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  1. Kenneth See

    I’d be afraid of cave ins…

  2. AfroAtheist- Is Now AfroAntitheist

    This is a man who knows what he wants. Wow!

  3. Fahmi Satya

    did he bought the whole mountain?? lol how much does it cost him just for the land only?

  4. DIY for you

    Everything was ok until he fills the interiors :)

  5. Lemon

    He should have put just a little bit more effort in this project to not make it look like messys home :/ It could have looked so much better if he proberly installed all the plumbing and used real doors. Mayber even made the rooms with some nice edge etc. I think the floor looked really good but there is definitly a lot more to do!

  6. Mobile Legends

    if his in the mountain .where did the electric came from 🤔.. maybe in his neighbor village about 10 meters away 😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣

  7. DEmma1972

    So much easier on peacefull mode as there are no creepers. Still, no diamonds after 20 months...I would restart and reroll the seed

  8. Sultan Rajput


  9. kandarsambora


  10. Ballbe100


  11. Highway Rider

    If that hapoens in my country, he will arrested for damaging nature

  12. Bu 2U

    He makes me believe the pyramids were made by humans. I used to think it was aliens.

  13. Cassandra Yong

    Literal man cave and also the only time someone says " Look who decided to come out of his cave" in a literal sense

  14. alif nangtung

    Kurang lebih 200 yg akan datang ada yg menemukan gunung itu.. nanti mereka meneliti dan jawabannya pasti peninggalan nenek moyang kita nih kata mereka yg umurnya pun udah ratusan tahun, dan mereka bilang ternyata nenek moyang kita pun jaman dulu sudah canggih ya zamannya soalnya gak munggin kalo ini di buat cuma hanya binsalabin ahha.. 😁

  15. Kelly W.

    That's amazing...talk about skills!!


    والله مبدع

  17. Aw lee Chanel

    Muncul terus akhirnya gw tonton juga, itu tanah apa batu keras bget

  18. victor Hugo

    literalmente uma casa construida na rocha...

  19. Vath Griffith

    Why tho....why would you destroy a mountain like that smh you just made it weak. Now it's all gonna fall when there will be heavy rain. Congrats bro

  20. Dongsheng Di

    I will buy it from him for $100 plus insurance

  21. Arun Kumar

    👌🙏 no words to speak for your work but Emergency exit should be there ifany serious condition

  22. Kitty Kat

    This man is an inspiration to secretly sleeping ambitious people... like me. Thank you, beautiful man!

  23. John Smith

    They are basically placing mini-nukes in the holds of those ships. Don't know that those are the ships I would want to be on.

  24. rachida laidi


  25. Yasser Alansi

    المقاطع قديمه من تسعينات وثمانينات

  26. Humayun Ali

    Well if you calculate He worked 20 months and made a quarter million dollar thing and a free house until not selling it out That he cannot earn in 20 months That's a great use of mental physical ability

  27. 셈할라

    Oh... Am I first Korean...?

  28. Arthur Balls

    No ear protection was used. He's now stone deaf [no pun intended]



  30. yuri lowell

    Great work man alot of knowlege and manuality

  31. ranto sijabat

    Literally mens cave

  32. 정신통일

    물을 통과시키지 않을까?

  33. Tássio Menezes

    Incrível. Parabéns 👍

  34. Gladys Arce

    pone la plomada *mejor un lazer

  35. Максим Чухонский

    У Адвоката Егорова есть родственники?? Или это последователи идеи!?

  36. Елена Белянина

    Вот это силища и энергия . Поражена , как он работает , супер 💕🙌💖 !

  37. Jeff C

    This man's determination and discipline during his 1 + year project is amazing! Kudos to him.

  38. Максим Чухонский

    Какой фирмы перфоратор?

  39. Yustian Suriawinata

    The Great Builder. Safety First

  40. zk

    me making my minecraft house out of a cave that i randomly found:

  41. Eric 66

    какой то безсмысленный вандализм

  42. Beavis Bodega


  43. Manish Chetry

    Cameraman enjoys buy doing nothing

  44. Afnan Nizam

    Now this is MINECRAFT 👍🏻

  45. Ahmed Saeed Babar


  46. عبالله محمد

    الحكومة ما تناسبك ماذا تفعل. شكرا

  47. Yhovani Quispe mamani


  48. عبالله محمد

    You jantilman.thank you for your job.

  49. Civil Engineering Group

    hraero.info/contact/0n6mp3R-xJaqy6o/video Safety Helmet

  50. Marquess

    Is this how the dwemers built their underground cities?

  51. احمد آریایی

    خیلی عالی بود

  52. DwarfBard

    Hmm. No insulation layers on the floor. Using bare rock as wall. This would be livable for about a month or two in the summer. After that the moisture and the cold would spoil everything.

  53. Civil Engineering Group

    hraero.info/contact/0n6mp3R-xJaqy6o/video New Advance Safety Helmet

  54. john

    dang this look a lot like my minecraft base

  55. Triệu Gia Bảo

    Nhà này chắc mát lắm

  56. Real Noodle

    Bi Laden would have approved.

  57. Marcel Bron

    This takes "Made in China" to a whole different level 👍👍👍

  58. Nick V

    "Permits? What's that?"

  59. Doug Stitt

    hell of a skill

  60. Alejandro Robles

    Ha Minecraft house

  61. Kvarteti

    Когда у тебя много свободного времени и очень, очень много разных интересных инструментов!

  62. Timelεss

    whaaaat ? ()lovit !

  63. eiforiaa

    Квартира бункер гениально!

  64. Dio Ross Orozco

    I thought the last one was a butt plug 🤣

  65. Jagadish Subedi

    talented ! be with nature bro lovely

  66. jofer .F

    You forgot Swimming Pool


    There is nothing like a man that can make a way out of no way. This is AWESOME!

  68. Lostsoul

    I’m depressed with her skills…

  69. anwar saladin

    This human not need friend

  70. Franco Petragnani

    Ha del fegato . . .

  71. Brojynjojeung Joogy

    Bro, ive never seen any skills used like this.

  72. Mohamad Alhamwi


  73. Rezza

    Part 2: Mountain infinity pool

  74. Galaxy - Stern

    die China Leute sind Fantastisch

  75. Guarenteed Money


  76. Medino

    In 10k years from now, our civilisation will be wiped out and new generations of humans discover this and conclude there once was an advanced civilisation. Sadly they will be known as psudo scientists

  77. Kreationz Of Esther


  78. Gerry Martinez

    This guy doesn't like wearing eye protection...hmm?

  79. Qusai - K

    cleaning this place gonna be a bitch

  80. Alex Grae

    This is so cool