24 year old kid in Hollywood making crazy daily Vlogs!
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  1. Mahamed Deeq

    hsfsst bgdvv

  2. _deadly_shadow


  3. Briselda DelCid

    😂🤣 that's funny

  4. Bailey Jenkins

    Logan looks like a weard dude you makes funny videos.🤣😅🤣😆😅🤣😆😅😆😅😆🤣😅😅

  5. Ljubomir Stankovic

    5:06 the moment youve been waiting for.Thank me later

  6. Zain Ali Zafar

    2018 also fucked my life

  7. Ermin Đonlagić

    4:44 what song is this

  8. Lucas rafael

    Vim pelo naeglas

  9. Katie Hunt

    It’s scary how I still know this off by heart

  10. Ferald Seroki

    He's just using you

  11. Edvard von Knorring

    surprised he can even count to 15

  12. Ferald Seroki

    His a bitch

  13. mr creeper

    what type of shit is that he’s punching the back of his head

  14. The Joker's

    Who is watching this vlog in 2021

  15. RedNeck Life

    Me looking for Mayweather in the comments 🧐🧐🧐🧐

  16. Joel Koshy

    he's literally talking like an Irishman 1:53......lol

  17. LFLED

    3rd part????

  18. Random sheesh

    Yo Logan in a few years you’ll become a legit boxer

  19. Buddy Bair

    It is the prittiest dog iv ever seen

  20. leon

    He hasnt make a vid in a weeke

  21. Misbah Uddin


  22. MarvinProjects

    Anyone else miss this period in youtube?

  23. Duane Harington

    why waste so much alcohol lol

  24. Anonymous Me

    After the fight Logan's girlfriend broke up with him. Do you know why? Because his opponent got more hugs from him in a single fight than what she got in her lifetime.

  25. AakifslayerV2

    Anyone listening to this shit after watching JJ’s how to be Logan Paul simulator

  26. bigtonutz

    logan..... get on izea shake bro...

  27. Dennis Polat

    4:42 doesn’t even sound like Trevor in gta

  28. Amogus

    Dear Logan Paul , You have committed something that isn’t forgivable. I hope you regret what you did…

  29. Emilio Gardose III

    I used to hate the Logans but after the Mayweather fight, Now I like them.

  30. Cryptoredpills

    That did not age well

  31. 0 0

    You children



  33. Tuncay Əhmədov

    Who still watching these vlogs in 2021

  34. Misanthropic

    The only drama that i was interested in GOODBYE WHO EVEN ARE THOSE TIK TOKERS☝️😃

  35. Mostafa mxs

    logan is strong.

    1. Mostafa mxs

      that's why he go for boxing 🥊

  36. Arnold Celso Padayhag

    2022!!!!im watching

  37. ChickenNugget

    woah. he had an almond. aren’t almonds rlllly bad for dogs? i miss kong. he always lived life on the edge. first almond then hyenas… KONG DA SAVAGE 🔥

  38. Mootje Alparslan

    Lana rhoudes ?

  39. Vinziee


  40. Jácome Bettencourt

    best volg i´ve ever seen before

  41. Elnathan Seonyane

    That is not funny

  42. Miles Kluckow

    The subtitles were not helpful at all

  43. Troshanov

    1:29 SONG?

  44. khalos

    Desde España, esto es increible, la amistad que tienen y la frase del final. me hizo llorar 🥺❤️

  45. XxneøxX

    I feel so bad for mayweather

  46. Saturn God

    This Lowkey Slaps🔥

  47. yanna

    bring back this era pls

  48. Raymond Davis

    No kids were harmed in this video

  49. Breezon Stefanyshyn

    Huh, I never knew you could bean a team.

  50. Buenas Diaz

    This video makes me realized that I have something.

  51. Woosh Prod

    Im sorry this is ass

  52. mc_ _mazurek


  53. Dudzer Dunlea

    the end gets u in the feels

  54. JpBooker

    1:35:14 Did this dude just fuck up a perfect opportunity for a fist bump!?

  55. Skwii

    Logan be like: nice eyebrows dude

  56. Jonathan Mascarenas



    damn! i still get the chills man!

  58. Viswas Vilas

    I want these hands 😂😂c...well u got them

  59. Eminy Ava

    I miss Kong and maverick….

  60. xXLion_GamerXx

    we all know if he go to italy he need to slap hes brothers bASS

  61. Elnathan Seonyane

    Jake 😀😀 and logan make me laugh

  62. ツZEFIX



    My man distroyed the youtube with this song

  64. Elnathan Seonyane

    Is this real cuz its funny

  65. Ishan Gupta

    NGL I want Evan as my friend

  66. Sue Uzuncan

    so good

  67. PrincessSlush

    I didn’t hate 2020 I was fine with it

  68. ツZEFIX

    Old days


    3:00 really you just need noodles

  70. Sushi Trash 鮨塵


  71. Sushi Trash 鮨塵


  72. Bobby Majors


  73. Wick