BMW M5 1000hp v M5 Comp v M550i - DRAG RACE


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    Are you a fan of the BMW M5? Then you’re going to LOVE this… It’s the ultimate BMW M5 showdown!

    We’ve got Mat in the all-new BMW M5 Competition, and he’s going up against the new BMW M550i and Evolve’s incredible 1000hp M5!

    So how do the stats stack up? Well there’s one thing which is the same across all three cars - they’re all powered by a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. However, that’s where the similarities end! While the M5 Competition can produce 625hp \u0026 750Nm, while the M550i may have exactly the same engine, but it only puts down 530hp \u0026 750Nm.

    As for the tuned M5 - well that engine’s been custom built so that it now produces a ludicrous 1,000hp \u0026 1,100Nm of torque!!

    So you may not be surprised by the winner, but the question is, just how dominant will the tuned M5 be following the £30,000 engine rebuild? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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    1. carwow

      Answer this question: The greatest BMW in 2021 is... ?

      1. Tomislav Matijevic

        M4 2017, M8 compodition.

      2. Nikolay Tanev

        That Blue BMW 😂😂😂

      3. Mohana Kumar

        BMW m5

      4. Mathijs Zwart

        M4 competition is

      5. Khoa Bert

        530e 😂

    2. chris smith

      I don't know why I was expecting dry pavement.

    3. Restoration work


    4. Alex Huang

      Nice video

    5. 93Beefcake

      car wow being in the uk is a fucking shame 3/4 of filming sessions will be with damp tracks

    6. That Guy777

      first of all, you can't drag race on a wet track, second, your steering wheel is on the wrong side

    7. Arkadiusz Piwowarczyk

      Make a 3-run start from a stop to dispel doubts

    8. GERRARI

      He talks too much

    9. Andy Dixon

      I wonder if they actually sell any of that ridiculous merch they have in the carousel under the video? Drag Queen 🤦‍♂️💀

    10. Bartek Werecki

      Two other guys in 550i & 1000hp M5 alone in that cars and in masks... would you please go F*** Y**RSELF

    11. Ade Rey


    12. Julian Paulus

      Can the tuned M5 go against the tuned audi

    13. rong Yao

      Yes finally a video only for BMW fanboys you’ve also done a video with only Lamborghini farm boys

    14. wombatau

      I call bull on that having 1000hp or anywhere near it.

    15. Marcleens Lavaud

      That 1000ho M5 is nuts 😂😂😂😂

    16. とりあえず生

      British wet drugrace

    17. Barry Dunne

      The wide-eyed lycra lily confuse because position aditionally x-ray of a delicate base. delightful, simple permission

    18. Shantanu Bhoraskar

      the best part is 3:02

    19. Anavore

      Plz old vs new m5 comp

    20. Anavore

      Btw I think it’s 10 sec

    21. Marc Sigouin

      Hey! Let me know if anyone wants to see my 2018 M550i, Fully Tuned, Catless Downpipes, Cold Air intake, Stage 1 Pure Turbo upgrades, Upgraded Brakes, Michelin Pilot 4S tires....

    22. Rasheed Ingram

      Every drag race I’ve watched on this channel the road conditions were always wet. It really rains that much in the UK?

    23. Malome Joe

      That 550i sounds lovely

    24. Corcino

      M of the Magic

    25. Tobiman

      What is whit the m5 cs

    26. rong Yao

      Lamborghinis cost around 200,000 pounds

    27. rong Yao

      Because the M5 was brand new and 30 grand that upgrade so in Total that is 150,000 pounds quite expensive not as expensive as a Lamborghini though

    28. rong Yao

      That 1000 hp BMW just rocket heck I think you need like some sort of Lamborghini SVJ to have a fair race and that SVJ s Farm expensive 360,000 For that SVJ The end by 1000 hp to120,000

    29. Murugan Muniasami

      U know mat I was a fan I like 3 ys btw like the BMW I think it’s a m5?????????😅

    30. desi_supra

      Pirellis come stock on an M5? 🤮

    31. S L

      Title of the video. (when 3 bullets race each other)

    32. Ja Ja

      M5 สวยจัด เข้าไทยราคาแรงเกิน ต่างประเทศราคาต่างจากตัวปกติไม่เท่าไร

    33. Anmol Bohre

      Dear Matt, Sending you all the love from India. Your Drag, didn’t made my lockdown drag. 😃

    34. Jesse Melchor

      If a vehicle has rev limiter shift to neutral and you could rev it as high as you want. Normally in park they are limited.

    35. Ruth Ruasell

      The garrulous church posteriorly fix because dish plausibly steer unto a phobic part. screeching, nonstop population

    36. TurboBMR

      never understood why they do these tests in the wet.

    37. Digvijay Mahamuni

      0:05 heheheheh


      😎 M5 💪

    39. Max Mustermann

      England: always rainy But many (old M3) cabrios drivin around there i think... why ?!

    40. Mayur

      Every BMW look so damn aggressive.. Each of them are a piece of art.. Kudos to the exterior designers of BMW.. They make some of the most beautiful as well as aggressive cars in the world.. The M8 is enough to describe BMW s exterior styling💖

    41. Radikal Lyrical

      That tuned M5 is absolute beast 😂

    42. vsboy 25

      M550i is the best day to day car.

    43. buford77

      1000 hp bmw gearbox r.i.p...

    44. Akhil Ramphul

      Please try to tune the m550i and try again..

    45. Jaifar Jaipu

      M5vsm550i race plssss

    46. Harley Goss

      I like your cut g

    47. nwelch1001

      Stop dragging cars in the rain 🙄

    48. Taj Khan

      OK where can I tune my next car like that?

