Croatia U21 1-2 England U21 | Late Goal Knocks Out Young Lions | UEFA U21 Championship


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    An injury-time strike from Domagoj Bradaric knocked out the Young Lions from the UEFA U21 Championship. England had led 2-0 with goals coming from Eberechi Eze and Curtis Jones.
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    Datum objavljivanja: Prije 14 dana


    1. Eduard Alavanja

      Croatia deserved it. It was no penalty.


      Love Croatia from Romania 🇷🇴💚🇭🇷


      What a BS pen

    4. mate lula

      they are going home again hihihi

    5. hoiy vinosa

      Wow, what a shot at the end, come on Croatia! Love from Poland.

    6. aola wili

      Wow, what a shot at the end, come on Croatia! Love from Poland.

    7. dolita windo

      Football is going home again 🤣

    8. Ivan Jankovic

      All the pieces have fallen into place indeed...gifted penalty,100 % biased " refereeing " ...and still no cigar

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Hhqhahhaajhahahajajahajjajajajajajjajjhhahahahhahahah 🤭😂😂😂

    9. doliio volay

      Why'd you cut out Jones assaulting the Croatian players at the end?

      1. aola wili

        Am confused england won 2-1 what happens ?

    10. Taško Načić

      Croatian genes tell you everything. Croatian genes won the silver medal in the 2018 WC, they didn't need Africans and Arabs.

      1. dolita windo

        BRAWO i cestitke za komsije ! Pozzz iz Srbije !

    11. Chloe Manchestor

      💎💎💸💸💸🌸🌸💎💎💎🍀🍀🍀🌸🌸💸💸💸💎💎 *Bog je pokazao svoju ljubav prema nama poslavši svoga Sina Isusa Krista, koji je umro i uskrsnuo iz mrtvih da nam da vječni život.* *Također je obećao da će ozdraviti vaše tijelo.* *(Gledajte u nebo i pitajte Boga)*

    12. Luka Rukavina

      More sequels of “Humpin’ the Brits” than in “Fast & Furious” franchise.

      1. doliio volay .

    13. Chris Stanton

      Have I missed the first leg or something? cus I can’t find it on HRaero. Just looks like we won 2-1😂

      1. Antixx 21

        You did win 2-1, but since it was the last group match, we had the same amount of points as you and because of the last minute goal, we had a goal difference of -1 and you had a goal difference of -2, so we went through because of the better goal difference as both we and you had 3 points.

    14. Skoro_


    15. Mario Mario

      2018: Mandzukic 2021: Bradaric stunning goal. 2021: Orsic destroyed Tottenham. 2008: Croatia destroyed little england team on Wembley. Croatia: less than 4 milion people. England: 60+ milion people. And you always get knocked in front of Croatian players. HAHAHAHA!! Football is not for you.


      What a goal that was


      England on fiield look like north africa

    18. Crtani Filmovi Hrvatska


    19. slavonac1007

      England's payers are better on tiktok and have the best haircuts of the tournament... Highly overrated. On the other side Croatia's players are incredibly underrated.

    20. John Thorton

      Get the Africans out

    21. CrazyAfro

      No mason greenwood?

    22. devonte monteiro

      Bro isn’t Eze 23?

    23. Matej Starčević

      Hhqhahhaajhahahajajahajjajajajajajjajjhhahahahhahahah 🤭😂😂😂

    24. adeking 121

      Am confused england won 2-1 what happens ?

      1. Football Legends Live

        Croatia have a better goal average so go through as second in the group.

    25. tadija ancelkovic

      BRAWO i cestitke za komsije ! Pozzz iz Srbije !

    26. Kirks Dva

      England get gifts from ref ,No penalty , not penalty is bulshit pretending .

    27. Hanunija .

    28. Near Harvy

      only French with a referee ":_) could beat Croatia ..

