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  1. ArDa AkTaS


  2. Sylvain Lehmann


  3. Piojo

    muy chula para mi👍


    Pique que diablos anda asiendo ai yo pensé que ya se había retirado o se lo avían regalado a otro equipo de 3cera división. Pique ya no sirve es un tronco.

  5. Christian J. Vizcarra C

    Agüero and garcia?

  6. Ignacio Agustin Martinez

    Bueno, denle me gusta :'V

  7. Ajiboy Dax

    I wish we'd make these gym sessions more consistent cuz the players need to get stronger like bayern players

  8. Miguel Rubio

    poned el chuibasquero a la venta cabrones

  9. Joel The Backstreet Gamer

    Guys are doing well! Cant wait to see the 1st match and 1st team. Sign Romero and sell Braithwaite, Umtiti, Moriba, Pjanic and Dembele

  10. izzat akmal bin mohd yusri

    culers from malaysia 🇲🇾❤️💙

  11. Luis Zambrano

    Wich is the name of the song in the 4:57 minute?

  12. A-113

    Muy bien , que le sigan exigiendo y mejorando para volver hacer los mejores ♥️

  13. DonAnônimous yt


  14. Fjmg 77

    El Kun Agüero ya trabaja con el FC Barcelona. Adelantó su regreso de las vacaciones para comenzar a preparar su primera temporada como culé. GANAS DE APORTAR.

  15. Humberto Lozano D

    Este tipo es el mejor representante del ser humano. Gracias MESSI

  16. Joe SR

    Bien kun,buen primer entreno con santa .🎅

  17. sasuke_uchiha games

    No vendas el Griezmann 😡😡😡

  18. matirix20

    I thought I would never see Busquets in the gym again in my life.

  19. عبده شيبه


  20. Andrees D Almanza G

    dorsal 7 para mí se merece ese

  21. Sozinho S'

    2:07 when God teaches him how to play his disciple

  22. Yamil Eze

    Cuando es el debut del kun ? Contra quien?

  23. NxT

    This place looks absolutely ridiculous btw. What a training facility.

  24. MAXELL

    Así es!! Los quiero ver mamados como los del Bayern xd Aprendan del Kunsito!!

  25. xImNyze

    Willkommen in Deutschland xd

  26. NxT

    I wish we got Pjanic after Xavi went to Qatar. His deceptive style of passing is unmatched.

  27. King JiJi

    Alright something with Griezmann in it lemme watch

  28. Jowan Ismail

    Lenglet out please

  29. Jama Mohamoud

    Kun He's a good player but now he becomes old. Best of lucky Aguaro

  30. The 10thPenguin

    God Bless you all and may God help you achieve your dreams, In Jesus name Amen💙🙏

  31. yac ine

    I hate this dirty girl😒😏

  32. gregory emmanuel mars

    It's okay!

  33. thriller008

    No more Twitch streams this season

  34. Elisa Murcia

    Id say grizzmann will keep the lead

  35. أخبار أندية كرة القدم

    11 استفتاحه مباركه بعرض بريثوايت

  36. arber sakiri

    Busquets😂 a guy never in gym.

  37. GotinPichaga123 XD

    Lol Busquets

  38. Hamoody Khalid

    i miss dembele 💔💔

  39. Rafael Drum

    hola soy de argentina como leo massii

  40. Rest

    El gym es la base en estos tiempos, un equipo mas fuerte sera un equipo mas ganador!

  41. Abode Abode

    العرب الي جو يشوفو التعليقات😂😂💔

  42. isaac ait.

    I feel sorry for all saying “I can’t wait”. Expect nothing from this team

  43. Diego Pineda

    Joder, cómo quisiera hablar así de bien el inglés como la presentadora del canal, bueno y además de trabajar en el barca jaja

  44. Shantanu singh verma

    Dest is the guy in the gym who acts to lift heavy weights


    We need a video when Kun met whith her team mates

  46. Invis Snowyy

    Nice Job Messi With The International Cup

  47. Bruna Lopes


  48. Plusblaugrananews

    Busi got 15 lbs in there 😹

  49. Tiberio iulian


  50. ZevFei

    Just running around and 500k people interested 😂😂

  51. Angel Javier Tello Aguilar

    Like si quieres la sexta 🚬🚬🚬

  52. Eduardo Perez

    Qué es eso de gimnasio opcional? Esta gente deberían tener que ir obligatoriamente si les pagan millones. Les pagan como a los mejores y entonces no entrenan como los mejores 😳😳😌

  53. Darth Revan

    4:47, Wtf is that busquets? : barca should hire good qualified trainers, my boi doing it completely wrong. That movement gonna cost his shoulders, if you don't agree with me, use HRaero for common senscial purposes.

  54. Sarah Smith

    Good plans from the coaches , the players like Pedri , Messi and all needs gym works and push up not always with the ball

  55. Parniya Mokhtari


  56. Nobody

    That Pjanic following was unnecessary

  57. Darth Revan

    4:57, that bench press won't add any additional muscle if you pertain to think if letting your feet up while doing it does something, it doesn't. Moreover that hinders your max strength potential, hence do it conventionally.

    1. Athyia Alna

      Do you even work out? Keeping your feet up at 90 degrees is not to enhance your press it is to promote full body engagement. Not only are you also working your legs but your core as it's the only thing keeping you balanced during reps. Please go to the gym and stop making ignorant comments.

  58. Patrick Muli

    This guys really need to hit the gym more frequently they were really looking small in the game against psg

  59. Đình Tân

    Leo Messi ❤️

  60. Sebastian

    Porque tienen que hablar en inglés siempre?? Osea este es un club español, si es cierto que requiere inglés aveces, pero, siempre???

  61. V J

    kuuuun ❤❤

  62. Arun Kumar

    What's the song that was played during gym session?? Can anyone answer that??? Can anyone help out??

  63. Rice and beans

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life no one gets to heaven except through Him. Repent before it’s too late it’s your choice... heaven or hell change your ways and turn to Him !

  64. Vishnu Achu

    Where is the king?🤔

  65. sHarRinGaN 99

    Hope to face chelsea as soon as possible in UCL and wash them... just can't bear their babbling baboon fans!

  66. Tobosearu Alexandro

    Versucht mall auf 1,25x zu machen die Geschwindigkeit 😂😂😂

  67. frederic maerrem

    I 🧡 Frenkie De Jong 🇳🇱⚽️🇳🇱🤗