    49. patfromozZ

      Hi Matt, could you guys do a drag race: G80 BMW M3 Comp vs LCI BMW M550i please? They both seem to start from the same price here in Australia.

    50. rong Yao

      The 1000 hp BMW and five when I cross the line I think it was like at 120 miles an hour which is so quick surprisingly maybe that’s why it almost went out of the runway no wonder so close to having an accident it’s called thousand break horsepower are you kidding meThe 1000HP m5 even looks the most expensive

    51. Sohaib-수하입

      love to watch more BMW 1000HP car review

      1. BIGSPARK 71

        Go to the channel livinglifefast it's awesome..plenty of footage on this car

    52. Mahdi Azimi

      My Dream car M5 🔥❤️

    53. Ricky Kaneno

      This is perfect

    54. Rhulani Nkwinika

      Matt,Hi from SOUTH AFRICA here, I don’t really know the weather over there,but why is it always raining for the best races😩?

    55. Aaquib Attawala

      We need the 765 lt vs turbo s match Cause 765 lt will kick ass

    56. Brian Doris

      Those are fast sedans 💨

    57. Soni Singh

      1000bhp M5 useless in the real world.

    58. Roland Ong

      Michelin tire is more wet tire, while pirelli is more dry tire.

    59. Anavore

      Ears Cracked

    60. Anavore

      Wait a minute, 1000 hp?

      1. Anavore

        Ok 100% 1000 hp wins lol

    61. Ms BettySassyWhite

      1,000hp aftermarket tunning? What a rip off.

    62. Joel Katende Kamya

      Best video ever

    63. Joel Katende Kamya

      I know the most

    64. Joel Katende Kamya

      Are BMW 1000bulbs.

    65. Joel Katende Kamya

      Bueno $1,000 power

    66. Joel Katende Kamya

      BMW m5

    67. BENJAMIN K

      @ the brake test :Michelin has the Magic , the pilot sports at its best

    68. Mathew Frangoul

      The take off from the roll was mind blowing. Not alot of cars can do that🤯

    69. kingkenkll✔️

      What's the best looking m5 I want the 2018 I think

    70. Colin Smith

    71. Mitza Mihai F.

      I would love to see a drag race and a brake test between 2 or 3 exactly same cars,but Michelin tyres and others,i think would be interesting to see the differences.

      1. Dessie Butler

        You should watch tyre reviews, he does something similar to that.

    72. Thostostoron Carlione


    73. latifa F

      Please stop comparing tuned cars against standards

    74. Jxst_a_sad_ Kid


    75. Andrei Arama

      In the real world the best car is the m550i everything else is just bragging rights. And you can always have a tune

    76. zibusiso andrew

      This is the best channel ever

    77. lilaormen

      i really want to see a saab on this channel pls any saab but i can recomend saab 9-7x v8 its fast

    78. Whos Dat

      Audi a8 6.3litre w12 review plz

    79. Bad Best

      0:22 that face reaction lol

    80. Gobby Lan

      My dad owns a 2016 series 5 lmao

    81. Christoffer Sinding

      Why are you doing a drag when its wet 🤦😂

    82. Johan Lieshout

      Matt is a comparison with 3 the same cars with different tyres a nice video. I think we all want to know which tyres are the best for the road and braking and a occasionally traffic light drag race

    83. Connor Hynes Taft

      We need a +1000hp drag race. This M5, a supra, veyron and some other!

    84. Emmanuel Crentsil (YamiRaptor24)

      ...that M550i kind of makes the actual M5 a bit obsolete, still... Probably just my opinion, but 530 bhp and AWD is enough

    85. Angelo Martuccio

      Can we have Golf R MK8 vs RS3 no one has done this yet

    86. Shaun E Scarlett

      Another Brilliant Matt 👍🏼

    87. Sanjoy Singha Roy

      1.5M views in just 6 days. Wow. 👍

    88. Black Coffee

      Looking to have my V10 tuned and put into my 2006 X5 E53. Who can tune these to 1000hp?

    89. Matt Smith

      the hazard lights turning on by themselves is SO attractive..... mmmm I think I'm going to buy a new bmw now! meeooooowww!

    90. MaxiKing303

      Does somebody know some more stats of the blue M5, would bei quite interesting like its 100-200 time etc?

      1. MaxiKing303

        @BIGSPARK 71 thanks! ✌🏻

      2. BIGSPARK 71

        LIVINGLIFEFAST is the owners channel

    91. achraf csc

      I would like to see a 911 turbo s tuned to 1000 HP

    92. MF Films

      We need to see Evolve M5 vs DMO Deejay E63s AMG

      1. SS2000

        M5 would have it in the bag.

    93. Jay Vincent

      they ought to just move this production to Texas or Arizona because with all the damn rain in the UK, most of the test are inacurate.

    94. theo derbre


    95. Ciprian Popescu

      Take that M5 against the s..t most powerful Tesla. Time to end that nonsense of "electric cars can be fun too"

    96. Reshma Firdaws

      Please make drag race of mclaren 720s , porche 911 turbo s 1000 hp , bmw m5 1000 hp , audi rs 3 800 hp please😀

      1. Reshma Firdaws

        This drag race is best drag race

    97. Andrew Youssef

      Can we get a tuned awd Alfa giulia 2.0l vs a rwd giulia quad?

    98. JustJack

      Love your drag races thanks so much for making this can't wait for the next one 😀😀😀😁😁

    99. Stephen Kenyon

      The blue M5 is Ricky from LLF HRaero absolute rocket

    100. Tsahi Ayzik

      Test of braking with same car and different types of tires would be interesting