I'm a young motovlogger from Phoenix, Arizona! I've been riding motorcycles since 2015. My first motorcycle I learned how to ride on was a Suzuki GS500F. After taking a motorcycle safety course and finally gaining some confidence on the streets, I decided to purchase my second motorcycle. A Honda CBR600RR. After some time passed I decided to add another motorcycle to the family. So I purchased a Yamaha FZ-07. Again, more time passed and guess what I did. I purchased my final bike, as of now. A Honda Grom!

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  1. gothael1

    You mean you hunted her down for likes. Who's the Karen now?

  2. Samuel Castleberry

    Old grumpy Karen

  3. Krash Kourse

    They are not supposed to do that now

  4. NicoYoshimitsu

    And now we gonig to McDonalds and eat some Chicken..

  5. Callum Boyd

    Oh it is Van Mc Cann by the way... you are still cute as a button. I pulled the trigger today felt good, now all I need is my wheels my gat and my keys and my passport and wallet with my real identity. Should be good.

  6. Sub Zyro

    The fact that you sound like Kermit the frog makes me so happy ❤❤

  7. Артемий Тищенко

    That’s how he gets girls dude,

  8. Barry Wilkerson

    Cops have a list of BS reasons to fit their narrative for pulling people over anytime and anywhere.

  9. Callum Boyd

    You still wear camouflage. Yayayayaya

  10. bababoi

    You could have just game them to me…

  11. Oddwolfhaley

    This lady was actually in her right. She doesn’t have to live like this.

  12. Callum Boyd

    You are very very pretty, get on, jj, allo allo, happy bday.

  13. Noo Naa

  14. Junior Bustos

    Lol, scary ass dude

  15. Taylor Livingston

    Behold. The king of squids.

  16. Neli Lemon

    Theres still faith in humanity 😀

  17. gCHAP

    How is this funny at all? Sense of humor 0

  18. ACE ACE

    Stop escaping dialogue ....

  19. gCHAP

    The top 10 dumbest video ever posted.

  20. biggermusicman

    So fake. Why do I keep watching this shit?

  21. Bmw 8 series

    Do they not touch the rabbit with bare hands because it might bite?

  22. - Rafif

    The high rev sound in the beginning, did you guys just high rev-ing that bigbike in stationary condition before it blows up?

  23. Dis_boi _28

    Is anyone talking about how the font is the same font from gta?

  24. ACE ACE

    She's missing you ...

  25. Marvin Van Loon

    3 Stars, nowhere to run! 😁

  26. Fre Sch

    Pushing a car is really not that hard man. I constantly push cars at audi. It is easier than Parking and you dont need to start the car up for 10 meterd

  27. matt beam

    Literally says f*ck it on his arm😂😂

  28. Colby Henry

    Honestly don't like videos like these because they just seem bratty and arrogant. Driving up to cops looking for confrontations, running from cops, fighting with people then speeding away when they say they'll call cops. Especially when you think about the kids that'll see this and think it's okay to run from cops or start fights

  29. banjo man

    I don't understand why we can't race on the streets. I know that the cops think that people will get hurt but it's rare for people to get hurt. If you get hit when a street race is going on you're an idiot because you can see it coming

  30. Richard Stark

    Nah, she not bad, just aggravated AF, I would be too. Got dirt bikes and Harley's but you have got to have some consideration and show a little respect man. Seems to be a theme these days, nobody shows any damn respect anymore, it's all about me, me, me and hence the world is falling apart!

  31. Spicy

    Lmfao don’t joke around with cops

  32. Tony Marselle

    This lady needs a hug or Something.

  33. Wizzard WizzardJumpy

    Who tf would want an iPhone x when you can get an Xiaomi phone for way less.

