Ranking Questionable Moments Throughout My Career...

Saffron Barker

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    Ranking Scandalous Moments Throughout My Career...
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    1. Sarah Byrne

      what about the fact that you're a whole ass GYMSHARK ATHLETE!?!? the actual dream! you have worked so hard and come such a long way from that red carpet where you felt unconfident in your body image. Your determination and constant drive to improve yourself physically and mentally is such an Inspo for girls our age so congratulations and thank you for always just being unapologetically yourself🥰 some people forget that you're literally growing up infront of everyone on the internet😅

      1. BRO & SIS gaming

        @Chillin' with Rachel 💛 I see you everywhere 🤨

      2. aimee cherub

        I'm a HRaeror too so would love the support x

      3. Isabelle Mills

        @It's Darc i make them too!

      4. Rab J


      5. Chloe Whetton


    2. Laura Brown

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    3. Miranda Buckley

      such a huge fan to you and your family watched from the very first video of your channel and your brothers channels

    4. Jamie Ashton

      Awesome also a good time to reflect 😊

    5. Keeley Rielly

      I have a lot of respect for this video, but I don’t rate the fact that you used to always say you would never get any cosmetic surgeries, but in jeds video, he mentioned about your boob job, and you tried to justify lying to your fans, when in fact you done the one thing you said you didn’t agree with ......

    6. anya_cosway

      what did Saffron say a few years ago that she regretted?

    7. Stevie Wareham

      I’m acc creasing at the ‘dear future husband’ one 😭😭

    8. Hattie Jenkins

      To saffron if u read it You are literally the most prettiest girl ever 🔥you are so motivated and just a very kind girl and I have watched u from the start I watched the I am a HRaeror sereies and it was amazing I love u so mutch since I have watched ur videos I instantly feel happy u r soo amazing love u lots ❤️❤️❤️ and I love ur podcast I am so proud of everything u have done Hattie xxxxx

    9. Holly Hiscock

      Will you be doing another primark range x

    10. Liz Sowerby

      You can do the strictly specials like the children In need or the Christmas specials

    11. Kimberley Clark

      where’s the ogs at

    12. Malika's Interests

      You and the Metallica clothes reminds me of what I always thought when everyone was wearing the Ramones clothes. I swear 98% of people who wore them never even knew who they were.

    13. Nick Wharton

      Saffron is the kindest person ever

    14. SuperChiko 2.3

      This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    15. Unicorn girl 2002

      Hi 🙋‍♀️ Saffron Wendy Jed Darren Casey Harlow Nicole and everybody else in the world 🌎 of saffron B too awesome 🤩 video as always primark ranges ranking questionable 🤨 moments in her career this is a moment that she wants to cry 😿 tears of joy 🥲 she doesn’t love 💕 the band it went viral and people made memes beauty bay pallets she got so much backlash 😳 she loves makeup 💄 her pallets were amazing 🤩

    16. Natalie Longhurst

      This is rubbish who likes this it's boring and dum

      1. Natalie Longhurst

        Everyone agree?

    17. Emma Smith

      Anyone else realised that she’s used the picture of her and Ana which ana has mentioned multiple times she hates and feels insecure about, yet saffron still proceeds to post it at every opportunity. Ana literally just made this vid and Saffron jumps to upload one straight after so that she can show off that she’s accomplished more and outshine Ana. Saffron is such a shitty person.

    18. Shona

      Hi God loves you Jesus is coming back soon I want you to be ready I want you to go and talk to God I feel like he’s putting something on my heart that he is going to change your life and speak to you you’re appreciated God bless you🤍🤍🙏🏾✝️

    19. Flossy Danielle

      Saffron hinting abt going in I’m a celeb if she did omgggg 💕😭😭😭🥺🥺

    20. Kelly Forte

      You really have come so far and you have so much to be proud of❤️

    21. amelie tj

      omg PLEASE do another im a youtuber series!!

    22. Jemma Baker

      Who else has been here since jaffron

    23. Jemima Street

      These were questionable!

    24. Freya Jane

      I would actually love to see you go on I’m a celeb !

    25. Laura Dulwich

      I love both sides of this video! Saffron really sticks up for her achievements even when people put her down for it! However she also realises her mistakes and owns them too! You’ve had an amazing career so far girl- keep going because we are here for it! 🥰

    26. Sophie Wallace

      I am glad you brought that up! loved this video.

    27. Wiktoriaa Pik

      You don't look fat at all on that pic!

    28. Fioretta Applewood

      9:00 what video is she talking about?

