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  1. Vladimir Lenin

    I remember this like it was yesterday

  2. Cotten Lumb

    What is the song that plays from 10:27 to 10:45? I've been trying to find it, yet am unable to locate it.

  3. Al Nu (J O H)

    I feel like the Duke of Wellington was a little underplayed in this video. That dude was a beast.

  4. Marilyn li

    My mom usually doesn’t let me subscribe, but when she heard a few words and then she subscribed

  5. Kangin Choi

    Wait a minute.... When they voted emperor Yes: 99.9% No: 0.07 ?: 0.03 Me: ????????

  6. bram.desmet

    3:54: Wait a second, Hitler was in love with Belgium?

  7. Homo Sapiens Logicus

    At 3:30 and I have to stop watching so I can comment... This isn't 'Prohibition _ Simplified', it is 'Prohibition - Completely Misrepresented'! 1. America wasn't the only country, or even the first country, to have normalized drinking. Sumarians, *5000 years ago*, paid wages in the form of alcohol. at any point in history European consumption of alcohol was twice that of America, etc. etc. Parts of the world still consume alcohol at these rates - because alcohol is cheap, easy to make, and relatively safe compared to untreated disease infested water. 2. The Prohibition movement *was not* primarily lead by women, though women were certainly heavily involved, it was lead by conservative religious leaders who believed that alcohol was a 'demon' brought to mankind by the 'devil'! 3. Taverns weren't the women free zones you make them out to be - They *were not* 'no girls allowed clubs' for the exclusive use of men. If you are going to talk about history, and even feign a knowledge so great as to simplify it, learn the history first.

  8. Rong Bai

    "Women can't protest!" Says a DRUNK person.

  9. Dastan Alfaris

    9:22 "No On Would Ever Kiss You" 22:32 "Pucker Up Boyo" Imagine the 13 min and 10 sec of him beliving no one would kiss him lol

  10. 3 cat fire buff

    Copenhagen was England’s punching bag

  11. CD-56

    ''Honey! Look who's stupid now!" -Mitch

  12. Alex 4


  13. hy dw

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  14. Yeeton

    They say napoleon is small even tho he’s 5 ‘6 and the average height of today is literally between 5 ‘7 and 5 ‘6 so i can confirm: Napoleon is actually average height not at the time but all the time.

  15. febr

    2:33 This is hilarious XD

  16. Joseph Stalin

    the first has 56 million tf happened

  17. Joker Battle

    Make video about the waring period of japan.

  18. Zen Jon

    In Russia, Winter is a weapon

  19. Lois James

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  20. Wheelie Bin

    How much money did this video earn the channel?

  21. DrakeMaster13

    Alexander the great next pleaseeeeee🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  22. Vingança por Pedro II

    So by marriage, Napoleon is Emperor Pedro II of Brazil’s uncle, because his 2nd wife was the sister of Maria Leopoldina of Austria. She was the mother of Pedro II of Brazil, and wife of Pedro I of Brazil, who was the son of João VI of Portugal

  23. JM RB

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  25. DGB not revealing my real name just my credentials


  26. BonEndeavor

    "Give me a pack of Emu and ill take the gates of hell itself"~Erwin Rommel.

  27. Zekai Coster

    Nerf him

  28. Luca Anastasi


  29. The Genius

    Elephant vs donkey

  30. ferdinard kipas


  31. Jayden Pirie

    Hey everyone! I just pooed my pants!

  32. Theo Nordkvist

    6:44: POV you have a test today you did not study for

  33. Kaopan Nutt


  34. Zmiev mapper

    What is the name of music at the beginning?

  35. Winston churchill


  36. Coasterhocky Gaming Boy

    0:23 There is a potrait of Henry VIII’s and Francis I’s calves

  37. Alexander Delb

    Didnt kennedy send krushchev the agrrement and not the other way around?

  38. Chetan Brahmania

    moral of the story : when they approaches we run away

  39. Privjet Comrade

    Ideas for next video: 1. Thirty Years' War 2. Reign of King John and Magna Carta 3. War of the Roses

  40. Darshan Bhambhani

    Hitler was an inbred? Explains a lot

  41. Lukas Makarios

    American slave traders NEVER stole any blacks from their homelands in Africa. They bought them from Arab slavers who captured them from conquered territories. The Arabs captured slaves for sale at the coast, and the slave traders, many of whom were British, bought them to sell in the Americas. The institution of slavery in America was cruel and inhumane, and its practice was often abusive beyond measure or conscience. There is no question about that, nor any argument for its justification. It had to end, sooner or later.

  42. Tigertile

    Thirty years war

  43. Om Elayaraja


  44. Kobe Dunn

    6:08, little Hitler Easter egg in the back

  45. Piotr Kwiatkowski

    Excuse me polish have cracked the enigma code

    1. MasnyGość

      Yep, but some people just cannot live without saying: We did everything, be thankful!

