livia Zambon

    And so much hunger in the world....

  69. April Fiege

    haha I love how she's all dressed up and looks like a totally different person but then she starts talking and that Billie voice and body language comes right out like "Oh yeap there she is" :)

  70. The Pæonic Kingdom

    The only thing I don’t like about these interviews is the terrible lighting otherwise love them

  71. Ashli Thompson

    Are we even sure that’s Kim? Lol

  72. B Morris

    Dress Nude. Ridiculous.

  73. mgrnt

    shes gorgeous

  74. Chief Keef

    Vogue edition

  75. Starlight

    Rosé and lisa's friendship is so cute and her not forgetting her group and sister is so 🤧 beautiful

  76. Crazy*** Girl ****

    I'm loving this new Billie transformation 🌺