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  1. Arnold Nadj Torma

    He has to win all the slams this year... To finish '21 year with 21 slams! That is something really cool 😊

  2. Prakash Rajamohan

    Sharing the Tweet comment from "Tennispuneet". I liked it.... Big 4… Novak destroys Andy multiple times at AO Big 3… Novak destroys Roger multiple times at Wimbledon Big 2… Novak destroys Rafa, finally, on clay Big 1 Goat The End

  3. - Chua

    Novak has answers to Nadal's high bounce top spin balls and counter attack with unexpected placement of dropshots against Nadal's movements.

  4. Miyazaki Zachary

    He deserves to be the best in history of tennis. He is a machine, Nadal is a predator, and Roger is an artist. What an era!


    nadal backhand is too high sometime

  6. Barbara Jasek


  7. Celulares Manu

    Que tremendo jugador Mariano!!! impresionante como tenia que ganar 500 veces el mismo punto, increíble, se cansó de pegarle a la bocha jajaja, ya se veía venir lo de Rafa!, pero no le quita mérito a Mariano, un crack!, super final, la recuerdo perfecto, partidazo espectacular

  8. Nikhil Bagde

    please upload full match

  9. Zigs Zigs

    Djoko beast mode

  10. David Knichal

    If only French crowd was as respectful as Novak is for sure it would be great, but...simply France

  11. Novak Djokovic Tennis Fan

    Can we fucking load 2021 SF and Final please?

  12. Phil Tomaselli

    GOOD AS We Predicted yaaaaaa and now we can start the slaughter SGT 👠 H J K H W MG JK Niet z UN So many oussies every where 😂😂😂 GMatt ch Grotesque GAR SELI MST DIY now for coming at me like a B Reston Piaci SCUN RUM jelly Vanessa UBLU FR AK AY DP DOUGH pol izza ATT CEO says why not let's pick em up Ya

  13. D

    incredible match..hingis tried to copy the underarm serve against Graf and got booed viciouslly

  14. Charming nowhere to hide

    Best female match in a very long time, maybe ever actually

  15. john wheel

    Folded like a cheap knife

  16. daya deep

    jo co ho ho

  17. enio silva

    com um cara igual o Nole não pode brincar

  18. Bams Sudardjo

    Nole is the only player can beat Nadal on clay many times.. bravo RG 2021.. The true champion is nole

  19. Maria Cristina

    Muita linda 😍

  20. kingdragon123

    Irwin Yeong bashed and raped and killed everyone by fucking unlimited times to live forever in the world all by himself by fucking unlimited fucking unlimited times

  21. Carlos Rerucha

    Nadal had his chance for 7-5 in the third and also had a 2-0 advantage in the fourth. He just gave the match away at those moments.

  22. dylan peritz


  23. Lucia Bandoma

    Novak Djokovic the best, the Goat, funny guy.I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Luis Celis


  25. Sashok Sashok

    Djokovic is just a Titan!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Who came to watch Tsitsipas after 2021 Ronald Garros ♥️

  27. christopher smith


  28. bodoti qwiu

    Here in Greece we love Novak not just because he is a great athlete but because he is a great human being.We love you,NOVAK.Greece loves you!Great person!!!

  29. Cassie

    What Roger couldn't do in his whole career, Novak did it again.

  30. JR Productions

    The kid's heart broke.

  31. naila nabila

    The graceful improvement immuhistochemically disapprove because soup basically offer around a ignorant antelope. ill, macabre fighter

  32. That Cologne Guy

    Ferrer is STILL the best player ever never to win a Major.

  33. Johnson Malarkey

    The late Kobe Bryant was correct, Djokovic is the G.O.A.T. all the way and we witness his prophetic words now more than ever. Rest in peace Kobe and may God rest your soul.

  34. Stella Rossa

    Djokovic the beast

  35. عبدالعزيز العنزي

    a medical time champion

  36. niduoe stre

    At this point I think we've all come to the realisation that they ONLY person who can take Novak out in a GS is an attention seeking American lineswoman.

  37. djraphi23

    Disappointed by Tsitsipas on match point. He had clear look on the bounce of the ball and he tried to show to the umpire an another mark. Cheater instinct.

  38. mllop aeet

    Rafa at Roland Garros: vs Djokovic - 7 wins/2 losses vs everyone else - 98 wins/1 loss Facts.

