Olivia Rodrigo Performs "good 4 u" | 2021 VMAs | MTV


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    Olivia Rodrigo performs "good 4 u" at the 2021 VMAs.

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    1. Ilif Arzman

      A star was born

    2. ♡ sweetie ฅ

      wtf, cómo q le ganó a Dynamite, si esta piba canta re mal

      1. aren :]

        no canta mal

    3. eduardo cardoso

      descupa gente mas ela foi pessima, principalmente quando tentou dançar, perdeu o folego.

      1. gusvitta


    4. Platform 9 3/4


    5. Mariana Vásquez

      This is so bad

    6. Natalia

      She didn't did it well

    7. miilky mango


    8. Timonay Hendricks

      I seriously don't understand what all the hype is about regarding her songs ,ect .It's just not that great, anyone can put a song like this together , there's much better deserving artist's out there that don't get as much recognition as she does and they actually put some thought and work, emotions into their songs that we as the audience can relate to . This just sounds like a over dramatic teen something...But hey there's always room for improvement and learning .

    9. BlitzMan83

      3:10 this is where she shows she's exhausted but I dont blame her. Hard song to sing while moving

    10. Kaweny Hoffmann

      Eai MTV cadê a performance da Anitta ?

    11. mad21a

      Someone called this performance bad? Fuvk it's the realest and I love it

    12. Anthony Tamilio

      We need to get her in the studio with MGK

    13. XoAriana.

      Me sangraron los oídos con las desastrosas desafinaciones y falta de aire al poco inicio de la canción, en fin la promesa del pop le dicen, JAJAJAJA

    14. XoAriana.

      El escenario le quedó muy grande

    15. BlackVelvetChic

      For her age she does amazing. As she gets older her breath control will improve. Good For her!

    16. Louisiana Eu

      She finished Billy E, Camilla C , Rosalía and a few others ….Her music is super cool all around ballad and badass style love it ‼️

    17. Juanlucas Nunes

      faltou o ar jojo ?

    18. Arthur Olimpio

      não precisava bater no cameraman e quebrar a camera dele

      1. XoAriana.

        necesitaba hacer algo para que olviden su desastroso canto : (

    19. Dana Andrea 🐙🐋

      Le faltó practicar más su canto también

      1. Dana Andrea 🐙🐋

        @Paulo Moncada Lipa What? No estoy enojada .-.

      2. Paulo Moncada Lipa

        pq te enojas

    20. Dana Andrea 🐙🐋

      Al final se escucho raro, si no puede cantar y moverse al mismo tiempo no debería de hacerlo

    21. just mila


    22. Dom Toretto

      3:30 Cameraman-that was g…….

    23. YukiSAD ✔

      the best

    24. Kevin Canchee

      His presentation terrible, he lacks a lot of air and fine tune his voice. If you want to sing live, you can't put up with a 1:30-long show.

    25. Anita Karácsonyi

      Her performance skills are so cool But her voice sounded so bad (no hate just an opinion)

    26. Valeria Salazar

      Wow esto es increíble 💎💎💎🌸🌸💐💐🌸💐🌸💐🌸🎵🎵🎵👑👑👑👑👑👑

      1. XoAriana.

        sí, con gallos y todo, que habrá hecho romper tímpanos, pero igual increíble ☺️

    27. Jessica Smith

      Good song and she has some talent but this performance is just lackluster.

    28. mllop aeet

      That chorus is so hard to sing and she's doing it flawlessly LIVE. Wow I was expecting a good performance but this is honestly even better than what I was expecting

      1. XoAriana.

        sí, con falta de aire al poco tiempo de que inicie la canción, con desastrosas desafinaciones, pero increíble 😉

    29. BigBadBehemoth GoGoGoliath

      Pepelaugh oh no no no no

    30. Joel

      Cadê a apresentação de Anitta VMA ??

    31. Tara Canales

      anyone else think the drummer is attractive as heck 😭😩

    32. Mary Claire Reyes


      1. mllop aeet

        Asan na yung mga proud pinoy?

