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  1. Griffen Solomon

    lol who ever edited your video should not of edited it at you eating a bowl of you being the true slim at being a stick hahahaha shmuck

  2. Rico Debarge

    Boolin wit dem Diaper dandies Pinstripe fancy Feel jus like I’m J green We like it flashy We bomin down Pure On candy Mazzi coup built just like a horse Like Jenna bandy


    Benny 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  4. 974 ofn

    Damn free luv I that lucci

  5. Geovany Orozco

    Uzi pack ?😂🚬


    Tbh this is my first time I heard his side

  7. SickxRicc

    My chicken subway turn into a torta..$$$%%%%%%!!!!!!

  8. DabbinAladin Plays

    It’s this theory I have…so I think frank and Maury is Pete and bas tbh I can’t wrap my Head around it

  9. fan argentino de yosoyplex :D

    wow is gta 5

  10. Kiddo HD

    He needs take a boat to a rap class 🤣

  11. skeleton of future

    Nayvadius DeMun. Just like Indians have the power to show you your future through treasured items item into the fire you continue with this you'll be bones in the dirt you won't get to be in your thirties your future is in your hands.

  12. Kiddo HD

    This is assssssss

  13. James Hildebrand

    Who else knows that this was filmed in Daytona beach fl


    HOOD FAV jay is slept on tbh

  15. Paris Flax

    Omg such a good song💖 He cute too 😂💖😝

  16. elpapichulo


  17. Kevior Firmament

    Ayee Yahabe Khagore Gott is watching

  18. Brek Bejarano 23


  19. Lo Scum

    Benny tha bozo!


    damn bro jay critch bring back memories

  21. Kacper Pier

    Someone now this t-shirt? Love you all

  22. ada kuz con

    god is good and god is great...

  23. the taxidermist

    This guy is the heavy metal of rap

  24. Brek Bejarano 23

    Yeahhh!! 🔥

  25. Fabiano Santana

    Xxx 😭🙏

  26. Brek Bejarano 23


  27. spencer st. john


  28. Are ya coding son


  29. Greg Mathis

    2021 anyone

  30. Manolo

    Much love from Philly. Youngins can't fuq with that 90's flava!

  31. Conor Eliot

    Ion know why they never released this

  32. Armoni Q Fields

    This is My Anthem.

  33. Rob Let’s do it

    Monument st in the house!!!!!!!!!

  34. Kevior Firmament

    Chief keef Yahabe is watching

  35. Jade Chisom

    Is no one talking how it copied 50 cent

  36. Greg Mathis

    2021 anyone 🤔🤔

  37. Austin Coon

    This reminds me of Vikings when Ragnar becomes a pussy. You want him to tear everything to shreds, but he just got old. I miss his spirit.

  38. Carlos Garcia

    This is embarrassing

  39. Marcella M


  40. PheroFN

    This song on Spotify is terrible but on HRaero is good

  41. Alex Alex

    damn gangsta

  42. Hage

    Nick cannon : 4 songs diss Eminem : 0 songs Win : eminem

  43. Amanrajput arts

    😶💬💬💬 💘💘💘

  44. Two Smooth


  45. douglas carlos

    🙌🙌 😶😶😶

  46. Faze Away

    I miss loveliveserve

  47. Chyle Vance

    He won

    1. Flynn _2010

      Tf yeah your fucking beard is weird won piss off

  48. Pacha Legend

    Soulja boy seen or saw it first 😈

  49. Coursatak-كورساتك

    😏😏😏 🇱🇱🇱

  50. yazan gamer يزن قيمر

    💣💣 🙌 🇪🇪

  51. MR. SG

    ✅✅✅ 🆙🆙 💌

  52. technical arora

    😆😝 😯😯



  54. Vishal Mali

    😻🙉🙉 🙅🙅

  55. All Money MAFIA


  56. Jay M

    This dude walk awkward

  57. zshaqz

    RIP 🤣

  58. Tiff

    Shit still bumping in 2021 tf!😆

  59. CryptoTrendZ101

    ayeeeeee who still bumpin this

  60. thuong chuong nhat


  61. Ken Geez

    Empire State shit u heard 🗽💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥

  62. Saverio Persichilli

    Benny " never a bad verse " the butcher. #buffalokids

  63. photixelytツ

    Lol i was just at Hollywood and I heard this and I love it

  64. The Big Dogs

    Fuck yg

  65. Honkette

    WORLDSTARHIPHOP is slackin ffs

  66. jah skie music

    cool voice

  67. Brianna Vialdores

    I love this song

  68. Victor Kiplagat

    Why you crying, it's just a song. The song....

  69. Totally Real Name

    BREH 3 years I haven't heard of this dood lmao

  70. Armoni Q Fields

    Give Me all the tickets Bru. I got to go...Plies is a Goat.

  71. Alex Lloyd

    Tying port. Really want why still think bout u out of all bad rip

  72. Gulled Siyad

    I woke up to listen to thee

  73. The Jade5

    Eminem and Mgk should box

  74. Mamkajiwin

    What’s up Broski 🦋

  75. Jerry Michaud

    Michaud boy

  76. Jaylon Blanton

    Why is this only on shorts

  77. TylerA82

    mans got that charlie brown beat runnin 🥵