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  1. Demøn Knight

    4years later: my 89th time if restarting this series because TG is stuck on fortnite 🤦‍♂️

  2. SuperDuperGirlGamer


  3. SuperDuperGirlGamer

    ya giveaway

  4. carson elliott


  5. KBob 0

    Bro can you play something Else please 😞

  6. tangela Frazier

    That is a cop

  7. Damani Fitz


  8. Rileigh-Jai Hester


  9. 😮‍💨☝️

    Tg you are the best in the world

  10. lauren crovitz

    Hey can you give me the battle pass please please my user is L brash 86

  11. Davian Gonzales Martinez

    Sussy baka at 3:05:16

  12. Mason Bridges

    sup can you frind me setp 22

  13. Tik tok shorts


  14. russ cowley

    Sweet ride TG

  15. Anne Marie Hardy

    good job

  16. Anne Marie Hardy

    hi tipaul gamer

  17. Rebecca Vinson


  18. Maurice Cartharn

    like spike

  19. Maurice Cartharn

    i am a big fan i have your murchindise with campion

  20. Rory Marx

    Can anyone explain why im not getting xp in creative?

  21. gogd

    I will be there in about this all together

  22. La'Kendra Dozier


  23. La'Kendra Dozier

    Stop playing fortnite I will not subscribe if you play fortnite I will Subscribe if you play something else

  24. Rayan Ali

    Now I have the season chapter 2 season 8 battlepass

  25. Boi Bot

    I saw it

  26. dave xander Gappi

    dude thats not bigfoot its king kong.

  27. Synth 4293

    yep those are way OP.

  28. Tsmoke💨

    The sound on 41:14 was creepy but good at the same time

  29. Mair Keefe

    You do cool your so cracked and I love you 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  30. simone jaffer

    Hiiiiii I luv your videos you the besttt

  31. Mrtop5

    It turned back for me

  32. Hover Gaming

    I hope he at least look at the comments:(

  33. Rayan Ali

    Dude why is the video 3 hours 44 Minutes

  34. patrick clark

    I have a purpose music please don't know what I'm sure you're gonna be used to but what's your favorite thing to do is just regular everything for hundreds the one angel of cleaners

  35. cheesy fries

    you need to call him with the right arrow key

  36. error


  37. Inelia Sainflima

    1v1 me

  38. Nikkibobby Andersom

    Khajit be Khajit

  39. Derek Bailey


  40. sleo573

    Sorry I meant typical game

  41. sleo573

    Hi pickle gamer you're 1 of my favorites youtubers You make me happy When Im down

  42. Suzanne Hester

    dang nice

  43. Prince Thompson


  44. john akino


  45. Kamari Mcbride


  46. Kamari Mcbride


  47. Tapiwa Mapira


  48. ToxicDefualt


  49. Ryan emad

    Yes I need the Balenciaga Skni p

  50. OK Mayes County Ladies Homestead Gathering

    when he was after michael well michael was after him that was like something from the real movie

  51. Keith Burtch

    I love your chanels

  52. red dragon emperor

    I love the raptors

  53. At Aynur


    1. At Aynur

      LIKE U TG

  54. Rihanna Beg

    When he said that levers suck umm hopefully nick eh 30 doesn’t watch this

  55. OPGz vibrid

    I love the season with boses tbh

  56. OPGz vibrid

    Season 2 and 4 the best season's ever

  57. Khetho Xaba

    Bro how fu** do talk is chat man

  58. Kalifornia Borden

    I expected for her to say Samaria blueway

  59. icameonher


  60. Isabella Mian

    I love u typical gamer your the best HRaero in the world 🌎🤗

  61. Cjay ti

    This video is the worst

  62. Ultimately_Everything

    TG's one of the HRaerors that i can watch without getting bored that includes his live streams old or new depending on the game he plays.

  63. gammer fish

    can someone gift me the battle pass fortnite_pro_ki

  64. Aspect go brrr

    Why you gotta buy everything in the item shop ?

  65. Jacob Tara

    Could somebody gift me it ?

  66. Remari Grant

    Where is this

  67. Elisabete Mendes


  68. Sincere Black

    You and Samara are so AWSOME!!!!!!

  69. Kpo Gu


  70. Ttvahmad

    He keeps telling her she is cracked but she's trash

  71. Dylan Hennessey

    Let me get a shout out i been here for 2.5 years

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    5. Damián Black

      reach him via what's app⬇️⬇️

  73. Kenna

    “WE ARE FASHION ICONS!!”- Alright Señor Senior, Junior

  74. roblox player

    It’s the voice crack at 27:24 for me XD

  75. DEEMAN2019

    Is my username