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  1. Repent!

    Repent to Jesus Christ !

  2. LightUpDaBomb1

    Brady over 40 yrs old throwing with way more velocity then matt ryan lol

  3. KM Clan

    NFL, don't ever compare Chicago's greatest duo to these cheese heads. F.Y.I we don't like them!!

  4. Joey Hernandez

    Lmfaoooooooo yoooo Peyton is savage af!!! He really said what we all want to bout then Pats hahahahahaha

  5. Bilal Uddin

    Bro watching Eli as a giants fan is such a treat. The only treat since like 2011...

  6. Chevy

    Edwards is a damn beast haha

  7. Jonathan Funnell


  8. MC MF

    Eu oro toda noite para uma música minha estourar, Sei que algum Dia Direi, Não Foi fácil, Mas Consegui!!! ❤️ Sucesso pra geral que leu 🍀😍

  9. coldzz

    He legit won me my fantasy game

  10. Arjun Venkatesh

    I am the one who he won the fantasy game for

  11. mstwntd69

    Easily the best part of the broadcast

  12. K.C LABS

    And I won money on this game 4,000

  13. mitch lancaster

    I am a big Eli Manning fan, then I'm a Peyton Manning fan, thank you to the Manning family, for their values and faith in our lord Jesus

  14. Jerad Jones

    YJMJ The bottom line is This , The MVP of the Game they call football is Aaron Rodgers. Rodge showed the world on Monday night That he still is the MVP in deed. Rodge has mostly owned Monday night's Period THE IRON ROD.

  15. Yari Az Quran

    Came to see a good matchup... STAYED FOR GUS JOHNSON'S CALLS.

  16. Dozjah Doz

    Aaron Rodgers is far from Jordan.

  17. ReydoViews

    Pat mcafee is a don

  18. Nevin turner

    Lets be real no one watches these overrated steroid abusers

  19. Marcus Aurelius

    Whoever came up with the idea for Manning Monday needs to win an Emmy.

  20. G L

    I like how the lions are building in the trenches your team has some solid pieces to build on for the future.

  21. Mr Fahrenheit

    12:17 best part of this whole video

  22. Stories To Tell

    Pat McAfee is always a win.

  23. WizardsFan721

    We love Pat mcafee

  24. MoTownPhenom

    why does it seem like every nfl team has a cordarrelle patterson

  25. K.C LABS

    And I won money on this game 4,000

  26. Yung Faness


  27. E. S.

    Choked again. The story of Seattle.

  28. Freddy Kitchens

    Arch manning to wvu?

  29. KM Clan

    Only thing this QB knows how to throw is... A pitty party lol Big cry baby!

  30. SlackerSteve2004

    Pat's story telling is next level

  31. Giannis Antetokounmpo ✔

    Packers redeemed themselves

  32. Data Masked

    Another year down the drain in Minnesota.

  33. Leo Garcia

    That wasn’t the raider fans being loud with all respect that was the Ravens fan making noise. I went to the game

  34. K.C LABS


    1. Exodia


  35. Santana Ross

    AFC Is Going To Be Tough


    Flawless Victory

  37. WatDeySay

    Lamar ran his way outta this one literally

  38. Sovereign News

    Lions never will win the Superbowl. Face it.

  39. Yung Faness


  40. Kristen Vaughn

    I got so excited seeing Pat on here!! The star of MNF this week 😎

  41. Juan Payan

    I cant be the only one that gets scared while watching Tom Brady play because of a potential career ending sack.

  42. WatDeySay

    Lamar does better in scrambling passes .

  43. J SIMM

    They gonna own MNF b4 long !

  44. Cordero Merritt

    Lets go bears

  45. PENTIUM1217

    *Aaron Rodgers & Aaron Jones!* 🧀🏈🧀🧀

  46. HiFi5280

    Should've made it strictly about the line. Zeke can't compare to Emmitt which is no diss. It's just that no rb since has topped his greatest accomplishments

  47. Bokeret Bobse

    Every packer fan is happy and it’s not because we won it’s because Kevin king is gonna get took out yh starting line up

  48. alvatrous

    Same old lions

  49. Matt Last

    Mostly seemed that if AD went at Q he got stopped 1v1, if he went towards the center and then moved towards Q the double team stopped him, if he moved towards the right side of the OLine it was easy pickings.

  50. Naughty

    We NEED more of Pat McAfee. He kept us and the Manning Bros entertained during the second half of this one sided game.

  51. James Kai

    6:07 not trying to Monday morning QB but the running back was right in front of his face

  52. Big papa

    PMAC should be a regular

  53. Frank Zito

    Pollard is so elusive. Some of the quickest feet in the league and one of the best all around backs. Wouldn’t shock me if Zeke gets traded.

  54. Chris Tannuzzo

    Without a doubt the top corner in the league.

  55. Yellowman617

    Still one of tha worst trades ever

  56. Devin Smith

    This was a great decision for the NFL.

  57. Gatlin Gunn

    Love how Pat is so tuned in to every special teams play while Peyton and Eli are talking about literally anything else

  58. Click Me

    Chiefs fan and this was an epic battle, we’ll be seeing this many times in the years coming up

  59. Dennis Ole

    The first half, I sat there and actually thought we looked like a good...solid football team with promise. Then the second half kicked in and my same old same old lions came to play 😔🙃

  60. Grrr2609

    Was down 102-121.. I had Aaron Jones and he had Swift. In love with Aaron Jones currently

  61. Assuntay Cleaver

    The Dolphins need Cam but they are holding out for Watson.

  62. Andrew M.

    My opponent had Jones in fantasy, luckily I had Derrick Henry.

  63. Chris

    Aaron Jones lost his necklace and looks like something hit the ground at 1:27 behind the celebration after the first touchdown

  64. Drew Jenkins

    *2019:* "Brady doesn't even want to win, he's happy collecting checks from the Succaneers." *2021:* "Brady has the best team in the NFL, they could win with Tebow, this proves nothing."

  65. TranQuil

    Packers actually spawned in for this one

  66. fart sucker

    Won me a game with that first TD, the rest was just padding.

  67. Yung Faness


  68. Sloppy 1 Hundred

    Pat says Son of B**** on live TV??? 😭

  69. Simp Gaming

    Pistons are typing...

  70. Matt B

    The energy got sucked from the Lions on the failed 4th down, and gave A-A-Ron the little momentum he needed.

  71. Jordan Bostic

    Those lions are a real threat 🤣

  72. Chef Izzy

    King better not get anther start after this game, complete and utter trash

  73. Fulton Crabtree

    Pat let’s his wife peg him!!!!

  74. L D

    Iame ass caption…..

  75. Sara Miller


  76. EagleXYZ LibertarianForChrist

    I really dislike how they put the winner in the video preview.

  77. Da'Von Baskett

    Hank Baskett... My cousin unfortunately🙄

  78. David Williams

    I'm so glad we got Goff the hell up out of LA.

  79. Demonts Montes

    Don’t know how cowboy fans are happy with this gift of a win

  80. gamedemon89

    “What a great punt, no chance of a return. Hey Peyton how about that punt? Why don’t you say something nice about punters” Yeah pat were going to be taking a commercial here.