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    1. 1Rod1ReelFishing

      NEW VID COMING TOMO EVENING!!! You WON’T BELIEVE what I find in a public park! 🎣😅

      1. KF42

        @Tanvir Hasan Eaten by a fish? Only if Adonai decides to do a Jonah thing with me, LOL.

      2. KF42

        @Wendy Throw in Man's Best Friend? Heck no! Now _you_ might make good bait for giant river catfish, or piranha! 😂

      3. Millz Millz

        @Tanvir Hasan black men like me are constantly being picked off every day. You would know right oppressor

      4. Tanvir Hasan

        @David force feeding is not Oki doki

      5. Tanvir Hasan

        @David I think the biggest bad ass kid is u, go to your mom to teach u some lessons

    2. Dr. Simple Beauty 300

      Circadian is related to the cicadas? I know they keep excellent time: dawn, high noon and evening,

    3. DizziiDayDreamiis

      In all honesty I kinda felt bad for the cicada🥺 It was just chillin then became a snack 🥲

    4. Special k

      Did I just witness a murder? 😳

    5. Jennifer Hodge

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo

    6. Mark Reynolds

      Like a cockroach in a chicken coop. #rugby

    7. Pringle man 360

      Did you just bite it’s head off

    8. Zenokill

      Is that loch raven

    9. Reggie Gaming 8bp

      Actually it was 2, and it seems like they where on a date🤦

    10. Shooky Cookie

      That scream of the bait was me when I my bro tickles my feet 😂

    11. Stuff And Things

      I felt uncomfortable

    12. Kalo Argueta

      …just, why!?

    13. doire aintu

      Try fishing with cicadas or even fake cicadas. All of the fish are fat and lazy. They will go nuts and you will catch so much!

    14. Keeg !

      Oh no, i love cicadas.

    15. Ur Mom

      Fish love epic shaggers

      1. Ur Mom

        @doire aintu just saying

      2. doire aintu

        It did notin to u

    16. Nonof Yourbiz murderer!

    17. Khasib Mc

      The four cicada nations were onlined until the tiktokers attacked

    18. Jungle Wii fii

      Dude those fish will eat anything

    19. Joe Done

      Let’s see if they are piranhas and throw that tic-toker off in there. 🤪

    20. Wolfy Diamond

      Oh god thats the monsteosity i saw on the road this week, they are rare in poland xD

    21. Layla Johnson

      “we’re gonna take it-“ and light it on fire

    22. Sherman

      Worthy sacrifice. You will be spared. *for now.*

    23. WESLEYWV12

      Ok rip for the cicada but wat hapenn to your thumb

    24. ai, caí.


    25. Pachenko

      Animal abuse

    26. Rhys foreman

      I feel sad for the thing-

    27. Meme Maker

      So killing for likes, thats maybe not a new one but one of the worst

    28. Hau’oli & Brianne Yockeman

      How do you grab that it’s like disgusting🤮

    29. Denver Humphreys

      It did notin to u

    30. Cockatiels Be Cockatiels

      Damn that cicada is screaming in terror

    31. ShaimeLess

      The new type of animal abuse be like:

    32. Alice Livingstone

      Cruel 😨

    33. Andrew Gruspe

      Goin out after 17 years underground just to be tossed to fishes

      1. Puginator 16


    34. AnonymousGames

      That cicada had a wife and 6 kids what did he ever do to you? You monster

    35. H G

      I'd be puking and shivering already if I touch an insect

    36. IŞO

      It's like take a baby for feed a shark...

    37. doliio volay

      This guy said "Cicada go into the water" like it's a Pokémon 😂

    38. J

      Cicada : “can’t wait to go home to my wife and kids”

    39. 26yw4r

      You stik

      1. doliio volay

        Wow that was cool 😎



    41. I D

      I just knew there was gonna be snowflakes crying about the cicada lmfaooo

    42. Jeezy YT

      Damit i blinked

    43. Thanos

      Cicada: **chills** This guy: And I took that personally

    44. Fernando Dimas

      That just mean f for the bug

    45. 21Nekoda

      He survived like a literal 13 years underground just to be thrown in the water and eaten immediately.

