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  1. Go Away

    Radio rahim looks really like he knows what he is talking about 😂🤣.

  2. Hann Gifford

    “That’s in the past” is a great cop out lmao. What a joke coming from a guy who was never a great boxer

  3. James Bowering

    Perfect interview

  4. Hann Gifford

    Does this guy ever take those sunglasses off? How come FM Radio didn’t ask him about the dive he took against Beyoncé wilder?

  5. u-alrdykno C.V.O

    And here I thought Larry Merchant was annoying and was horrible at interviewing boxers and trainer's... I liked him as a commentator... But this guy took the cake with this interview ...

  6. sonny baldwin

    Wider will hire a hit man before he shares the ring with tf again. Not a chance in hell he will show up and fight!!!!!

  7. sonny baldwin

    I can’t take a man seriously that took a dive when he fought wilder. Wilder hired another yes man and will be exposed if he shows up to fight tf.

  8. kidger carberry

    Wilder stuttering shite just get to the point. Fucking racist word being used.

  9. Kino TV

    Stand up guy

  10. Hans Pennyloaf

    Whats funny is he talked all that shit and still lost twice.

  11. Ben Ali Alfakhri

    Hope this guy is ironed out by whoever he's fighting. Talks a good game but the best he's done is run from Chisora for 12 rounds.

  12. ayesha ahmed

    Bummm sqaud

  13. jack frost

    White supremacy beat wilder the 2nd time. Tyson cheated

  14. ZaheerAbbasKhan Official

    Radio Rahim asking the questions we all want answers to. Malik Scott is full of shit like his fighter Deontey Wilder

  15. Mark young

    Gettem Malik Scott Brilliant

  16. Rephayah Yahudah Yisrael

    Tyson Fury only got power when his gloves 🧤 is tampered with.

  17. terry Cruse

    The interviewer is annoying!

  18. Luke Burny

    Well said tyson proper white boy "I just concentrate on my family work hard that's it really!!!

  19. Tony Morph

    They were all wrong except Lennox

  20. The Mortician

    Rahim is so biased! Trying to move the narrative. Good interview Maleek, spoke well for the champ✊🏾

  21. Hydrogen is God

    If I was mega rich I'd breed like a rat too

  22. Bobby Maverick


  23. richard busby

    Most avoided light heavy not many want his smoke

  24. arther Camelot

    Great interview. Tyson you look focused and on ready for business dad will be happy your a boxer again

  25. CustomJ

    It's hard not to like Tyson Fury.

  26. Hammers2006

    Loved this yes rahim

  27. Hammers2006

    Malik your a joke man

  28. JohnnyClock

    Radio Rahcoon here! 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Omotayo Oloyebua

    Tyson Fury has so much confidence anytime he wants to fight Deontay Wilder but is scared when it comes to Anthony Joshua

  30. Anthony Cook

    If you don’t care about the money I’ll have a mill I’ll dm you me details

  31. Pat Fenis

    Malik "I Dive" Scott sounds more like a boyfriend than a trainer, he has swallowed that Deontay juice hard

  32. D K

    "We don't remember excuses, we only look back at the results" FACTS. When Aldo lost to Mcgregor he had a ton of excuses and look at him now! When Dustin lost to Khabib he fought his way back up grinding!

  33. Pat Fenis

    Blind leading the blind... This is what yes men gets you

  34. Mason F TV

    Deluded yes man talking bullshit

  35. Matthew Ratcliffe

    We'll see how many stay subscribed once the DAZN price goes up

  36. Samuel Samson

    Hahaha you are joker Keith

    1. Samuel Samson

      You been dis by Pac man hahahaha

  37. John Jones

    Wilder a complete twat

  38. Craig Joyner

    Malik Scott: It was just a bad night at the office for Wilder. Radio Raheem: But wilder said it was everything else, except for that. He blamed Breland, and fury with gloves, etc. Malik Scott: 🧢 👁 👃🏿 👁 👄

