UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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  1. William Velasquez

    Nets,,fans,,who's,,your,,daddy,,no,,rings,,no,,excuses ,,the,,Greek,,freak,,is,,your,,daddy,,

  2. William Velasquez


  3. Wayne Creyaufmiller

    Shannon is a bit racist. If he was black. It would be applauded.

  4. Donald Anderson


  5. Torque Canyon

    Be careful who you are calling dude!

  6. Jaiden Roberts

    Well yeah cuz Steph is the second best PG ever

  7. Thomas Herdle

    Look at Joy. Sheesh

  8. eSe PayaSo

    Ha what else is new besides Skip still hating on the Lakers -especially LBJ- The season hasn't even started yet so how is R.W a bad fit!!?? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. Robert Murdock

    Man where is my favorite sportscaster rob Parker as he’s so funny and reminds me of pro wrestling commentators

  10. Anthony Le

    The thing is if they are running a pick in roll with ad and Westbrook where lebron gonna be a spot up shooter. And If ad and lebron do a pick n roll, is Westbrook gonna be like at the 3 point line. Westbrook and lebron are too ball dominant. The only way this could work if lebron changes his style or Westbrook. Andre Drummond needs to get traded if this is gonna work out

  11. Rees Don

    Night said Jordan had more help lmfaoooo I be wanting to smack Shannon sometimes no kap 😂😂😂😂

  12. Delaman Souma

    That is a great break down by the podcast 👍

  13. Roel Perez

    Shut up 🤫 Shannon you lost this one

  14. Cosmo & Cozzy

    Hey I can dream and some dreams come true.

  15. Cosmo & Cozzy

    My money is on cleveland browns all the way to Brady land. Cleveland beats Brady in superbowl. Mayfield of dreams begins for cleveland. Curse is broke and browns are the new patriots and win 6 rings before 2030. Baker Mayfield is the next Tom Brady of NFL.

  16. Cosmo & Cozzy

    There missing something. Browns gave Mahomes a concussion Browns could of won that playoff game. I don't see Mahomes lasting the whole season without a concussion. Same way with Lamar Jackson.

  17. duncan

    Shannon with the Rollie Fingers reference :}) lol

  18. Djahim Leon

    Dude Westbrook not even top 5 pg .. i dont event think he top 10 … magic , isiah thomas, jason kid,steve nash, tony parker, steph curry , he not even top 5 in todays league bro.

  19. Anthawan Riley

    The great Blake bortles lol

  20. Great Wheat State

    If anyone thinks these clowns know anything about who is going to win... get some help

  21. Anthologist2189 M

    Out the f all lebron's teammates.........who was top 20 before he became their teammates?..... I'll wait... Krie was good but he wasn't a superstar until that championship season......now he's acknowledged as superstar and the world says he's better than lebron...... Ppl forget wade and Bosh wasn't allstars so much before lebron and became big 3 rite before bish retires......and wade loses his knees??? Ok

  22. CatShyne

    Skip is the reason why I stopped watching undisputed. His disrespect, dismissive demeanor and disregard of multiple facts, hypocrisy, etc., is so disturbing…

  23. itsthecabbage

    I like how the show just turns into another Lebron v Jordan argument😂