    46. Jazmin Cambarelli

      No al maltrato animal :(

    47. Michael Tracey

      I hate you evil person 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

    48. RedSalsaTV

      Basically he murdered a cicada 🤣🤣

    49. Waffuru

      Poor cicada it was living its best life until a giant came and fed it to the water monsters

    50. Nikki Brink


    51. 유튜브보는계정


    52. Caoimhín Ó Caoimh

      This man just brutally executed this cicada for no reason at all

    53. Elaine Virag

      Dude the way he picked it up so relaxed I-

    54. Vivian Mishell

      Wow that was cool 😎

    55. Richard McQuarrie

      17 year delicacy

    56. dina eshun

      NO VIP

    57. Michael Tracey

      Terrible terrible person he's a terriblest person on Earth or little to Gator 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿🕝🕝🕝🕝🕝👿🕝👿🕝👿🕝🕝🕝🕝🕝🕝🕝🕝🕝🕝🕝👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

      1. Dan Verse

        Wow relax kid

    58. ちきさままさきち

      何だよその虫。 こえぇよ。

    59. your friendly neighborhood rat

      He a Ange boi.WAiT nO

    60. Benjamin Grimes

      17 years in the ground...for this.

    61. kingkool30


    62. Minn Play


    63. Michael Ryan

      It's a fucking bug people. Weak ass humans.

    64. cheese boy


    65. Lucas Sunell


    66. toca vlogger


    67. FaZeFe4rful


    68. Stormy

      The cicada was just vibin’ on that pole

    69. Tanya Dimitrova

      Fu c you your a bad guy for killing that cocrohe

    70. Levi Ackerman

      The bug was screaming for its life it knew what was gonna happen

    71. J J


    72. Ruby Akin

      What the hell is on your finger

    73. Charcoal._.TheWolf

      Right here, was have a cicada. **Snatch**

    74. Shivam Shandilya

      R.I.P Cicada

    75. Annaisha Chan

      La cucaracha: no Francisco, te recuerdo que soy de las que vuelan

    76. Rajat Yadav

      Fish also love to bite you go and they will kill you. Bull shit.

    77. George Cruz

      Cicada is like wait I can't swi...gulp!

    78. Malachi Chambers (OkItzJustMal’sYT)

      Damn the cicada was just chillin and a dude took I’m to his grave damn

    79. Samurai Nuts

      What the fuck is on his thumb?

    80. BLACKSCAR 630

      I thought it was gonna be a jump scare

    81. Th37oolishlea6er 2.0

      Why did you do that to that cicada he was just trying to vibe

    82. محمد امین سوسنی

      کس کش گنا داشت🤬🤬

    83. wolfiessik Chin

      Why would you do that

    84. Creative Eclaire

      Sad he just killed a innocent animal

    85. BELLA Cesella

      do fishes always watch surface of the water? Im hella scared.

    86. jaredlucas 772

      Child of the bug:whens daddy gonna come home? Did he get the milk🥺

    87. AtomicGaming XC

      He is. Not even svared

    88. احمد ابو تللول

      يععععععععع 🦠🦗 🤯😱😱🤢🤮🤮

    89. rino januar

      .....even using cocroach you can catch a fish

    90. ElectricSharkYT

      The cicada was raging when he got thrown in the water lol

    91. lazyeggz gaming

      Dude just picked it up while the spider was just hanging over there

    92. E J K 93

      This dude has a lisp, was probably bullied for it, and now he feels empowered by killing insects.

    93. The king of gamers

      nobody: me trying to tame a stalker in subnautica:

    94. tsoutsounami

      Why do you waste your time arguing with hus supporters that what he did was wrong, just report him...

    95. dadi capalot

      i used to spit in the water and the fish do that