Chris McLean's descent into madness in 10 minutes


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    (Total Drama)

    Chris McLean's descent into madness in 10 minutes. Chris is total psychopath in the later seasons

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    1. The Empathic Kitsune

      This is the only show I've started watching in 5 year.. and I just ruined it

    2. Greenbird Gaming

      Cris season 1: was ok to the campers barely forcing them to do anything against what they would do on survivor. Season 2: money. Season 3: pain Season 4: DEATH

    3. Blackout_7040

      Chris has always been my favourite because he's a psychopath and the way he talks . Not cool dudes

    4. officiallynatsukigushiken

      monokuma and chris are the same person. i refuse to believe any other opinion

    5. Vinny the player

      4:47 chris became jigsaw

    6. Vinny the player

      I miss revenge of the island

    7. Vinny the player

      4:14 he was sus!

    8. : 3

      Monokuma got NOTHING on Chris

    9. ShockDragon

      I guess you can say that all the chaos _dramatized_ him Eh? Eh?

    10. Salvo 1998

      Its Season 6 not Season 5.2

    11. ً

      6:48 “i totally forgot to feed them this week” had me dying im sorry

    12. Tilaic

      Honestly if they ever want to reaaaally conclude the series. They could do a whole season/arc dedicated to learning more about their celebrity world (They already kind of paint a bit of a background of the "Host Life" where these TV hosts get crazier as time goes on, specifically in order to stay relevant and on the air. They showed this the most with Chris, but you see it with Geoff and Blaineley as well) It could run in a pretty standard 2 story arc episodes where you have Chris sending contestants out on the most dangerous challenges yet, while on the flip side we are seeing things unfold in the "real" world where an intervention is in the works, but Chris, having total control over his island and robots, is fighting off the outside world eventually concluding with the permanent imprisonment of Chris, and the shutdown of the network. In order to really do the series any justice, people need to die in this final season. Early on. Like the season would need to be forced over to adult swim to really have an ending that does justice to the world they've created.

    13. jackclown97

      flanderization at work once again

    14. 딸기 가 좋아

      The interns... so many have died I’m surprised this dude wasn’t in prison earlier


      Chris has no respect for nobody and no regrets for what he done 🤣😂🤣🤣

    16. Nirroir


      1. Lindsay

        Would you believe me if I said 2 new seasons were announced this year

    17. AlkkeBoi Vibing

      Chris is actually a demon

    18. Lendle Guanzon

      Chris McLean gives some GrayStillPlays vibes

    19. Jacquile Johnson

      The amount of double takes and "SON???"’s I did during this is uncountable

    20. Mono has had enough

      It all started when he got kicked in the knee, that's when it all went downhill

    21. Danilo the Bacon

      3:09 “mami” - owen

    22. Pasha Gaming YT

      Was this meant to be a kid’s show at some point 😅

    23. Magdalena Calipes


    24. Madcat 456

      Just found out the series is on Netflix. I know what part of my childhood I am going to relive. I missed a few episodes and the later seasons.

    25. Kai

      I've decided my my new road in life: *reject humanity, become Chris McLean*

    26. The hero Nexus

      This dude tortures teenagers harder than Freddy Krueger

    27. ItzStardust

      I am now scared of the writers.

    28. Nagito Komaeda (Louis Stan Account)

      "Alright Campers, I've officially gone insane, so the chef is gonna take over for me as I commit suicide"

    29. Louis R. Tursi

      Chris McLean’s challenges really be making Jigsaw’s traps look like a walk in the park with the Care Bears.

    30. Retro J

      chris went from a chad, to a twitter user

    31. UwU the Replier

      Let’s be honest, Ella was at least 60% of his complete collapse

    32. nyambe

      Danganronpa in a nutshell

    33. TrashPanda

      Danganronpa is just the result of Chris being transformed into a black-and-white mechanical bear and putting teenagers into a killing game for his own amusement, and I refuse to believe otherwise Edit: chef is Junko

    34. James Clevenger

      I would’ve liked to see karma hit Chris at the end.

    35. Becca Darko

      Reminds me of Alton Brown. Good Eats - - - - - - - - -> Cutthroat Kitchen

    36. Jacob

      This makes me wanna rewatch the Total Drama series

    37. Fish

      Why does Trent’s shirt have 5 fingers

    38. Kieran.


    39. matt aka big z

      Ppl gonna die ....once said chef

    40. Josh Bryan

      Sometimes when I walk into a room with family I go "Alright, campers!" Lol

    41. NatesMultiverse Studios

      1:55 That Feels Like An Easter Eff To Mat From Eddsworld I Mean He Has A Formidable Chin Too And He Did Say The Line "No!, Not The Face!)