    33. Arya

      Un cantante no ouede tener un rango vocal impresionante pero tienen tecnica y hacen de la canción un temazo aprtedel dominio escénico y la presentación en conjunto pero la verdad chicos a Olivia le falta tecnica y ñara solapar esa falla su show deberia ser impresionante cino la canción y no lo es yo no pagaria un cincierto de ella si me ofrece lo qse vio aca tiene q mejorar su técnica

    34. {𝙵𝚛𝚘𝚐𝚐𝚓𝚎🐸}

      the fact she was so brave to do this is incredible!

    35. Me Myself and

      I wish you a happy new year.

    36. Aaliyah Nadaf

      Queen Olivia 🥰👑

      1. XoAriana.

        Reina del plagio

    37. HanHan Swift

      A literal queen!

    38. ivan marzo

      The way she broke the camera HAHA

    39. Milena Ribeiro

      Não acredito que a Rogério ganhou

    40. Sarah Magalhães

      Cadê a Anitta ?

    41. loli terrorista

      Mas parecia una fiesta infantil toda desafinada jajajja

    42. Stevie Time Travel

      Olivia has got my respect for doing that live. What a fun performance.

    43. jk bæ


    44. julia

      Sem or: senhor Sem ar: ....

      1. Ana

        você é tão sem graça que ninguém curtiu seu comentário

    45. Eugene Maranes

      Asan na yung mga proud pinoy?

    46. hi

      I dont really like tbh but she did her best so its okay

    47. ridal novic

      She made her dress thinking about CARTOON WINX . WOW

    48. Viren Tyagi

      Bruv the drummer was going off

    49. trevor smith

      sounds bad

    50. John Rey

      I really appreciate how she break the video camera LOL luv her!

    51. ᄋᄋ

      이게 라이브 잘하는거야...?

    52. ItsJordyy

      O.M.G THIS IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Wow BRAVO 👏 👏👏👏 VERY ICONIC

    53. Omar Gillespie

      I mean she did a good job, she really did, but everyone in the comments hyping her up way too much, this is not much different from what most touring musicians have to do.

    54. George Royal

      DAMN HOW GREAT AND PERFECT PERFORMANCE ESPECIALLY THE WHOLE FEELING ( i love the audience) i need to enjoy my life ☺️ zzz

    55. Abel Santana

      Vine por el vídeo de la Divaza :)

    56. David Cusguen

      Wow! Loved it! She nailed it completely live! 😍

    57. Alliah Sampang

      Damn those vocals!

    58. cute flwaraa


    59. WHAT ?????

      BTS got no.1 in BB Hot 100

    60. WHAT ?????

      But still BTS no. 1 in my heart

    61. SanaBearx

      2:36 why does the drummer look so much like Halsey 😭

    62. C V

      Finally some live singers! Great performance !

    63. SanaBearx

      I literally played this video at 3am pretending I was at the VMA’s 😭

    64. World of Ace

      I know a lot of people are not saying Olivia is bad but to you who are she sounds amazing! Like why is every doubting her when u probably sound like a croaking frog ( I know I do)

    65. Bruv

      ass tbh

    66. 9A1 Vĩ Huê

      I don’t know was the broken glass at the end was legitimate or expensive but WOW, that’s cool af

    67. Water Deep

      Yelling and howling. That's it.

    68. Christine Matias

      this is me in the bedroom alone 🤣 minus the good voice

    69. Æ

      Pq apagou o vídeo da Anitta??????

    70. Ana Sofía

      Creí que era un edit🕴️ Cosas como estás son las que pasan al no tener una estabilidad vocal buena.

      1. # 𓂃 LUV ★ T4E  ҂


      2. taehyungnista


    71. Milena da Silva Pereira

      como essa criatura ganhou do Bruno Mars??????????? KKKJJKKKKKKK

    72. Nor_zin


    73. Jonathan Lazaro

      Cool performance!👏

    74. _ L a i n e y _

      To the people who call this bad, just listen to me trying to sing this in a room full of oxygen, sitting down, with loose clothing, and after 30 minutes of breathing exercises. Honey, your ears would be screaming to get out of there within the first 30 seconds, maybe then you'll appreciate this girls talent

      1. _ L a i n e y _

        @blueandgrey I mean- perhaps it will solve overpopulation lmao

      2. blueandgrey

        there you found the reason why everyone isn't a professional singer. But if you're one we expect you to be good at it. Rihanna, Beyonce, lady gaga are examples. Imagine a professional surgeon not good at surgery 😀

    75. Christine Emily

      I dont get it. What happened to the camera?