    29. HARRYJONES23

      How did England get knocked out if they won? Was there 2 legs

      1. Trošeljac Dalibor

        Cheers.Happy Easter

      2. HARRYJONES23

        @Trošeljac Dalibor cheers

      3. Trošeljac Dalibor

        England lost against Switzerland, Croatia won against Switzerland, they all lost against Portugal.Both teams needed Portugal to win against Switzerland,for England only option to go to quarterfinals if they won by two goal and Croatia had much more options,anything except losing by two or more goals would make them 2nd in group and it happend

    30. Wajahat Moledina

      What a gosl

    31. Wajahat Moledina

      Eze plays for this side lol i thought first team

    32. super blondie

      Trenutak kad brada dae gol 3 englezica odma padaju na koljena...neprocjenjivo

    33. Tyrike Seratan

      My boy Curtis 🙌🏽

    34. mr Brar

      Lol still think no need of Greenwood ??

    35. Badr Hari


    36. Count Campbell

      I find this hard to believe, England must have 5 player's worth 50m+ !!! There's no way the EPL is overrated, and average players are sold for 20m+.


      funny penalty for england.first Dinamo ZG crushed Tottenham, now Croatia throws out is coming home

    38. Josip Dujo

      Drugi put kad Englezi vide Hrvate ima da kleknu pred nama.

    39. markycupko

      Nema ništa slađe nego ove prenapuhane engleziće izbaciti svaki put 😁😁😁

    40. Super Fun Toys and Songs

      Oh wow wow wow #FREEBRITNEY

    41. Can I get 200k subs with 0 videos

      What happened to Curtis Jones ???

    42. Bud Spencer

      Tradition obliges 🍻😊

    43. Kositar75


    44. Unknown Biach

      Sore losers..they couldnt go through even when the referee was on their side. Major factor being that joke of a penalty that never should've been given. Glad they got knocked

    45. Stjepan Sačer

      It's coming home part 3.

    46. Antony 13

      E neka vam 😂😂😂

    47. šapac 86

      The problem of England, of it's people footballers, media etc. is that they are always arrogant, cocky and always get ahead of themselves. That's why it is always special for me when we knock them out. I remember watching english shows on BBC (MOTD) and ITV, ESPN FC especially and their pundits predicting WC Semifinal. They were saying that they will trash us, that we are tired and we don't have any chance. In their shows they didnt even said any word about Cro team. They were already picturing themselves parading with a trophy and singing it's coming home. And when they lost pundits and media were crying and still didnt give Croatia the credit. My point is respect your opponent, give up your arrogant cocky attitude and you'll gain respect from others. Until then it will always be Croatia's pleasure to send you home 🤣

    48. Gabriel 06


    49. 100le Cro

      they always underestimate us 🤦‍♂️

    50. Lechu

      At least in England u21 match referee was fair not like on Wembley against Poland. Fair win for Croatia.

    51. Luka

      koji kurac je onaj penal haha, daj bižite ća

    52. Pepa Vaněk

      Bravo Croatia 👍👍👍🇭🇷🇨🇿

      1. N L

        Zivjela nasa Ceska braca! Daj Boze da pobijede Hrvatska i Ceska Engleze na Euru! Slava Ceskoj i mojoj Hrvatskoj! Pozdrav iz Hrvatske 🇭🇷♥️🇨🇿

    53. RHN

      England U21 are a joke

    54. Adetunji Teslim

      I'll never forget the great effort of *complianthack1* on !G..for keeping up to his promise, he's such a genius

    55. Ante Markoc

      2:3 - 2007 2-1 - 2018 Dinamo 3-0 - 2021 Funny England 😹😹😹😹

    56. HUJAMBO Korodani

      bravo !