    42. SuavecIto Mel

      Why he kick the one intern off the plane tho 😭😭😭😭

    43. Fake News

      Nah Chris is fine should use him for season 6

    44. Beaver Jedi

      Damn, I topped watching after thr original TDI ended... I must have missed a LOT lmao

    45. kanał uziaczek

      Chris is basically the same character as monokuma

    46. Ballistic Fishy

      rip to all the intern who died

    47. alecboi777

      that one guy in roblox survivor:

    48. Busy Winner


    49. カワイイ天国

      I actually like nice chris

    50. Max Will

      I like when. Christ being in pain

    51. Exiler300

      Chris is basically the new jigsaw at this point

    52. Pooper Scooper

      I detect no lies in this video.

    53. Danny

      Damn everybody hates Chris, including me.

    54. Ashley !

      Why does season 5.2 Chris low key give me monokuma vibes

    55. Andrea Wilkins

      Yeah, so Chris McLean killed a lot of people throughout the entire series and is really uncaring to the livelihood of the cast, his helpers, and the setting where the show is located

    56. Aria Britton

      chris slowly becoming more based

    57. NHGTH

      this is the backstory of the joker

    58. Alius

      9:56 simps when they find out there favourite e-girl has a boyfriend


      So this guy is basically a male Junko. Let's hope they don't meet. God help whoever if they do

    60. Triston Murray

      ITS CHRIS MCLANE YOU DUMB BLOND (it’s a reference to the show I’m not just being mean)

    61. meme god

      You could tell his decent from madness by the exits 1 the boat And then I think it was 4 became a cannon

    62. Taylor Anhorn

      Alright HRaero algorithm, I'll check this video out

    63. Haha

      Muskoka Ontario 😍 I was supposed to go camping there in grade 7

    64. ZJC

    65. sub  pls. ornoob

      *My boyfriend Keith" "My boyfriend keith" me; *internal trauma*

    66. Watersquid


    67. Deoxysoverlord

      3:33 WHAT THE FUCK.

    68. Macky Yakcam

      10:00 and you fail

    69. kyubey

      Dude you should become friends with sayaka.

    70. bunni

      chris season 1: who can stay awake the longest! chris seasons 2-5: *F E E L M Y P A I N.*

    71. Trey Kidd

      His last name is McLean ? I used to watch this as a kid and I didn't even know that

    72. Shane Scales

      Season one was the best and only good season

    73. Toddrm

      Lol he looks like Markiplier - kinda lol

    74. Corruptwyvern

      Chris McLean A.K.A The Evil MrBeast

    75. XIPHOZ1

      Time 2:55 - 3:14 Ali: This is PUBG born.

    76. Lucario

      Wait, he was Nice on the beginning?

    77. The M.A.

      Total Drama is making a comeback. I wonder what Chris will be like when that happens! 🤔

    78. Dude Shrop

      Fun Fact: Did you know that Chris Mclean was the main antagonist of Total Drama?

    79. Josh

      Bro at 4:34 he literally killed them thats how you know he hates his job

    80. Anime King

      This show is crap after season 1 just like the real survival show is crap after the first couple episodes

    81. Chelsea Allred

      So now you wanna be nice

    82. Chelsea Allred

      Not cody

    83. Chelsea Allred

      Lol Chris makes everyone mad

    84. cookie vr

      1:34 exactly 9 minutes before absolute chaos

    85. Bloodycheese insidemyass

      He should of been the new far cry villain

    86. The Lord of luncheon


    87. Carl The judge

      Carl approves

    88. CantThinkOfAName

      1:55 that was a straight up eddsworld refrence

    89. psycho snake

      Where can I find them I can only find seasons 1 and 2 but I wanna rewatch themmm

      1. Lindsay

        all of the seasons are on youtube

    90. ksun peep

      1:10 i thought he was about to say "cringe"

    91. Emery Thrash

      LOOOLL They even featured simps, incels, egirls, and sjws 😂

      1. Lindsay

        yep, total drama was ahead of it's time

    92. 𝙇𝙚𝙣


    93. kunfu panada

      Infact he's worst than Heather and her male counter part combine he's sooooooooo evil

    94. kunfu panada

      Chris is putting teens in danger especially lindsay she's GODDDDD

    95. Poffibanan

      In the non-Canon Total Drama Reunion Chris was altso in jail and kidnapped all the first contestants

    96. Channel

      ł ₭₦Ø₩ ₮ⱤØⱠⱠ₲Ɇ Ⱡ₳₦₲Ʉ₳₲Ɇ

    97. Oli Douze

      That was such a nice show, made me nostalgic.

    98. Pol Van den Bleek

      1:08 is that ZYZZ?

    99. Ravenzeye

      Note to self: Never become McLeans intern