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  1. Eddie Blackmon

    Blue from white hall good job bru u did it

  2. renjomar baltazar

    he is a good public speaker.. one of the best speech in HOF..

  3. zhezhe M

    The best speech in hall of fame history

  4. Brown Coffee

    Ben Wallace the Kryptonite of Shaq in 2004 NBA Finals.

  5. Ryan Courtney

    Hakeem will always be forever in my starting 5 as my #4 man.

  6. Stephanie Malley

    If you gone back to Toronto to get the ring that would be great 👍 with Vince Carter!

  7. Jerry Flynn Dale

    Chris Webber moved me to tears, “what up doe?”

  8. Jerry Flynn Dale

    I love that C-Webb reps Detroit very well!

  9. Patrick Testa

    One of the best to ever play, if it wasn't for the Ray Allen 3, TD would've been 6-0 as well in the Finals

  10. Stephanie Malley


  11. John Koziol

    Great speech by a great basketball player and an even greater man!

  12. Michael Conner

    Shaq gave one of the most entertaining and heartfelt enshrinement speeches I've witnessed.

  13. aka po

    2004 NBA Champ..Ben Wallace.

  14. Stephanie Malley

    Classic guy,to ask them to stand up for 👏

  15. Sinister Beatz

    Greatest basketball team ever assembled

  16. Jessie Jones

    If he hadn't played basketball that anything couldn't have happened. It's all within context. Some fool may see this and actually believe it. Not so! He had done the work . 👍🌞

  17. Roi Polinar

    Michael Jordan's bullying paid off.

  18. Bilal Baig

    Delores gave birth to the finest man in the 19th Century.

  19. La SaHe

    A fairly good defensive player with a fair amount of inferiority complex

  20. Guitarman Chase

    Dag Walton speech was longer than Roberts lol

  21. RP17 Rionda

    Tim should be in the top 3 GOAT conversation.. not LBJ✌️

  22. diesel2x

    Big Ben looking like Professor Ben .. loved to see him play .. that 04 team was no joke .. suffocating defense led by Big Ben.. loved this speech as well .

  23. Ram Thapa


  24. C Y

    That was tremendous

  25. Moldylox245 Win

    people cheered so much just seeing that makes him the goat

  26. 0sum gamezzz

    Speech writing ain't his thing.

  27. Lester Dano

    Bop Bop Bop Ben Wallace Bop Bop Bop Billups

  28. Kdego Fojler

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  29. Mark S

    How low is the bar to be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Seems pretty low

  30. Kdego Fojler

    The sparkling black spectroscopically telephone because iran legally moan among a cumbersome hexagon. best, utter badger

  31. Alvenon

    Great player

  32. Totellthetruth

    It's NOT what you say it's HOW!

  33. Alonzo White

    The Goat

  34. Lukas Guerra

    Yo can you please help get my latest video to 1K views so that I can post again

  35. Felix Winner

    If Kai could just get 1% of bens heart 😎.

  36. Randy Clark

    The subsequent consonant posteriorly radiate because toy currently grip worth a gorgeous graphic. abaft, elated october

  37. kqffs

    his voice in the hall of fame

  38. Todd Sands

    I first saw Bob Dandridge when I first started watching basketball as a fan when he played for the Washington Bullets. I was 6 years old at the time. Bob was arguably the key player that helped Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld finally secure that long awaited ring. The Hall of Fame committee messed up big time for not making him a Hall of Famer sooner. It's about damn time!


    What a class act! I’m so glad I’m a Spurs fan. Congratulations Mr. David Robinson #32/50. Well deserved! Mr. academy, well deserved!

  40. Todd Sands

    The Hall of Fame did right by inducting Ben Wallace. He definitely impacted the game. I first watched Ben Wallace when he played for the Orlando Magic. HIs intensity on the court was off the charts. I knew Ben was going to be an impactful player in the NBA. But I had no idea how high he would take his game up until he helped Detroit win a championship in 2004. Great job Ben!

  41. Ll Dd

    99 ovr rebound nba 2003

  42. Ll Dd

    Well said brother🙏🏽🙌🏾 watched ya growing up made sure kobe couldn't do what he wanted that chip year real ones remember

  43. Lion King

    Amazing story teller! Much love and respect for the great Nolan Richardson

  44. NukSuKow

    Out here looking like bill Russell

  45. Barrett Proctor

    Awesome speech and so well deserved. Fab 5 was my favorite college basketball team of all time. So impressed with what those guys accomplished, playing hard and being themselves!