    76. Maria Rene Mendez ramirez

      Q paso con su best vocal🧍🧍

    77. Guevara Rodríguez Jianelly Zulema

      F por la camara

    78. Alinne Torres

      Para um ao vivo ela está de parabéns 👏👏👏👏

    79. Shahnas T

      Thank you liv for giving us a song to rock out to in our bedrooms, a song to cry on the floor our bathrooms thank you for an amazing album for us to be obsessed with and mostly thank you for being a wonderful person for us to look up to. We love you and you r amazing Dont let anyone make you feel any other way 💖✨💖✨

    80. FallinSkittlesVampire

      Why so many dislikes?!

      1. FallinSkittlesVampire

        @Lollipop Pop Assuming you mean armys as in kpop I feel the kpop genre has ruined music. Not the singers but the fans being toxic to others.

      2. taehyungnista

        @Lollipop Pop AJAJAAJJAJ

      3. Lollipop Pop

        Because armys are OBSESSED with this poor girl.

    81. Céu De Paredes


    82. Victor Martins de Sousa


    83. its_me chelsandiego

      I love her natural voice 😻i so obsessed ❤️

    84. Suzeleyn

      Alto plagio mami

    85. Dona


      1. Dona

        @Bangtan feels OT7 pero por las dudas.. a tu vieja🤣

      2. Dona

        @Bangtan feels OT7 no te entendi nada capo

      3. Bangtan feels OT7

        Your mom's reaction when you were born

    86. 💐pAtAs💐

      por que chucha rompía esa cámara, y por que puso esa cara como de q " La rompí" XD la una caga que rompió fueron mis tímpanos , su voz y la cámara XD._.

      1. fahrenheit

        no hay que ser muy inteligente que no es verdad

    87. Geovanna Bejarano Muñoz

      I mean, she doesn´t sound bad, she has good pitch, she is just out of breath because she is jumping around and not using a backing track. She could have done better with that help for sure. It's not her best performance, but it is comprehensive, also she is new to this and is still learning.

      1. DivdanScribblz

        Another thing to add onto your comment: Im a musician so imma add my 2 cents Because most artists dont truly expect to become famous, if you debut you never truly prepare your vocals for anything besides recording, so when you play live, not only will you have to be entertaining, you have to preform. Meaning you will have hiccups in your performance. Thats just how it is. Obviously jumping around is gonna make it harder to sing. Playing live isnt about sounding perfect, its about letting loose and having fun. Obviously it wont sound like the album, because you are in a completely different environment, then the one you were in while recording.

    88. tommo payno

      her voice went really shaky at the end with her breathing being stuttered but the amount of movement she was doing it was bound to happen. she did really well though for surs

    89. Charles Irwin


    90. JPazevedo2

      🙄🙄 cade a anitta

    91. JPazevedo2

      Cade a anitta

    92. JPazevedo2


    93. JPazevedo2

      Queremos anitt

    94. JPazevedo2

      Pq tiraram o video da anitta aff

    95. JPazevedo2

      Cade a anitta

    96. hugo castillo madero

      I loved the sound of the drums when each chorus ends and the drumsticks hit fast. An incredible style. The bass also sounded great at the start with a calm harmony that turned into aggressive riffs. The ending, crazy and cool. Much success to Olivia in her career. I hope she makes new songs with equal emotion.

    97. タチTati

      Why the audience not wearing mask lol

    98. Captain Kollar

      I respect that she did this with no background vocals but I would’ve enjoyed this a lot more if she did include them

    99. Geovana Oliveira

      A Tori de Brilhante Vitória ta diferente kkkkk, maravilhosa!!

    100. βοωsεr χD

      Rompio la cámara xD