*NEW* FORTNITE SEASON 8 GAMEPLAY! (Fortnite Season 8 Full Battle Pass)

Typical Gamer

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    New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 gameplay full battle pass, new map, skins and weapons live stream with Typical Gamer!
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    1. gogd

      I will be there in about this all together

    2. Inelia Sainflima

      1v1 me

    3. Marco Ubaldo-Roblero

      Typical gamer can you gift me my name is scelefrig103 and I have never had the battle pass or been gifted so can you gift me plz

    4. Muniruddin Mohd Amran

      Omg my god

    5. PropellerPro

      Been a sub from since u were 3 mil really love ur content

    6. Bryan Salazar


    7. Skyledgend

      He was so happy he thought he would get nap changes 6:09:31

    8. Panda Kawaii


    9. sehhi vooty

      Are you homeJust watching Andrew the whole game

    10. Jayden Gutierrez

      I like you

    11. OctoGirl

      I feel so bad for tg right now, like I like the friendly stream snipers but I hate the ones that try to kill him. Plus he was trying to make a video for tg plays, and u could just tell he was getting mad. And I just wanna say tg u are my fav fortnite streamer and I love the content 😄 keep up the good work!!!!!

      1. sehhi vooty

        That’s not happened to me why is it happened to you ?

    12. hu


    13. Michael Bowers


    14. Michael Bowers


    15. Lightning Trident Studios


    16. Bignugg 1878

      You wanna smack

    17. Genji WRLD


    18. Genji WRLD


    19. Genji WRLD

      hi tg plas

      1. bocoy noiu

        I can't wait for it because nurutio and Goku sent coming cargeg and tuna fish and Ana is coming and the unicorn

    20. David Laurel


    21. Spencer Cruden

      sky fire and i know where to get a railgun are staying this season

    22. Spencer Cruden

      dococter slone so corny complex got pick up with the the bom and have you got the sky fire song is my favourite

    23. Daniel Thorpe

      Gameplay? Lameplay more like it.

      1. The Yamppa


    24. bouytt guyt

      It would be cool if they added a emote so you can transform into Cletus to Carnage

    25. Logan

      Use code Typical Gamer in the fortnite item shop

    26. Kristin Lee

      I am very excited

    27. Sawyer Schreiber (STUDENT)

      That’s not happened to me why is it happened to you ?

      1. bouytt guyt

        Can you accept my friend request

    28. X-striker

      I can’t believe that it is season 8

    29. Anthony Vega

      He cused 😨 said DAM 1:18:55

      1. The Yamppa

        That's not a swear word though.

    30. Babsie 123

      It's funny how he forgot to cut some of the bits 😂 so he just goes on saying the same thing over and over again

      1. yasio bolo

        This is so cool

    31. Izzy

      If anyone notice the whale sailor is the one from one peice

    32. Squid Snort

      Did he just say venom bro that's Ben 10

    33. Ayden Creighton

      Tg you should play nitro type I used typical gamer as my account name and do you like my cat

    34. Kristine M

      I can't wait for it because nurutio and Goku sent coming cargeg and tuna fish and Ana is coming and the unicorn

    35. Michael Chaffee

      so sorry i missed you i had a broken leg ):

    36. Jayden Gutteridge

      why does the carnage cosmetics give me stranger things vibes?

    37. Jayden Gutteridge

      why does the carnage cosmetics give me stranger things vibes?

    38. Zayed Almarzoqi

      Best skin in the battle pass.

    39. Zayed Almarzoqi

      Carnage is in Fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yo that is sick!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Landon Bob

      My user name is FNMYTHIC-ON-YT

    41. Landon Bob

      Can you accept my friend request

    42. epicgamer45


    43. Mudkipz


    44. Lit Easily


    45. Melissa Frazier

      This is so cool

    46. Acoustic Supratim

      i started playing from season7 and I level up 81 that was a good season man

    47. Austin Dè Ceased

      Charlotte looks kinda like Charlotte Sartre lol

    48. ABYSS ISS

      Torin first style Me: 🥵🥵😍😍😍

    49. Notes

      season 17 is horrible compared to season 18. in my opinion season 7 was the worst season... except season 10.. we dont wanna talk about that..

    50. Amari0108

      Automatic sniper only challenge

    51. Blaine Wilson


    52. Andrei Krylatov

      You’re the best typical gamer

    53. Centr4 snipez

      Seems like he doesn’t care anymore

    54. Total Gaming

      ""Let's pray for those children who doesn't have their parents they are real legend""💖💖

    55. lil Beans

      Says he’s going to sleep after getting a dub and then streams for two more hours

    56. Mescuit

      Congrats on 12 million

    57. Jrells

      to those who think the automatic sniper is new its was introducted in chapter 1

    58. Emilio Palma Daccarett

      I thought the faundation drowned :v (idk if i spelled it right lol)

    59. Ross Spencer

      22:28 that’s what we all thought when we saw the trailer 😂💀

    60. Ahad Miah

      Tg u know the auto sniper was in the game be4

    61. somecrackhead

      37:51 LMAO the dissapointment on his face when he sees the map 😭

    62. Star Seeder

      2.4 million views come on y’all we could at least get him up to 500 K likes or something. Run them likes up

    63. Little Official Gaming

      I use your code in the Item Shop.

    64. Dalmook Hasher

      Wait who noticed something on the whale? One piece?

    65. Cason Spillers

      make more videos with your girlfriend

    66. Ethan Pro


    67. Ethan Pro

      What if Naruto is the secret skin

    68. Tyson Furness


    69. Steven Cole


    70. Ethan Pro

      What is not so is the secret skin

    71. Joe Amaral


    72. Jayden Daughtry

      Automatic sniper

    73. bridget adkins

      I love you 🍓 🐄

    74. Judy kay Prinsloo

      U lost ur touch my man

    75. The Meme God


    76. GodTier_Armageddon

      Your getting destiny 2 type of lag my guy

    77. Ngọc linda187

      Hello my friend, I'm Vietnamese, wish you a happy game, I'm also doing yutube and butt you support the channel to help me do better, thank you very much

    78. KhramNicholas Sysak


    79. Witherman


    80. Overhead Outcomes

      4:17:34 just watch 👀

    81. Goku Black

      3:54:01 omfg😭😭I felt so bad for him

    82. Dhar Mann Copies


    83. Barrak Abdullah

      me the same thing hapend

    84. Trilly4x 📞

      😔I'm grounded so I wasn't able to participate

    85. TheZiggaboo

      I love it it. Is GOOD

    86. Karen Campbell


    87. Luna

      low key miss salty springs 🙁

    88. Desi Smith


    89. jimmy d

      My WiFi like that about all the time.

    90. jimmy d

      Every time you log on u say the same thing😄😄😄

    91. jimmy d

      What do u mean u don't use WiFi?

    92. Birdlips

      Andrew is amazing. Is anyone home right now watching him slay fools 😮‍💨. Prolly

    93. Miniii •-•

      Not my bf killing him this time at 6:14:16

    94. Deebomixes

      I cant believe ive been watching for almost 5 years i started in December 2016 gta mods

    95. Lokesh Rider

      Typical gamer can you gift me a skin please I am RahudCool

    96. MEW JIA TUNG Moe

      A long vid lol

    97. OVP RIZE


    98. phoenixgaming

      Miniguns are back ahhhh

    99. Kairangi Marsters


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