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  1. วัชรพล รักษาทรัพย์


  2. Mr Biz

    Ronaldo dodging the bubbles is absolutely legendary. That is all.

  3. memo naar

    الحكم ذكرني بالحكام السعوديين هناك ظلم واضح رغم حبي لمانشستر وكرهي ل ليفربول

  4. Riski Irfan

    Fred out pls

  5. Afret Nobel


  6. Len Family

    0:40 the way how he (jones) defend, its still long way to go bfore 1st team appearance.

  7. fouoii gyhh

    Why this man still playing he's 36yrs old ?he's legend

  8. revika varialo

    Manchester united sampe mati..!!

  9. revika varialo


  10. revika varialo

    Manchester united till I die..!!

  11. revika varialo

    So amazing match

  12. revika varialo


  13. Nehgou Hansing

    Commentator: "Ronaldo is a machine"

  14. Yoki

    The hammer fans : "He don't miss" Commentator : JUSTICE IS DONE !!!

  15. Farid Farid

    I'm just a small fan from Indonesia,maybe I can feel the Old Trafford atmosphere😌

  16. Football Friends Podcast

    Lingard redemption arc

  17. Văn Bị Cụ


  18. Vitha Vhe

    Save davee###

  19. Aris Aris

    Manchester united champion

  20. ElReyCoba10

    Well done!!!

  21. Kuma SM


  22. Subscribe or i take your cat

    It took De Gea a decade to save another penalty in the league

  23. lucky sembry

    What a super goal by jessie L. -making uo for that calamitous error against young boys!

  24. Dani Toys


  25. ROhmat aji Aji

    Semenjak Ada cr7 Trending terus

  26. A k syiem

    CR7 👍

  27. Heri saputra

    gw indo sendiri

  28. Wafi Enriko

    Baby face assassin💪💪

  29. JustAsurviv

    17:51 this feeling.... Majestic

  30. Muhamad Imran Bin Mohd Faizal

    ngl pogba's pass to lingard was awesome

  31. Reynaldi Fahreza

    0:00 first


    Ronaldo...2 play 3 goals

  33. &RE4&REMAKE&


  34. Yony breezy

    Bruno could have 2 assists this match Ronaldo turned like prime martial

  35. Kucnaj Lotnok

    Best manager in the world right now. Tuchel who? 💪

  36. Liam Bui

    SIGn me up for jadon sancho smashing

  37. Mkoloni Mreno

    ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo am call you three times I mean you the best with de gea

  38. TB Gosip


  39. MagicDontMiss

    Harry maguire 80m

  40. TB Gosip


  41. Wafi Enriko

    Real comeback.. glory..glory man United ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Ilham AkbarSadewa

    Fred out,Pleasee

  43. Agil prasetyo

    Baru Fyp😞

  44. Bakoel Tiwul

    Es teh manis

  45. Classic Kash

    Mark Noble scored two penalties here. But 10 years later, he missed at final minutes.

  46. rivaldy AGT

    Maybe we can give van de beek a full 90min, cavani return and give other player to have some minutes to play.

  47. Valentino Tang

    Refereer is a joke

  48. IrOnMaN1789

    Rivaldo and Ziovanni together, deadly combination, watch the 5th goal from the game Olympiakos vs Paok 5-1 30/10/2004

  49. BHT6109


  50. David Disini



    West Ham had 12 players on the pitch and still lost! GGMU ♥

  52. Nia sansiro-passion


  53. Nia sansiro-passion

    Manchester united till I die..!!

  54. Nia sansiro-passion

    Man united till I die..!!

  55. Yasar Arafath K.A

    One of the best committed player towards Man Utd

  56. Nia sansiro-passion


  57. Nia sansiro-passion


  58. Nia sansiro-passion

    So amazing bro

  59. Paul Wong

    I guess the pandemic must be officially over. How come no one told the rest of the world?

  60. Shakib Al Hasan Official

    Ibra is cobra.

  61. kandang sanca


  62. TEAM MICTER779

    "Cuando el poder del amor supere el amor al poder el mundo conocerá la paz". Jimmy Hendrix


    i love Man U and CR7❤️️❤️️❤️️

  64. leon Muller

    Sterling really sucks hahahaha

  65. Николай Арчаков

    Szczesny might still have flashbacks from that day.

  66. hujyan badig


  67. TEAM MICTER779

    “Los hombres están siempre dispuestos a curiosear y averiguar sobre las vidas ajenas, pero les da pereza conocerse a sí mismos y corregir su propia vida”. San Agustín

  68. Mudassir Kazmi

    Ronaldo effect 😍 lovin it

  69. RZn is Live

    Lingard filling up his mistake made in UCL match against young boys... Lingard× Ronaldo= Destruction

    1. revika varialo


  70. Sangku jati

    Mezin mezin mezin

  71. Tri Chan


  72. zakariyyau abdulqodir

    So unique

  73. Nazeerah Engelbrecht

    Tagged hay thay again why 😎😍🤣


    What a team. We go again this Wed

  75. Imam Malaysia

    *2:59**-And justice is done...well said fam*

  76. Jhosapt Explore

    Boloku Kabeh cukkk..

  77. Jessica Dal