1. Maida Waqar

    Ahhh too much difficult to find this masterpiece

  2. Giacobbo Giacobino

    The song Is really Good and catchy and It sounds so clean and heavy. But The message Is a Little hypocrite, I mean She Is the Queen now of what makes young children and teens insecures nowadays, along with all the biggest tiktokers and Influencers

  3. Amanda Silva

    ela é inteligente, esperou o velho morrer e daí plagiou

  4. Jamal Elfilali

    Omg the best song ever i love you like my mom 🥰🥺👉👈

  5. Poppy Chula Brown

    i found ZHC in the video

  6. Żaneta Pawlak


  7. Bl6o

    BESTTT PART 0:55

  8. SnakeMobile


  9. Greenski

    This slaps hard af.

  10. Flaming Deagel

    Only the OG's know that she isn't the singer .

  11. sande Boi


  12. cynthia h

    Came after the H3 podcast , looking forward to what comes next from you 😊

  13. ultimatedude365

    Would Amadeus love this?

  14. Robot Cyrus

    Mia Khalifa it's so famous here in Brazil

  15. Mízuky San YT

    Te Odio 😡😡

  16. Patty McGough

    We need a movie about this


    im listing to this song again smh

  18. LilKhaos


  19. Zoey Devlin


  20. silo yom

    This video and the music is awesome. Thanks for not being a typical influencer 😂

  21. Duru lavinia


  22. luxyfoxy da zueira

    👁️👃👁️ 💧👄💧

  23. °kim jayrla^~

    Bella a love you

  24. Phoebe Strom

    This is absolutely ridiculously addicting to watch. Amazing

  25. Wolfi

    Its just one month old and it already has 185.8 million views...

  26. mod de jogos

    Tenho a impressão que ja ouvi esse musica a muito tempo

  27. Syeda Rokeya

    Girl at the left side of bella looks like identical twin of mia khalifa lmao

  28. OriginalGaucho

    This song is pure shit!

    1. ︎

      @Teyoncé 😂

    2. Teyoncé

      So why take the time to click the video and comment? Your only making her more money 😂

  29. Luky roblox

    I found 1 friend

  30. Ergun Cicek

    I love you Bella Poarch 💓 💗 😘🥰😍

  31. Cedrick Bois

    Ya they won't be so badass when the military comes after them

  32. עדן בן חמו


  33. POL1ASEK

    Plz subscribe xd

  34. Aida Navrouzova

    its so cool

  35. Aida Navrouzova


  36. Lucero Bohórquez Mantilla VJ

    Sooo similar to that Bethoven'n Symphony....

  37. Tomásofsky

    Bella Poarch I love you so much but no offense you copy this song the original is "Mozart 1768"

  38. Chunu

    As a person who gets made fun of for not having a picture perfect body that fits today's standards, and being flat, I enjoy this song. C:

    1. nako

      But Bella literally is perfect. She's gorgeous.

  39. javier molina guerrero

    2:38 7w7

  40. Jajuan Washington

    Did I just see ZHC!!??

  41. Kristina Razokienė

    Yoo i want that Mia Khalifa doll

  42. lolo

    like mozart

  43. Aurelio GM


  44. a1ron_yt (a1ron_yt)

    Am I the only one that s wondering why zhc is in this lol

  45. Rey Zaldie Corda


  46. austin becker

    why was the height at nothing when she was made is 5 feet that short godamn

  47. Rey Zaldie Corda

    Teh notice😥😥😇😇😇

  48. Bukola Ola


  49. Rey Zaldie Corda


  50. Matthew Goodman

    I see ZHC

  51. Mini CERØL FF

    Man so eu q ja escutei essa musiac antes de lancar????

    1. ⚠Mathew⚠

      eu tbm achei

  52. Ely Mayte Quispe Flores

    Díganme qué no soy la única que habla español 😐👌

  53. Danielle Villafania

    can mack more vids

  54. xox_Yummii

    I SAW ZCH 😳

  55. Madeleine Rojas Baquerizo

    I really liked you, you are a goddess

  56. fa marianana

    Parece o efeito Mandela

  57. breha / bingus

    THIS IS SO AMAZING. the music, the editing, the sounds.. EVERYTHING

  58. Seilá862 Lucas Dias terres


  59. Supermal Lol

    I saw Zhc



  61. Beverlysoh

    Love the song, but I do think it’s ironic that she made this song with that message when she has had so much plastic surgery to the point where she looks like a completely different person. So technically, this is build a bitch

  62. Fahad JR king

    1:54 is creepy 😱

  63. Sky crew!

    “Bob the builder broke my heart”

  64. The daredevil

    Come o

  65. JIM BOB2

    ZHC???????? omfg luv u bella <3 loving it, should be the top of the chart. i mean come on. bob the builder.so many more i dont even care to mention

  66. Nieves Ayma Salas

    Sorri eres la mejor bella poarch

  67. Cacto Espetante :D

    Its obly me, or someone else thinked this music is kinda familiar :/

    1. ︎

      Weird lol

  68. Kaiky Oliveira

    Já ouvi essa musica

  69. mundo fantástico

    Que música mas bacana

  70. The OverPower Duo

    Big chuggus

  71. MJ GQB

    you have 8 friends sa music video mo na yan.. 😅🙏

  72. Andreea Sofia • 999 years ago

    My favourite song made by a tik toker

  73. Aliceee

    Did you steal Mozart's song?

    1. ︎

      Who is he?

  74. Layzx

    Yo what's zhc doin in this music video

  75. Sekani Mitchell

    I follow you on tik tok

  76. Jelena Torres

    ZHC is there

  77. JordanPlayz


  78. Maria Mata

    I think I found Zach

    1. LordG


  79. Maria Mata

    U did great bella poarch