"This guy is a dirtbag!" Dustin Poirier on Conor McGregor after heated UFC 264 main event.

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    Dustin Poirier talks to Joe Rogan about Conor McGregor, the trash talk between the two and his win at UFC 264.

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    1. Joseph Alvarez

      Next: Colby Covington

    2. Waqas Raza

      1:54 Dillon Danis in the crowd.

    3. Adam chambers

      Love Dustin s attitude respect man

    4. Bazinga365 Boyy

      Conor is gonna lose because Dustin learned so much from this fight

    5. Hellen KELLER

      Why the heck is it blanking out parts

    6. Vorteg Anum

      Good man....doing stuff for the poor and giving his hard earned money away...NOT MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO DO IT...I TRY MY BEST

    7. HairlessApe

      What does dustin say say when they blur it

    8. brent

      Dont know who has less class, conor or his fans..

    9. Lomsik Shin

      F**k to the commentater

    10. Lomsik Shin

      This is not tko,this is self injury

    11. Simone Russo

      Very good ciccio imperiale respect

    12. Simone Russo

      McGregor yuo lostbe humbold

    13. M. Karbaschi

      That show pony should do himself a service and retire. He is showing his true face and as Dustin said he is a dirtbag.

    14. onlythewise1

      god got mad at mcgregor

    15. Emotionless Emotions

      McTapper was losing regardless

    16. pwk22

      What did Dustin say to the crowd that was bleeped?

    17. Samson 777

      Dustin is next big thing khabib was right about him

    18. WhitehorseParthouse

      I wanna know what was edited and why.

    19. BKG_POC

      No Honor Conor T_T

    20. Jake Wilkinson

      Conor was right though.. Dustin didn't check any kicks in that fight.

    21. Starmoviessxyz

      nice v..

    22. James Germaine

      I once disliked Poirier and liked Conor at the beginnings of their career. Conor has now become a dirtbag who is all about himself where as Poirier has become a philanthropist and shows pure class. I know which person I’d rather be even though one has tens of millions of more dollars/pounds.

    23. Aurang

      00:08 Joe trying not to laugh lmao!

    24. scheduled play

      Class Act.

    25. Kill3r Killz


    26. tashi deckyi

      He is the real man.. Hero ....man wit a goal to help other ppl until his last breath .. if wealth can b measured by the goodness of the heart... Dustin is the king and corner is a beggar or homeless !!!!!!!!

    27. Brandon Reynolds

      Y’all saying he smash what he smash? Yo momma?

    28. Xavier L2R2

      5.5K triggered Leprechauns

    29. Scott Robertson

      Conor is a joke now. No humility, no class and the smug cockiness is fooling nobody. In his own mind he probably knows he's finished. Adios!!!

    30. Justin'case

      Nothing to be proud of, connor broke his leg. That's not winning.

    31. Jsjsjs Jdjs

      Tittle should be: ***** **** ****

    32. Dave Taylor

      RESPECT Dustin . He is a dirtbag

    33. Dan Pavel

      The Notorious Clown got what he deserved.

    34. MrPmc1983 McMental

      No fourth fight, let some other fighters beat up Conor too !

    35. ABBATE 2

      Jake should make a new chain and call it "Breaky McGregor"

    36. Kiewiet Pretorius

      Dustin is the BEST EVER.

    37. justin henkemeyer

      I love Dustin and the charity work he does but did he really say "the pygmy people?"

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        🤣🤣 la démarche pour achever cette merde de Connor.

    38. John Murphy

      Connor, all being and no class

    39. De Ram

      'That guy is a dirt bag' will haunt Conny baby boy forever.

    40. Robert Salmi

      Conner is a Gonner!

    41. Dommi Davros

      Great guy! As for McTapper, he is indeed a dirtbag!

    42. Flynn Papandrea

      That random elk question really threw me

    43. Victory of the People

      We all can see Conor's best days are behind him. Its a shame he turned into a tacky bully after all he achieved. He aint been the same since the Khabib fight. After seeing him hit that elder in the pub, he lost alot of respect from people. We all know Conor became a household name because of his fighting style but also for his gift of the gab and charisma, but he turned toxic with his persona and lost his class. I think fame and excess got the better of Conor and its tarnished his legacy.

      1. minij hooi

        "Withdrawals" $$ OUT NOW

    44. CREEDO

      conor selling the fight but nawwww bro

    45. PartSouthAfrican

      Bro they used to be friends I think

    46. Emily An

      when conor lost and mentioned dustins wife dming him was the moment his career was over

    47. Arian Dito

      Dustin "don't be silly going for the gilly" Poirier

    48. Claudio Viana

      Que imagem linda ver a cara do derrotado

    49. Chris Satake

      Conor needs to stick to his circus acts

    50. Mr AN

      🤣🤣 la démarche pour achever cette merde de Connor.

      1. Emily An

        Dustin is a real one. Mad respect.