    29. Kallie K

      hello here vidoes are the best i cant beliveve that she has 2.49 subs she should have 100.00000000

    30. Jubayer Ahmed

      Hi Saffron you should sign up on I’m a Celebrity because when I’m rooting you on I’m a Celebrity I’m gonna vote for you to win the queen of the jungle ❤️❤️

    31. Rania x

      petition for another primark range >>

    32. renni zlatanovaa

      go offf queennn!! so young and so successful.. such a motivation

    33. Holly Jones

      I’ve got at least one thing from everyone of your launches and i have your book 😊 😘

    34. Hannah's Life

      Hello Saffron, I am sorry I am so late to this video, I just wanted to say I love you so much and i have been there since you and ana met x

    35. Oliver Hamilton

      I highly hhnuynjhgbmuybn

    36. Kallie K

      because my forster career dosen" alow it

    37. Holly Thompson


    38. Caprial Nichols

      Just came from Anastasia kingsnorth video to

    39. _jess xo_

      Not saff just living every girls dream 😭✨

    40. _jess xo_

      Saff has come so far! the fact she hated her whole body and is now one of my hugest inspirations with her health and body! she should be so proud of herself and how far she has come! ily saff 💕✨

    41. _jess xo_

      How does someone look THIS good in a bun 😭✨

    42. Ashtar Tamo

      She should have Ty react to her “dear future husband” video 😂

    43. Tara Vogt-Skard

      Does anyone know where these earrings are from? Xx

    44. Jesse Wilkinson

      the photo on the carpet of you and stasia. i fkn love stasia but fuck i’d be dirty if i had to stand next to you while you look like that 😂😂

    45. ella bland

      What was the insensitive comment?xxx

    46. Hannah Smith

      You have done so many inspiring things for someone still so young yet you get so much hate :( I don't understand how people dwell on your silly moments just to forget about all the amazing things you've done, should be so proud x

    47. Emma

      You’ve had so many great achievements 👏🏻💪🏻

    48. Rubi B

      What about ur awareness u did for deaf ?

    49. Dylan Sousa

      Saffron i love your channel

    50. Kayla’s Life

      What did you use to put your photos on was it an app you used ?

    51. Meg & Jeff

      Anyone else feeling like they haven’t achieved hardly anything in their life 😂

    52. GRACIE X

      Can we just take a moment to look at her hair OMGG it looks soo stunning and beautiful 🤩 saff soo pretty 😍 xx

    53. Lucy Snewin

      The things you have achieved is mad! This video was so great! You are such an inspiration and down to earth person!

    54. Maia Beatrice

      I am a small youtubers who started my channel because of saffron, anyone wanna support each other? X

    55. Callie Clark23

      Wtf Why is there so much hate in the comments she’s not copping Anna loads of HRaero’s are doing it, she’s so successful she’s probably done more in life than most of you lot have! 😅

    56. Lena Lotte Lovatic

      OMG she is 20 years old and she's achieved more than everything!!!!!!!!

    57. Gracie Southcoat

      the im a celeb vid was and is my comfort vids !!!!

    58. eleanor aiston

      Yeeees u would be great on I’m a celeb

    59. Danielle Rice

      Really good video

    60. Matilda Ellis

      I love this video! where's your top from in this?

    61. Kayleigh Bradley

      What was the video that she didn’t really talk about ?

      1. Kayleigh Bradley

        @peachypeaches ahh ok thankyou

      2. peachypeaches

        She's deleting comments that talk about it.

    62. Meg & Jeff

      Happy New Year everyone!! 🥳🥳


      You are such a hard worker❤🙏

    64. poppy- hope

      well done saffron! you've achieved so much!

    65. aimee cherub

      I remember your skits lol

    66. Natalie Anderson

      Girl your earrings are so heavy

    67. libby mae

      you copied Anastasia kings north to a tea

    68. Olivia Thomson

      where is this top from does anyone know?

    69. Amelie Rose

      Petition For Saffron to go on I'm a celeb

    70. Melissa Blackledge

      That Metallica moment 😅😅 bless you xx

    71. MollyKate


    72. Tyla Hoyle

      I grew up with watching you daily vlog and it was always the highlight of my day

    73. Takiyah Riamah

      Hii Saffron for your next video pls could you do what you eat in a day/week.xx Love this video

    74. Leah Keogh Patterson

      I love you so much Saff❤️❤️

    75. Thomas Steven

      Well since you did Strictly already i guess it's Dancing On Ice next ⛸⛸⛸

    76. Ilsa Kiran

      I loved your skits they were soooo funny 😂😂😂. OG since day 1..

    77. Mumma kat

      The Metallica one 😂😂

    78. Eliana Clark

      Hahaha I remember the Metallica one 😭😂

    79. Chloe Willetts

      Great video love it keep it up great work.