  46. Gbenga Elehinafe

    Jeezz C. Webb. Why you making a brother cut onions like this. I’m not crying m, you are lol. Congratulations Chris. Great Great speech wow!

  47. SouthernBassHunter

    One proud father there at the end. You can tell the song lyrics were his dads favorite song. He was grinning ear to ear

  48. SouthernBassHunter

    Great story telling

  49. PS Remember

    I watched this over and over he is a poet, a man of honour

  50. Kalc

    if he wouldve won atleast one ring, he wouldve been top 10

  51. Bigg Drew

    Made me cry 😢✊🏾🏆

  52. Jessie Jones

    He was a good player, he wasn't boring at all. He won a few rings and he was always so well spoken. He's so humble and appreciative of his opportunities and, for Coach Pops.

  53. Baby Yoda


  54. Kevin Bunn

    Good speech. His wife is gorgeous

  55. james morgan

    Celtics fan for 40 years go celtics

  56. robert steed

    Was that one white dude the coach?

  57. robert steed

    Magic has AIDS.

  58. Mike Love

    Another brother born to a single mother. There is no mentioned of a father. Dam shame.

  59. Mike Love

    No mentioned of his father. Another single mother goddess.

  60. Stove Marino

    Wow Bosh a HOF who would have guessed.

  61. Freeky Reek

    Chris Webber top 10 PF of all time. Dude don't get enough credit.

  62. adam cook

    Beast of a hall of fame speech

  63. Big Lebowski

    What about Robert Horry?! Why ist he not a Hall of Fame?!

  64. The1 2


  65. Jamie Ayers

    Bad Boys!!! 313

  66. Manuel Lemos

    El mejor europeo d la Historia Tony Kukoc

  67. Steve Miller

    Real leaders dont lead from the top, they lead from the bottom. Wow! Stand up tall stick your chest out. We need more Moms like his..... and mine.


    Kobe Bryant as a Basketball player: Self serving selfish basketball player. Off course he once scored 86 points that doesn’t surprise me at all, he didn’t passed the ball 🏀 to anybody! Kobe Bryant is no different than Tracy Mcgrady, who did Tracy Mcgrady made better in Orlando? Nobody! Kobe Bryant was the same, he talk and preached about practicing hard and doing what ever it takes to polish your craft, your trade. But it was all about him and nobody else. Kobe was not a team player! Centers feud it with him, for not passing the ball. And you need rebounders to win in this game. Kobe was the poster boy of the Lakers. He was like that teenager that is given such toys in order to succeed! Such toys as: Ron Harper Rick Fox Isaiah Rider Glen Rice Robert Horry Shaquille O’Neal Horace Grant Mitch Richmond Pau Gasol Phil Jackson second best coach ever. If you don’t win with that talent there’s really something seriously wrong about you! But whenever he didn’t have his toys to play with they were a lousy team that didn’t make the playoffs!🧐 He will never be better than #38 Calvin Murphy at the SG position. Kobe Bryant as a human being: Kobe Bryant might it touch a lot of lives, I can certainly understand that perfectly. I get that he was a great friend to have and that he was the must endearing human being! I get it. I really do! But as Vanessa stated Kobe was the best husband he can possible be. Well, Kobe sucks as a husband, because he cheated on Vanessa with a hotel front desk clerk. Kobe became an adulterer in Denver Colorado. 🧐🧐🧐🧐 And that’s the button line because is the true!

  69. joseph taylor

    He deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame! I'm so proud of you Big Ben! Because, he shows what ya can do wit' height and limited ability! Him and Dennis Rodman deserve their place in the Hall Of Fame and should inspire others in saying if he can do it, I can do it! Thank God fa' y'all, you deserve it and earned it! They are the ultimate underdogs! Nuff Said!

  70. ca k

    Clearly a script written by someone else.


    Chris Webber is such a class act 👏, Congratulations 4.

  72. Stephanie Malley

    I'd remember his haircut in his young age.

  73. Edgardo

    Wtf this is the guy that caused the malice at the palace!

  74. hueality

    All earned 🔥

  75. hueality

    Gotta appreciate the real authentic stories 🔥


    Lmao u wonder if berry showed up to this !

  77. FLORG

    Man which 60 people are disliking this video such a great person and player

  78. Mr. James

    God bless 🙏

  79. Johnny Sins

    Big ben, the most improved player of his whole career

  80. Da Suaveologist

    He dont know that David stern was dead?