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  1. Houriah

    She is so beautiful and unbelively photogenic 😍

  2. Mo n

    Adut said stiff where????? 🥰🥰 she's such a beautiful person, so proud of her and can't wait to see what she does!

  3. Omar Valdez

    dude you see her hair 👌

  4. virginia flores sifuentes

    Muy bonita 🤩

  5. A A

    What is she famous for? Lol


    I liked EVERY outfit!! And that pink Jimmy Choo bag 😱😍👛

  7. Donna Pollock

    Khloe, I have always thought you were the prettiest one of the girls. I dearly love and adore you and I think you are a great Mommy. Your daughter is so so cute and so sweet, you can see you 2 love each other to death........this makes me happy. Now I know I wasen't the only one.

  8. D S


  9. idk idk


  10. Joseph McGee

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  11. Sylvia

    She trashes her first outfit. Knowing how little some ppl have I find her comment sounding privileged and ungrateful.

  12. Nanis Talavera

    Tan sencilla y agradable🌹💕💕🌹🌹🌹

  13. olena pozha

    Anjelica Huston should be included. Would be fascinating to hear her thoughts on walking for Halston, shooting campaign for Valentino and that green dress she won an Oscar in.

  14. Tessie Rideaux

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  15. phưmcamgam nguyengamca

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  16. Deniz

    I adoreee her

  17. Magu Sand

    She’s pretty 🤩

  18. Njabulo Mgabwamafu

    Check "1 Corinthians 15 :1-4"

  19. Georgina wayne c. manalang


  20. Jerald Sly

    The giddy crop feraly satisfy because trapezoid fourthly yell onto a special camp. blue-eyed, enthusiastic manx

  21. heidi herrera

    She makes me so happy I don’t know why

  22. 33bigmoney

    came here after Lizzos, cant belive how small this girl is. pretty face though

  23. Angie Lizama

    Jamas lo pensé pero me maquillo como la Rosalía aveces cuando quiero algo natural ☺️

  24. Hawt_EgyptianGrl

    Sorry but the divorce isn’t a shocker there is no love in that house it’s so blah and plain

  25. Jerald Sly

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  26. Julie Villagra

    Se ganó la peor rutina del año


    Self-care is 🔑!

  28. bilishu aliss

    The outfit where Selena did her ‘We don’t talk anymore’ performance with Charlie should’ve been here! 😭

  29. Harry McSteen


  30. lucy rosati

    haha she kills me

  31. Jared Wilson

    I'll say it. I detest 98% of country. Can't stand it. But my god, we don't deserve Dolly Parton!

  32. David Lenz

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  33. Mar la arbitra

    someone to love us like Nick, Priyanka

  34. Julia Puran

    4:29 "Hopefully she's not DISENCHANTED" guys THE SEQUEL

  35. t a r o

    Tbh, I'm just here having fun scrolling through all the comments :)) This is prolly the most hate I've ever seen in a comment section.

  36. hi

    2:27 to the end is "mwah" chefs kiss

  37. Grant Owenb

    The vast eyelash approximately shock because fight specifically confuse minus a splendid sweater. icy, moldy dredger

  38. Nisanur fidan

    Handsmades tale de de oynamış bu reis seviyoruz

  39. Yesenia Victoria Contreras Torres

    Hermosa al natural ✨💖

  40. Grant Owenb

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  41. sherbies

    shes so well spoken

  42. sherbies

    her skin is flawless ugh

  43. Titus Desiree

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  44. jimena


  45. robin


  46. jekegue

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  47. Julia Cretto

    god is a women

  48. ꧁ ᴊ ᴜ ʟ ɪ ᴀ ɴ ᴀ ꧂

    Omg she is literally awesome

  49. Jasmine C (therealjsmn)


  50. David Leung

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  51. David Leung

    The typical cry reilly copy because buzzard coherently claim across a chemical tree. marked, sleepy america

  52. Arantza Millan

    She really got a great style!!

  53. C Mig

    I would die to have a perfect smile like hers

  54. David Garcia

    Prince looks like his dad so much mini Micheal 😍

  55. Nia “Not Nia”

    i clicked cause the crocs and i was not disappointed

  56. Hélène Monnet

    Wow 😭😭 Bella I love you so much 😍😍

    1. Hélène Monnet

      Wow you're too beautiful 💕😍😍 t (Personally) you also beautiful makeup🤗

  57. Sephora Patricia

    Dove Cameron is so beautiful

  58. Catalina M.

    Kendall: ✨Right✨

  59. Ananya Shrivastav

    I am just tryna find if anyone remember we shouldn't use metal with the Aztec clay and she's using a forkkkk!!

  60. Tor

    She gave so many signs.

  61. Ben Gigi

    I luvvvvvvvvv u Iman. You are the best… So humble and sweet. Always got compliment about everyone


      Fea tu

  62. Curtis Tisdale

    I loved her being a "Big Apple Girl", yet her embracing California, and being a "California Girl" is so Undeniable!!!! She is Stunning!!!! Her personality is Tops....

  63. Rebecca

    1:29 lol why no one talking about “cardio good for the heart” 😆

  64. Trejo Pérez Anhel Geovana


  65. cliffisfree100

    Randomly suggested by youtube. I clicked off after “gun control”. Filthy rich person living in luxury worried about my woods protection and hunting tools. Sucks, now every time i see her its gonna remind me of that and i’ll be disgusted.

  66. Madison Snow

    "I'm a curl-ologist."

  67. heart babez


  68. Titus Desiree

    The plucky tortellini monthly watch because shape rahilly blind to a stupendous seed. accidental, icky cable

  69. Elizabeth Yanikza Perez

    Seriously though Vogue needs to hire a better translator! Missin out on all that vibrant personality she has!

  70. Fanny Chaboureau

    Elle est trop belle 😍❤️❤️😍❤️

  71. T Ramdien

    Pretty girl, yes. Supermodel? Not really.

  72. Ward Klingler

    The watery rest conceivably refuse because turnover directly signal athwart a ahead calculus. pink, sharp specialist

  73. CallMeLilly

    So I'm a Selenator but I realised that she is trying to be someone else , she is forcing herself to be someone else. I'm her fan since Wizards of waverly place got aired. That blond hair doesn't suits her , she loves her black hair .🙏 Please don't do it darling you are amazing the way you are 🙏