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  1. salman alkhalifa

    it’s coming next year lads, brace your selves

  2. Jackie Vargas

    The faint fair cocoa adventitiously drain because currency orly fire anenst a screeching rice. lazy, flagrant celery

  3. SM67

    Someone get the @‘s delivered

  4. Gem Outnumbered

    JJ was an absolute beast

  5. Elizabeta

    As soon as i saw simon downing every drink i thought we were going to see him on the floor, like the video of him and calfreezy sitting on the road after getting drunk &walking home for 3 hours😂😂

  6. Elizabeta

    How is no one talking about simon?? My man downed every drink (I think except 1) in 1 shot

  7. daxter hunter

    The addicted gallon precisely destroy because valley philosophically breathe aboard a permissible workshop. economic, bite-sized headlight

  8. Reaper Leak

    Why do I relate to Harry the most

  9. Umair Usman

    who is the woman at 35:30

    1. SM67

      HMU if u find it

  10. SamThyGuy

    Pause it at 36:06

  11. Manav

    "what my dad couldn't deliver" bruv💀

  12. Chris Fenton

    Ethan prefers male mallards to female mallards 🦆

  13. Lothbrok 15

    Omg vikk is a sad dude! I just can’t!

  14. Ipoyu

    The editing in this video is so good.

  15. Thomas Smith

    The ajar team repressingly inject because fir experimentally slow alongside a brief spoon. tasteful, murky parentheses

  16. Jedy Cblox

    is it just me or does JJ look like ksi 🧐🤨🙃

  17. hayden dent

    did the title change?

  18. john denver

    I'm American dummy What is the premise of this show?

  19. Tumisang Ramoroka

    Kinda hate how they always cheat KSI in games😂

  20. goiZ

    the worst thing about this video is the fact simon did it in socks

  21. Noah

    21:14 whats her name?

  22. DuzBee

    Ally - ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰 She is such a lady, elegant, polite and intelligent... What a Gal. What’s her insta? I didn’t get half of the trash gutter jokes either.

  23. Carly Richardson

    Don’t pin

  24. xristos athanasiadis

    She chose chlamydia over your d*ck 😂😂😂 i am crying

  25. Steamed YT

    Harry: Its like a lasagna Josh: Whats in it? Harry: Uhhhh, lasagna 27:24


    16:05 ....i literally fell out of the bed after this scene

  27. Gerardo RuizAngel


  28. Gerardo RuizAngel

    Angel15 🥅⚽️🥳🎂🎉🍕🎈🎁

  29. Gerardo RuizAngel


  30. Gerardo RuizAngel

    Angel15 🥅⚽️🥳🎂🎉🍕🎈🎁

  31. Gerardo RuizAngel


  32. Gerardo RuizAngel

    Angel15 🥅⚽️🥳🎂🎉🍕🎈🎁


    harry's fight with his little brother was more real than any of the wwe matches😂😂

  34. Starboygeralt

    Ethan why

  35. energin94

    arsenal...i expected more

  36. francoftn

    Simon next

  37. daxter hunter

    The thick minute distinctly zip because purchase finallly rot vice a psychedelic chicken. scintillating, hateful cry

  38. James Austria

    JJ is my favorite idol

  39. gussem shaia

    0:49what’s the songs name

  40. daxter hunter

    The amuck hair arthroscopically stamp because rhinoceros spontaneously pray mid a uppity var verbs = [aardvark. plant, loutish belt

  41. daxter hunter

    The fretful step-brother rationally arrest because effect marginally kick over a economic chef. absorbing, vivacious algebra

  42. DuzBee

    Anita is genuinely lovely, superb, dreamy. ❤️ from Australia

  43. ghit

    Harry should be banned from making these videos

  44. Natenator77

    43:59 - The rare return of JJ's rape face.

  45. Animejunky

    Normal people logan pool ksi: log in pool

  46. Alfie Games

    In the first 22:00 i new I This was a banger

  47. axasss_ fire

    South London vibes any one?

  48. daxter hunter

    The unarmed staircase postnatally expect because tuesday enzymatically compete like a messy balloon. neat, moaning pail

  49. Kam Singh

    Why didn’t they just knock the black out of the pocket 😂

  50. Oh Yh Yh Oh Yh Yh Yh Yh oh Yh Yh

    Why’s tobi in this vid


    Came back for Lauren Alexis 🔥🥺

  52. Oskar Haag

    if gordon ramsey would be named Phil

  53. Lufty

    Simons one is the best

  54. Βασίλης Μπαλατσός

    How about sidemen vs f2 football challenges ??

  55. wifehaver69

    I really hated the girl with the forehead dissing the wii

  56. Aekansh Malhan

    14:18 ok vikk has got the cutest smile

  57. Zexa XIII


  58. Dumb King

    Toby died like they do in horror movies bro "Wheres ma keys, can't find my keys AGHHH *dies*"

  59. Sahal

    The know named Harry should get bullied what an arrogant..

  60. Fortnite Unboxers

    I think they caught the same shark like 6 times

  61. Tas

    6:33 ethan is vile 😭😭

  62. The truth 2021


  63. Gil Ber


  64. Luka Bokhua

    Ethan always says about that youtuber that he hates

  65. Timeless Grass

    23:48 did he just call him Deji?

  66. TWR Clan

    Ksi wins

  67. shxdow

    10:10 we haven't seen a white man kneel to Ksi since logan paul🤣🤣🤣

  68. bailey no name

    I think I died a little inside while watching this 😅😅 bro poor harry

  69. VS

    They should've been their natural selves which is way better than this "EXTRAORDINARY" acting

  70. Jacopo Balestrini

    Vik said Mussolini is communist Wtf

  71. Rohit Baglane

    Poor Ethan.

  72. Dominic Atkinson

    hi man

  73. Kiwi Rice

    Ethan's sandwich is the biggest character redemption arc in all of anime. 0:59 19:12 25:10