    80. Ameera Chyy

      You beaut😍

    81. Abbie Mandry

      Omggg i remember these skits!! I used to watch them all the time and find them so so so entertaining and funny at the time 😂😂 i cannot believe ive been here this long omg! 😱💜

    82. Time to Bake

      Saff looks so cute with ty, they should do a babysitting video with Harlow and lake 🥰

    83. Time to Bake

      Saff looks so cute with ty, they should do a babysitting video with Harlow and lake 🥰

    84. Code Deb

      I’m really glad you addressed your worst scandal. The video would have felt ungenuine if you had not 💛

      1. peachypeaches

        What is ungenuine is her deleting the comments that explain what happened. She was very vague in the video and people have had their comments deleted where they have said what actually happened to people that weren't aware

    85. MackleFamily

      Love the honesty and real ness

    86. Halle Edwards

      You should do recreating your skits 😂 xx

    87. justelzy

      The I’m a HRaero get me out of here was what I started watching of saffs!

    88. Jessica Hillan

      omg wow i didn’t realise how much you have achieved , so inspiring ❤️

    89. Barry O'Riley

      Someone please tell me where I can get that necklace !!!!!!

    90. lucylocket118

      you've done so well for yourself you should be proud of yourself love u xxx

    91. Joanna Plummer

      Omg I would LOVE to see you do the I'm a celebrity series again! Rematch with Casey that would be epic!

    92. Rebekah Russell

      Pls Saff make a video on how you use your protein powder and recipes with it

    93. Chocoholic xx

      Anyone else just watching this realising how little you've done in your life? Lol

      1. Jordyn Warnock

        @Becky x so true lol 🤣🤣x

      2. Becky x

        @Jordyn Warnock nah you’re literally a baby have fun still!! You got plenty of time to be sorting your life out. Adult life isn’t fun 🤣

      3. Jordyn Warnock

        yes , i’m 18, no job, no education n lye in bed all day...😂😂time to start my life

      4. Ella Moxley

        Yes omg I acc feel like a failure she’s done so much 😭

    94. Carys Manson

      Saffron should go on celebrity bake off !!!!!!

      1. Carys Manson

        It would be a great laugh 😂

    95. Adele Maria

      JESUS IS COMING SO SO SOON Y’ALL! Repent and trust in Jesus alone! Jesus is the only way! Lemme know how I can pray for you :) God created the world good and perfect, but we as humans have rebelled against that by sinning. Every single one of us has sinned. And just like on earth te here’s punishment for breaking the law, so there’s punishment for breaking God’s law: death and eternal separation in hell. BUT HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: out of God’s deep and unconditional love for us, He sent His one and only son to take that punishment. Jesus is eternal and never committed any sin, He is 100% God and 100% man, and He just loves you ever so much. He paid the price IN FULL for our sins, so that we don’t have to. We owed a debt to God and Jesus paid it. And He rose 3 days later proving His sacrifice was accepted. Now all you have to do, is repent and trust in Jesus alone! God is so good! He has pulled me out of the darkest place, and sharing the good news of the Gospel is in the hopes that He can help someone else too :)

      1. A C

        @Kiera Bridget Fan you live in a fantasy land

      2. Alexis Fletcher

        @Kiera Bridget Fan I can’t fucking wait 😍😍😍

      3. Kiera Bridget Fan

        @A C no its not its someone going to heaven and wants to help otjer know god so they can go to heaven but you can chose hell

      4. Kiera Bridget Fan

        @Alexis Fletcher oh hunny, have fun going to hell

      5. Alexis Fletcher

        @Kiera Bridget Fan no he didnt

    96. M&M Vlogs

      OMG saff u need to go on I’m a celeb I absolutely love that, they should do I’m a youtuber get me out of here!!!! Love u all ❤️❤️. Like if u agree

    97. Elise James

      i'm glad you included the time you said something shitty, at least you recognise your mistake! well done for everything you've achieved x

      1. Ships

        @peachypeaches 👀

      2. Lizzie Lye

        Thought exactly that

      3. peachypeaches

        @lauren steele so she's still trying to hide it from people that might not know what happened rather than truly owning up to it. How sad..

      4. lauren steele

        @peachypeaches and mine on a different comment lol

      5. Emily dixon


    98. Katie’May Hunt

      Love this😍

    99. Kathryn Murphy

      I love your honesty, it’s good to see youtubers reflecting. So many big moments for you! Also most people bringing out collaborations now a days aren’t make up artists anyway 💖

    100. Akshaya Subeegaran

      I think it's hilarious the fact that Ana and Saffron did this video straight after each other with the same picture from the brits but both ana and saffron put that pic in totally opposite end of the spectrum. Ana thought it was a disaster but for Saffron it was amazing!!!

      1. Mary murray

        Anna hated that pic