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  1. Henry 88

    i drogba give bastian a hug.... full of respect...

  2. Julian


  3. Stephen Ashe

    😂😂😂😂 Thanks for recommending this. Brilliant

  4. JoeBidens Handler

    Is China ok with this?

  5. Arzhang Emamifar

    i looooved hearing and watching Justins war cry like a lion after tearing its enemy to pieves . the were truly instinctive , BACK TO THE MEANING OF WOLF AND MAN

  6. PrankIsAmazing


  7. shivansh khare


  8. Shahnaz Gull

    Khabib is beast monster. His level is above all of them

  9. Philip D Joshi

    Messi: doesnt know english --> confused Ronaldo: knows english --> more confused

  10. Thomas Caulfield

    I’m an Irish bb I love the sport,Conor should be thinking about fighting instead of throwing insults, but how can Dustin raise his hands after a one round fight a doctor stoppage like that should be declared a no contest

  11. peaceout1234likeapr o

    i used to love roman reings now i dont care who roman reings will fight i just want the title to go off his shoulders i know i will get hate replies but thats what everyone want

  12. King High Priest Archon

    A China match.

  13. Rogers Fon

    BT Sport, slow down on the ads man. Every 3 minutes!!! Jeezzzzz. Piss take!!

  14. Siva Nanthini


  15. Nidge Morphie

    All this is is big men in underpants and the fans love it....

  16. spencer layne

    Roman needed a heel badly.

  17. Nidge Morphie

    John China

  18. Unni unni

    Summerslam cena win. 17th time champion 🔥

  19. S B

    this is on BT sport? i didnt know acting was a sport.....the cringe is real.

  20. Devan Pk

    Waiting for Covington vs Usman 2 November 💯

  21. tom best

    well played JHON CENA!

  22. Kaiser azrÆl Dragreign

    What kind of BS even is this, give us Valor vs. Reigns. Why tf did they get Baron in there too, his character for the first time had been interesting. Now back again jobbing and sucking as a heel.

  23. AAYUSH

    Two ultra legends sitting together amazing 🔥

  24. Shubham Joshi

    he back my childhood is back

  25. RNG-Bananaツ

    I didn’t understand anything that he said but fair play for him for winning the award

  26. t12monkeys

    Good always prevail! Stay a true champion!

  27. Es Bol

    Honestly I’m so close to unsubscribing

  28. Kaiser azrÆl Dragreign

    "That paper's worth a lot of money now. " Gotta love Pat McAfee

    1. Sideshow Bob

      Wrestling used to be so much better

  29. nmorgan24

    Most of the fans sat down not looking very excited before Cena arrived. Bring back the Attitude era.

  30. Parth Singh

    John Cena ❤️❤️

  31. The Music

    Online hate was ok when directed at Donald Trump. Funny that.

  32. Sufyan 229

    Lmao what a farce...

  33. Khaled-fz

    Roman 😂

  34. zafar yaab

    Roman reigns 😂😂

  35. Paulus paul

    Mom can we buy Liverpool? No we have Liverpool at home. Liverpool at home:

  36. Jonas Loïc


  37. Nas Tradamus

    I never got to see rumble in the jungle or thrilla in manilla but this is one of the most legendery fights in history.

  38. Yossa Auld


  39. Anas Shahid 224

    Great moment, really hope they add Finn Balor to the match at summerslam 🙌

  40. KILLAR 100

    1:00 why no one is talking about this

  41. Scott Chegg


  42. Adrian Freeman

    Poor old WWF/WWE. 20 years ago was probably the biggest thing on tv. Shocking how poor it’s become

    1. Jacko18

      Noncence smackdown is the A show right now

  43. Bobby Sands

    Isn't BT a sports channel not some children's pantomime channel

  44. Marcus Garcia

    “Usman will only fight 1 time this year” Usman 3rd defense this year will be in November

  45. Lak Sho

    John China

    1. Hansraj Kirad

      Sir John China or john cena

  46. Madhurjya Das

    Do people still watch WWE? I feel like its quality has seriously degraded down the years. Obviously I’m much older now, but I remember growing up even the elders like my my dad and uncles used to enjoy watching it alongside me. P.S I haven’t watched WWE in ages, I randomly came across this video today.

    1. Madhurjya Das

      @Notey Note I haven’t watched it in ages mate. Probably the last match I ever watched was Lesnar vs Undertaker back in 2015.

    2. Notey Note

      I guessed u watched it. that counts. well done.

    3. Minhaj Ali

      Yes. Around 1.5m - 2m every episode of raw and smackdown each. Smackdowns a little higher though.

  47. Helix Gameplayz


  48. T.R.U. Louisianimal

    Just straight up stupidity right there from the wwe creative as usual 🤦🏾‍♂️ smh the way that went down

  49. Dave Vlogs

    So cena!! Your in the big dogs yard!

    1. Little Genius

      Maybe u didn't see cena saying 6 years ago to Roman There's no int yard Step in or step aside!

  50. Samad Jawad

    Video; when men cried ...

  51. Balu Balu

    Cena never give up


    Come on cena

  53. Amen Ra

    I guess China gave him permission to do so then.

    1. zafar yaab

      Who said Ryback

    2. T.R.U. Louisianimal


  54. Jack Handsley


    1. T.R.U. Louisianimal

      @Notey Note I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the stupid way they went about getting the Cena Reigns match on this show not about Cena being involved

    2. Notey Note

      everyone loved it. the champ is here.

    3. T.R.U. Louisianimal

      Yeah this was pathetic and ridiculous too 😂🤣

  55. Rob Picken

    WWE: 5 or 6 years ago.. “we’ll give the fans what they want” WWE in 2021: “Bring out the has beens and part timers”

    1. Jayasuriya K S

      @Rob Picken Age is not a big matter in wrestling look at sting,christian, edge and recently retired undertaker. Even the wwe world champion is in his 40s.Also brock lesnar being part timer some people don't like I can understand. But honestly it makes brock lesnar more like special attraction. I am a fan of brock lesnar.

    2. Rob Picken

      @Jayasuriya K S Brock was one of the worst parts, a 40 something guy who barely turned up and wrestled for like 5 minutes

    3. امير فاضل

      ليميتة ينتقم رمان رينز

    4. Jayasuriya K S

      They are catering to casual fans atleast now.They made kofi and seth champion for most of 2019 which was boring.Only good things in 2019 is fiend and brock not kofi and seth.