  34. TEEBZ

    i was waiting for her to be like “nah i got my lazy husband coming with the car” 😂

  35. Amicable. bg


  36. Clevelandjr

    Everybody acts like if you record it your doing it for views when literally he does it to be nice and out of the kindness of his heart and he is still using his money or giving things away stfu and stop commenting people dont care about your nasty opinion he’s doing something good and you hate that fuck off 🖕🏻

  37. Jan Bengele

    ya mean dat ass looks good on that bike

  38. pimp C

    He paid for??? He left with nothing 🤔

  39. bpdubb

    I kinda think he was more than respectful. Bikers a fucking idiot.

  40. Ned Kelly

    Is that kermit the frog narrating? I see you

  41. Brother

    When you don't listen to your parents:

  42. Elena Potochnik

    I would have already said “ stop it’s none of your business “

  43. Danny Dawn

    Yk if she’d really HATE you she would’ve said something like „You been good?“ „Until now yes.“

  44. Andrew McCabe

    If I did that it would end like the "he tried to do a pop shove it" video

  45. Mike Krochburnes

    Legit bro

  46. clytn

    poor guy

  47. Bossman Jenkins

    Bro please leave bikers alone we're not hurting anyone you sawed off bastards. Give me 180 mph speed limits or give me death

  48. Trench Gaming

    He got grounded and a flip phone for throwing hands, I wish my parents were like that

  49. Macdongr

    He's acting like my parents were acting every time they got in the car with me... They held the handles of the care that no one ever touches...

  50. Mitch Rogers


  51. Dk

    He needs to take her flowers brighten her day

  52. Antoine df

    I love how nice you are in every video, being nice is so important and not that difficult. More people should be.

  53. Ahsan Ali

    What country is that? Really wide roads woah

  54. Logan Widby

    “Why did we… You come back without insurance, I didn’t do anything either “

  55. Striker x

    Yeah I'm headed for your pants. Now gimme that wallet

  56. SeemsLikeSomething

    Clearly this is fake. Because fun and funny things can’t actually happen in the real world. I’m not being sarcastic.

  57. banaman

    When I read the title I thought he meant children that run around alot crotch rockets

  58. James Young

    Ya, i never had to warm up my bike and I rode it half the winter in freezing temperatures. My hick neighbors have diesel engine trucks and they let them warm up and it sounds like a house party with the music and bass turned all the way up. It wakes up everyone in my family and has for years. It really sucks. Too many people have a bizzare sexual fetish with the sound their vehicles make.

  59. ODDITY

    But does she have the herpes cold sore virus 🤔

  60. Devon Bertin

    A little bit of respect... As if you had any... Get fucked loser

  61. Cal Deyon

    The one reason I want a grom or cruiser you’ll never be the first to get questioned 😂

  62. KP GRIM

    He a snitch

  63. Teddy Clifford

    Omg wow you sell ur Pals out fast

  64. AllenSeeAllenDo

    Most cops are so chill

  65. J Money

    Definitely knew each other

  66. Yosemite Life

    I get it being noisy but if you don’t like it don’t live crowded areas. Don’t live near town. And I some what did my research and bikes need to warm up for a couple seconds or he could do damage since metal expands from heat. You heat it up before so you don’t damage it. Now I don’t know his bike but it said if it’s new you should only do it a couple seconds. Older bikes are in the minutes range. I get people not liking loud stuff when sleeping but that’s like telling a construction crew to stop working because it’s too loud. You don’t own his land and you don’t decide what he does on it. Obviously there’s so rules but none of those are against warming up a vehicle so you cause less damage.

  67. Boxxer 335

    Probably didnt want you to know what part of the state he is from I like about where I stay at all the time to cover my ass in case it's a creep or killer

  68. Soto Span

    You’re acting weird bro.

  69. backup

    I think he has a bike himself :)

  70. It’s CønvulsIøns

    Awww she’s sweat tho. Maybe she was having a bad day lol

  71. Jake Lim

    Well he say two hours because he dont have a watch

  72. Charles Du

    Nobody going to say anything about the red hot exhaust?

  73. Piggy 10

    I just understood everything and anything

  74. Sp0tt3d P4nd4

    Heard he was being recorded and now there’s no problem. What an asshole