    51. Big Dawg


    52. East Wood

      A satisfying end to Mclooser

    53. Bodohyono

      Everybody want to fight conor, easy money...✨PPV✨

    54. Myname Ismyname

      Dustin shoulda going u oto Connor and said, ohh booboo got a booboo:'(

    55. Flight Mode

      01:53 "some dude in the crowd" hahahaha

    56. GrindStone

      "Withdrawals" $$ OUT NOW

    57. Leon Jenko

      Hes ankle cracked from the weight of his ego.

    58. chrisanto hoot

      Dustin is the goat

    59. xrrxy vvoi

      Too strong for Conor. He was pressuring him so bad that he broke his own leg. Happy for him.

    60. Joe Aerenga


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    62. A.M. B

      Anybody know what Dustin was saying when they muted him?

    63. Hs Shadap

      Soon Dustin will fight Islam makhachev and again Islam will maul him the Same way khabib did

      1. xrrxy vvoi

        Conor is finished

    64. Gorilla Datalabs

      Dustin is a real one. Mad respect.

    65. Jane's apprentice

      Why raise money for the Pygmies?

    66. savedfaves

      Censorship is the worst.

    67. Andile Davidson

      There will be no 4th fight...!!....Conor not the same anymore...!!...!! ...for an..edition Dustin poirier is an example of life !! ...this guy is ot cocky he's calm an smart I regard him an a smartest fighter in the ufc...!!!

    68. 즉시창조


    69. Rhys Owen

      What did poirier say about everyone booing that they blanked out?

      1. Sana Khan

        Mans said y’all can kiss my A hole

    70. kyren whelan

      connor is yesterdays old news!Get over it!Move on!!Your oversized ego got walloped!!

    71. Puna Faavae

      Good job big mouth

    72. Tarantula Chris

      Joe looks like he's getting old now

      1. Conor Daniel David

        yep, I saw most of the event live, he messed up sentences a few times, fumbling words, etc.

    73. Jhoven Romero

      Why have an philippine flag i see in the octagon?? dustin is a filipino??

    74. Tony Ragland

      much classy dustin good u dude

    75. Adam Noone

      Conor is finished

    76. Joanna

      Too strong for Conor. He was pressuring him so bad that he broke his own leg. Happy for him.

    77. Big toms Tea bags

      As usual, a class act

    78. Rick Munro

      I think that Conner may be done fighting. He should stick to selling Irish whiskey.

    79. Iso Joe

      Conners a loser literally

    80. John Kelly

      This is not a clear victory. Check the last few moments of the fight Dustin knew the leg was broken but instead of backing off took some cheap shots on a guy lying with a broken leg. Dustin knows it's a suckie decision. Best they fight again and there is a clear winner if not this will come back to haunt him.

      1. Kim Jong Un

        Good 👍That was for the old man Conor punched

    81. Jason Davis

      Wont be another fight hes proved it then heard the excuses proved it again and again he aint got time to hear more excuses

      1. Joanna

        I wonder what happened to the humble side of Conor McGregor...it was so beautiful to watch.

    82. Tung Vo


    83. bofooit gojo

      when conor lost and mentioned dustins wife dming him was the moment his career was over

    84. Buggie Tech

      This is that leg when he try to kick it on duel but after all God punished him, same leg broken. God not loves who walk on the earth with too much shaking his shoulders. Quran

    85. borple bear

      That last part was wholesome

    86. Aiden Swords

      Mcgregor is a very ugly man

    87. Alvaro Sandoval

      Dustin the best, McGregor lost and will never win over Dustin, the mouth don't win fights I will bet on Dustin anytime if they fight

      1. bofooit gojo

        reasons. Conor WAS NEVER the best fighter in his weightclass but his boyfriend Dana made easy fights for him so they could build him up and make more money.

    88. 300Mags

      Conor fans: Being stupid Poirier fans: bullying conor Khabib fans: Saying facts about conor

    89. guitar man

      Hes right! He is a dirt bag!

    90. Life Psycle Official

      I wonder what happened to the humble side of Conor McGregor...it was so beautiful to watch.

    91. LJAMS08

      Its time to retired mc Gregor ✌

    92. Chavacano

      if his not tapping ....his breaking his own leg to quit the fight.....Excellent skills Conor

    93. Aamir Feroz Kamarudheen

      Dustin 👏

    94. hen ko

      Too strong for Conor. He was pressuring him so bad that he broke his own leg. Happy for him.

    95. parazjt

      1:56 who´s the girl on the far right?

      1. SummerDonuts

        @parazjt i watch someone video, he said Jolie wearing white hawaii shirt idk

      2. parazjt

        @SummerDonuts nah his wife is blonde, this is a brunette

      3. SummerDonuts

        Jolie Poirier

    96. Upama Rai

      It's supper

    97. Pelaaja

      Conor McGregor turned this great sport into a mix between wwe and pro boxing. It became all about business and the show with little to do with combat sports. It’s a real shame that a sport which originally was about finding out who was truly the best all around fighter became a show where fights are being made based on money and not sporting reasons. Conor WAS NEVER the best fighter in his weightclass but his boyfriend Dana made easy fights for him so they could build him up and make more money.

      1. hen ko

        Conor is a disgrace to the sport

    98. Endr6545yt

      Look at this Wow This is currently #1 on trending

    99. Ella McClanahan

      Why was it cutting out the sound that's stupid