  39. aleksa 06

    i still think the match point ball was out

  40. Aleksandar Čokanović


  41. Joel Wright

    McEnroe said of that 100 minute set “You cannot be Serious”

    1. Cassie

      ne odgovara vam da balkanac uzme a

  42. Stefano Reggatta

    Amazing at maximum power! Great Nole !!!!

  43. Joel Wright

    Joker announces after French Open victory his final 5 year plan: 5 years at number one 2 slams per year Sounds dooooable

  44. Geyson Javier Orozco Cardona

    I need to see the full match

    1. mllop aeet

      Респект Джокович! Вернул должёк Надалю.

  45. Joel Wright

    Nadal and Federer will always be my choice as Not Goats, but Sacrificial Lambs

  46. Boris Kostic

    It is interesting how Djokovic playstyle changed over the years earlier in career he played more powerful tennis, now he plays much more presicion tennis

  47. Miso Pham

    Their groundstrokes and moving are amazingly beautiful, especially from Zidansek. They are better than some men's ones in the tournaments. Its a pleasure to the eyes.

  48. Abdo GH

    The third wow

  49. Тт т

    Где тот Тим сейчас ,мог взять свой первый Гаррос

  50. Graf Steffi

    06:19 is novak big weapon

    1. niduoe stre

      The joyous quicksand italy number because cupboard randomly frame near a fearful fearless scooter. wide-eyed, marvelous geology

  51. Hedy Coral

    Does Novak has a silicon body???. What I know is: he knows how to take his mind to "ZERO POINT".

  52. bayodina samah

    Mon idole de tous les temps.je suis malade quand il est battu.il m'inspire : il n'est pas hypocrite dans ses actes et propos mais humble, mon Djokovic ! Reste ce que tu es ! Une Star.....

  53. Di Di


  54. jim le reveilleur

    no vestiary stop ??? no dopage that day ? sad

  55. Muhy

    Djokovič after second set: "And i took that personally."

  56. Amanda Cerny

    Stefanos 13 shot 0:15. Djokovic 13 shot 0:30. Stefanos 17 shot 0:50. Stefanos 7 shots 1:20. Djokovic 13 shots 3:00. Stefanos good shot 4:40. Stefanos 11 shot 5:10. Stefanos 21 shot 6:10

  57. Cong Dan Pham

    It is just one hand backhand is eassy style player for nadal! That is nemesis

  58. Linda Day Holliday

    Anyone can clearly see something was wrong with Serena. Her posture, even her countenance was not as normal.

  59. de agk


  60. Rishabh Gulati

    I want novak to win 2021 wimbledon and us open but if next he loses i want this man to win it for sure. would love to see him completing his career grandslam.

  61. kingoffaith

    I think,its novek plan is this...First loose then tore the opponent when he is in dream

  62. Jalal Haider

    Djokovic =elasticity

  63. Jalal Haider

    Now a days it looks impossible to beat Djokovic in final. No 1 for a reason..it's now his era he will gonna break nadal and federar record.

    1. Milan Z

      @Jalal Haider In 2011-2021 period Federer won 4 GS titles, Djokovic 18. Federer 25 weeks at No1, Djokovic 325. I think it's pretty clear whose era this was.

    2. Jalal Haider

      @Milan Z no it wasn't federar has won record titles in last decade

    3. Milan Z

      It has been his era for the last 10 years.

  64. Jackson Matos

    We'll always love to see Guga playing !

  65. Diana Westrup

    Thanks for this video. I enjoyed it very much.

  66. Mohd Asyraf

    Gone were the days where the 1 and 2 are reliable and deserving the hype. Despite the one sided h2h, they sold tickets.

  67. Fule Fulee

    Nadal se neće više uhvati za reket🤣

  68. Jovica Tomasevic

    It is a real pleasure to listen to the broadcast of radio Roland Garros commentators(which I audio record so I can listen again), after the match, when I know that Nole won.Listen to them, totally biased, rejoice and celebrate Nadal's points, and when Nole wins an important point, the poor people totally faint and sigh!

  69. Michele Chambers

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  70. Mejdi

    PFFF aucun respect ce public français, ils n'ont aucun cœur ... et ça se passe comme ça aussi dans leurs entreprises, vous piétinez pour vous faire quitter l'entreprise .... Martina pleure dans ses bras de sa maman et eux continuent de la huer, ils sont fous.