    57. st murphy

      Terrible that such referees still exist, this is such an obvious theft and helping England that it is shameful, and only the behavior of the arrogant Englishmen after the game, horror

      1. ReAL passw0rd thot destroyer

        @st murphy could care less lad

      2. st murphy

        @ReAL passw0rd thot destroyer Why ? so we went on hahahaha

    58. DoMoTV

      Its funny how England tought it was coming home again and they got knocked out by Croatia again 😂

    59. Anish Poon

      Title looks misguiding

      1. Teo Dizdar

        Ur brain is misguiding

    60. FlyRunner

      Hahahaaa super nice CROATIA!!! White lives matter!!!

    61. MelbKnights

      So is it coming home? Pahahaha! 🇭🇷

    62. 78wolfhearts78

      When a Brit loses, everyone is a racist

    63. Lv 99 Tengulist

      get rekt for that fake penalty

    64. Adnan Almutiry

      England are a bad and loser national team🤣😂😂

    65. just for fun

      Did anyone noticed that the result is 2-1 england not 2-1 croatia

      1. Epicccurus Aurelius

        Yes, because it was. Croatia went through on goal difference.

    66. Matteo 627


    67. J D

      United Islamic Kingdom of England!

    68. be gi

      Englezići Lapapa

    69. Harun Ramic

      What was the result of the first leg?

    70. Yogesh Sngh

      Croatia loves breaking the "Its coming home" meme

    71. Fifa PUSH

      Mislim da morate bježat od nas u bilo kojem sportu.

    72. Chalibanec

      Any Brit teams lose-racism

    73. BcseLiesMatter

      This days white men can't win and celebrate?

    74. Anesu Mukura

      I don’t get it

    75. Arnaldo AdiPutra

      ahahahah england

    76. Grease Lightning

      Yeah that penalty call was bs. Who paid the ref for that? Croatia is the better team with nice goal. England big ego but dying nation. The sun has set on this empire. Bye bye!

    77. Danan Jaya


    78. Kabesa radoj

      2 years ago they got eliminated by România 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

    79. Marko Croatia

      Teach "Young Lions" to not play with a "Small Fiery Chess Dice" (Vatreni Kockasti)... 🇭🇷🇭🇷

    80. Bartolke

      Ae zna se uvijek mi ovisimo o nekome i muku mučimo a valjda ce bit bolje treba tu još stege i koncentracije al bravo za golcinu 👏🇭🇷

    81. Duka St

      La pa pa 😂😂🇭🇷🇭🇷💪💪

    82. Vice Tadin

      Bye bye

    83. bruno Suric

      Funny fact: in Russia, on the day Croatia relegated England on to plane back to England, Croatian 2 man rowing team won gold in England - just about ahead of English team.

    84. Niko Arisman

      Inggris itu pelatih nya gak ada yg bagus . Gak kaya Jerman sama Spanyol. Pemain muda mah bagus2

    85. Jed Eye


    86. Silvija Dautović

      Englezici la pa pa

    87. Misha Crypto

      bye bye England, time to go home

    88. Oliver Histon

      I guess they shoulda "get up to da baaaall"😝

    89. 로스나는

      💪🏻Team Kudela💪🏻

    90. Antonio Matijasec

      Croatia in heart 🙏🥇♥️💪

    91. Antonio Matijasec

      Croatia in heart 🙏🥇♥️💪

    92. Regzy

      Spavanje Englezići 😘

    93. slomi slom

      😂😂😂😂 Pozz iz Istre!! Go Cro!!! 🖐👋🖐🖐🖐 😂😂😂😘😘

    94. Jedan Lik 1990

      We waiting next match on summer

    95. Jiří Orlik

      Anglie,finished well LOOSERR

    96. Mess Hun

      Pff Ir was joke penalty: gift from referee.

    97. The Rage of an Artist

      2018 Croatia - England 2:1 2021 Dinamo - Tottenham 3:0 2021 Croatia - England, even though they lost 1:2, Croatia sent England out of Under-21 Euro. Hahahahaha

    98. Gospodar pršljenova

      Its coming home, its coming home! Football its coming home! 😂😂😂😂😂

    99. daniel c.

      England, again, just asking.snap

      1. daniel c.