  39. Anthony Cook

    He lives in that suit

  40. paul rothery

    his english is sooo good

  41. Barry Wall

    look up a boxer called david price, he is rubbish and beat tyson easy, my cousin watched it live, you never answered either why wilder had to take tyson to court to make this fight happen, tyson spent over six months paying a legal team to try and get out of this fight, him and little boy daniel may influence people like ben davison....kinahan cant influence a federal judge LOL, tyson said he would never.....ever fight wilder again........just like cancelling ireland on the book tour when you were told i always say, how is that key in your back tyson? that's a good boy, make sure you take ya vitamins

  42. Tarak Ford

    This some convenient bullshit👎🏽

  43. NellieGeorgina

    Wilder never showed any skill now this idiot trainer is trying to make people believe he’s such a great fighter

  44. NellieGeorgina

    Fury had a good night more like

  45. Tommy Brashares

    This aged well. He was and is the most cringe worthy boxer to ever grace the mic.

  46. Show Your Boxing IQ

    😒🥱 Respect Malik. Let 📻 🦝 keep 🎣.

  47. Michael Mannucci

    *Be a race baiter* *When someone asks you for any evidence, get angry and yell since you have none*

  48. NellieGeorgina

    Blow joe “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. NellieGeorgina

    Wilder was humiliated and he’s going back for more

  50. NellieGeorgina

    Deontay is doing nothing

  51. CL Wil

    Simply, he threw Mark Breeland under the bus, because Mr. Breeland told the truth instead of bootlicking sycophants.....

  52. Pride myself with non trolling comments

    I think Raheem knew it was just hyperbole but wanted to get a rise out of it

  53. Jorge Quiroz

    He does everything I AXE him, that's all we can AXE from him xD

  54. Marlon Burnett

    Lol. RR hating 🤡

  55. J And1

    Amen💯Deontay should be a preacher 🙏💪🧬

  56. bull419

    Tank can really punch but he hasn't really been punched, see when he gets punched if he can really fight.

  57. Kieran

    Fight joe smith jr

  58. NellieGeorgina

    Highest ko ratio vs unranked fighters and c class fighters until he ran into fury

  59. NellieGeorgina

    Scott couldn’t beat fury ever so how could he expect to train wilder to do that 😆😆😆😆😆

  60. NellieGeorgina

    Scott is defensive just like wilder there perfect together

  61. u-alrdykno C.V.O

    Well said Mr. Fury... Given a chance to trash DW - he spoke with class and respect for how humans deal with defeat or loss and given Fury's past and struggles he understands what we go through and the excuses we give ourselves to convince that it wasn't our fault but he spoke with class.. Good to hear similar to Conor who are both trash talkers and brash but speak with truth and dignity ..

  62. NellieGeorgina

    Tyson will win again %100

  63. Christiana Wheeler

    The lackadaisical chick natively attend because leg fifthly moan by a noisy surname. mighty, penitent decade

  64. Ron Johnson

    Dude lost again already!

  65. Tyler Fisher

    Lmao he said he just had a bad night meaning he hasn’t improved for this upcoming fight

  66. InDisBit 936

    He’s talking about how tysons people didn’t get behind him but wilder doesn’t have his own people behind him. And it’s not because he’s black, it’s because he makes himself hard to like

  67. Tyler Fisher

    Lmao imagine his own trainer saying he need to help his mindset and not his boxing skills

  68. John Paixao

    This guy is the most delusional person on earth. I actually feel really bad for him after hearing he’s a virgin.

  69. red viking

    Said what everyone was thinking

  70. ImJustSayin

    Fury is scared he sat there for 20 seconds after wilder left shook 💣💣💣💣

  71. Krishiel Gaming

    Look at pacman his face is clean compare to Thurman, his(pacman) punch is really strong. Thurman you are a certified fighter compared to gayweather

  72. Mick Thompson

    Would be better if Wilder fought Whyte and Fury fought Ruiz before a third fight?

  73. Anthony Jonas

    He wasn't a man of his word. Less talking this time around. Someone's ego hurt?

  74. Nash's Life Story

    hang on a mo, did you not get paid to take a fall in your fight ?