  46. GoldfishOrgasm

    U.S.- "Did somebody say they recently found oil"? 👀

  47. Nina fierro

    Random facts: 1. hitler’s sister was a hunchback and that use to terrify hitler when he was a child. 2. hitler’s father wouldn’t only physically and emotionally abuse his son, but would also publicly humiliate him and he was also an alcoholic. 3. Hitler lost his father at the age of 13 and mother at the age of 18. 4. The only person that made Hitler feel loved was his mother, from the day she passed away he would always carry a picture of his mother until the day he died. 5. Hitler (who was 15) would also abuse his baby sister (who was 8) Paula, she wrote in her Journal “ Once again I feel my brother's loose hand across my face”. Adolf was the older brother and father figure. He was very strict with Paula and slapped her around. 6. One excerpt describes the violence exercised by Hitler's father, also called Alois, and how Adolf's mother tried to protect her son from regular beatings. Hitler would be in the attic laying down in the floor and his mother would try to protect him from his father and she would end up being hurt from it. So yeah that’s about it, I read a couple of articles and thought it would be interesting to give ya’ll a tiny bit more details about his childhood, have a nice day. ❤️

  48. Joihannes

    I wonder why stupid shit alwways happens with Republicans in power and it always takes a democratic president to clean up after them only that the next republican president can start fucking up things all over again

  49. Tomasz Jagodzinski

    That was EZ

  50. Adhyayan Mandal


  51. Annette Holt

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  52. Thomas escaped mental hospital

    Day 1 of convincing Oversimplified to make a Robot Revolution video

    1. bangi

      Go back to hospital or else

  53. Evenintaco

    Yuan is translated to fat in a secret language that I will not tell

  54. 彡BADgirl彡• 69 years ago

    "My Baso is more Round than your American balls" - Kang Baso [Master of Meatballs]

  55. Danielle Moore

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  56. Udara Alwis

    I learned way more in this video than I had ever learned back in my high school history classes combined! amazing work man, love the animations and storyline! keep it up! :)

  57. SledgeHammer

    in the end you spoke of Tsar Nicholas II as if he was a hero and you highlighted all the problems of famine and poverty that afflicted Russia after the civil war, without considering that they were problems already present at the time of the tsar and the provisional government and that Lenin was beginning to resolve. Furthermore, the fact of exercising a type of political repression following the revolution is part of the Marxist doctrine which states that following the revolution, a period of (momentary) proletarian dictatorship must be established in order to avoid revolts by the former bourgeois government. Furthermore, in Russia Lenin is still loved today so much that there are busts and statues in his honor and his body is still exhibited in his mausoleum. As for Stalin, on the other hand, I agree with you that he was a tyrant on a par with Hitler. By the way I enjoyed the type of video.

  58. Chitra Goyal

    Please make a video on Indian national movement.

  59. R3Dki

    Nice Forrest Gump reference

  60. Jorge Pacheco

    This enraged the allies to punish hitler severely 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  61. bewitched

    2:48 Hitler and the bois twerkin’ into battle

  62. Chitra Goyal

    Please make a video on the Indian Independence movement.

  63. JustinDaGuy

    When you have a corrupt system that’s failing to keep the economy afloat while the poor suffer so you rise up just to make another corrupt system that fails to keep the economy afloat while the poor suffer

  64. Lazarus Mekhane (Nobody)

    Napoleon: Aha! I am the Master of Europe! UK: OI YOU! SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LOOK AT MY WAD!

  65. Jackninja5

    Fun fact: Henry never actually wanted a divorce but an annulment. A divorce is the dissolution of a legitimate marriage whereas an annulment declares the marriage was never legitimate.

  66. George Henderson

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  67. Benitus Sussolini

    Day 2 od asking oversimplified to oversimplyfy the huzzars

  68. Zavier Ong

    8:46 PUBLIC EXECUTION 😂😂😂😂 EXÉCUTION PUBLIQUE 😂😂😂😂 video download no virus HD

  69. Gabriele S

    the further I go on this video, the more I understand how much Levi Ackerman is inspired by Napoleon

  70. Griffin Of Sodor

    America during the French Revolution: We DONT give a Fuck, we are trying to form our country.

  71. Sub 2 PewDiePie

    This is much better than the history lessons in my school

  72. Lanegamingo

    Yay! 22:33

  73. Amazon Pr1me

    Ngl Nicolas seems like he just wanted to be one of the boys

  74. amjad chaudhry

    Crusades oversimplified?

  75. LanceTheKing

    Me when I see the "1 week worth of work" 3:48

  76. simbeni

    P O V : You came from "The French Revolution"

  77. Sir Lionson

    31:38 no one gonna talk about wally being hidden in the top right corner