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    Fixing gridlocked traffic by using roundabouts in Mini Motorways will help you get high scores in Mini Motorways! From the makers of Mini Metro comes Mini Motorways! A highway engineering puzzle game and in this video I, a highway designer of 10 years, see if my real life engineering skills help me become better at the Mini Motorways puzzle game by using the power of roundabouts to fix bad traffic! Can I beat @Biffa Plays Indie Games at his own game?

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    About Mini Motorways:
    Have you ever been stuck in traffic and wished you could do something to fix it?

    In Mini Motorways, the city’s traffic problems are in your hands.

    From the makers of Mini Metro, Mini Motorways is a game about drawing the roads that drive a growing city. Build a road network, one road at a time, to create a bustling metropolis. Redesign your city to keep the traffic flowing, and carefully manage upgrades to meet the changing demands. How long can you keep the cities of the world moving?

    Key Features
    - Draw roads in dynamic cities that grow and change - every game is unique!
    - Explore stunning maps inspired by cities all around the world.
    - Choose from a variety of upgrades to meet the demands of your ever-expanding road network: highways, roundabouts, and more!
    - Select different colour palettes on every map including colourblind and night modes.
    - Relax to a responsive soundtrack from Disasterpeace that grows along with your city.
    - Unlock new maps and achievements as you achieve mastery
    - Export GIFs of your city layouts to share with your friends.
    - Compete against other players in Daily and Weekly Challenges.

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    1. superdupergrover

      In the US, round a bouts are only used when 1. Roads converge in a non square pattern, like three roads in a non T-junction or five roads, whatever. 2. Certainly going to have an additional road there in the future, but not sure when or where or how many. Usually at the front corner of a big-box store or stripmall were the driveway at the front of the store meets the not-quite-a-real-road that leads to the traffic light on the real road.

    2. Erica F.

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    3. Karen Alejandra

      I love his accent :) and these type of videos are so calming, almost like a podcast for me

    4. Daurak

      “Now they can go through this car park if they want to get over here quicker” Isn’t that illegal? ;)

    5. NotNull

      Hey RCE, love your content, you said that you never give way to someone entering the roundabout, but this is not actually true, unless the roads leading into the roundabout specifically say to yield, enforcing the right hand rule strictly, means that you DO actually yield to people coming unto the roundabout, as they're coming from the road to your right. The right hand rule being that you always yield to the cars coming from your right, unless otherwise stated. In my country, there are still very few old roundabouts where the right of way isn't specifically stated, and crashes happen often when people don't realize that they have to yield to people coming unto the roundabout. This of course only applies to countries with the right hand rule, and I imagine for you it would be the left hand rule.

    6. Ledionyes__

      RCE: *is faced with problem* RCE: I might be able to use a roundabout...

    7. Andrew Osborne

      spend money now and future proof 10+ years out please... easy task but thank you haha

    8. huawei tang

      I’m learning a lot about roads and how to make them efficient

    9. horse1066

      I guess the American block development system makes sense now, it stops randoms from building tat just where you'd like to put a motorway in a few decades. Now if we could only stop useless Labour councils from building massive council offices right in the city centre on prime development sites

    10. Dave-o Davingson

      "We'll keep an eye on the yellows" - 3:06

    11. Atypical

      yo biffa and zedaph

    12. Shabazza84

      MM is kinda more relaxing than Mini Metro. And losing does not feel bad, because you can always do better, unless RNG kicks your butt. XD

    13. Mki Sask the Glump Sod

      Thanks RCE! Now I know in order to build a functioning society I just have to separate the white from the colored. I’m learning so much!

    14. Superheros Videos 12

      What‘s the Name of the Game?

    15. lynntriesgaming

      Im an american and I live in a town with roundabouts, half of them are in ridiculous areas. Of the five I can think of, only 1 is in a useful place. Maybe when cities were being built they just threw roundabouts in and said "fuck it good enough"

    16. Michael Bigler

      You waste so many roads on connecting houses the ugly way...

    17. hassan_h_z14 23

      استمر متابعك من العراق 👌🥲

    18. Data Broth

      I've been assuming this was some sort of neat animation for a vox video this is a game? looks pretty

      1. Daniel Radetic

        looks pretty and gets pretty addicting as well quick game with about 10 maps =)

    19. HA05 Hardy

      13:44 "straight through.. straight there." straight As straight hair straight forward

    20. Soviet Union Soldier Ball

      whats the game called

    21. D'Angelo HM

      Traffic lights are useless

    22. VitalVampyr

      If you want to fix traffic in Beijing just plan to have a military parade in a few days.

    23. ☁️ .ccloud

      7:02 "i could actually get rid of all the whites"

    24. Dey Maha


    25. PresenterDOPW

      You should try spamming motorways

    26. senefro

      7:10 "these white people now no longer have to negotiate this roundabout all these junction" they dont have to just because they are white people? what about red, blue, green and yellow people? this is racist man!

    27. DENIS OH

      Good to learn... bro. btw, hope you don't use screen close-up too much as it rather disturb to concentrate and makes dizzy most of all... @_@

    28. akaWoomy

      i love it when i wake up and there's a whole new neighborhood next door

    29. KOSMOS

      Can see why highway designs are godawful now if this is the best you can do....

    30. MRgreen

      i hate roundabouts in real life. they are put in the worst areas. it makes driving a large truck way more uncomfortable and harder on the vehicle. for tractor trailers its even worse.

    31. Tristan Cunha

      here in massachusetts roundabouts/rotaries are fairly common, depending on where you are

    32. craigmcfly

      What bothers me most is that you can't make the roundabouts go the UK way :)

    33. Oscar Chen

      Use roads in areas where you don’t want stores or houses to be.

    34. Dictatious

      i thought this was a mobile game ad

    35. Maddinhpws

      2:35 holy shit the game definitely needs to fix this. This is why there are so few Roundabouts in the USA. This type of Roundabout is actually something else and something that is known to cause congestion and accidents and there is almost no place that still uses these.

    36. It’s too late when the time comes

      In my game on Apple Arcade the highest score is something like 9600

    37. NAE GER

      these white people....

    38. max1590 Cordero

      What do you just say

    39. Simbach Vazo

      Arkansas actually uses roundabouts, I've gone north from LA and passed one or two.

    40. Ly Khanh Ngan

      The creepy hardhat exclusively tire because hip erroneously remove aside a aggressive colon. damp, historical drink

    41. Kaminari Kroeplin

      "these white people" :O

    42. Randy Verschueren

      Pro tips: Never pick the trafic lights in this game, they are useless... AND you don't have to connect all the houses = less traffic (1-2 houses close by for a small mall and 3-4-5 if it gets upgraded should be enough)

    43. the country of Finland

      Found your gem of a chanel and have been binge watching videos

    44. Bob Nathan Saputra

      I thought this is lets game it out XD

    45. TruePHYSX

      I love watching people play these games. They’re so relaxing.

    46. Hermeliin Noor

      Your not a engineer your a fake civil engineer not real But fake

    47. Filipe Silva

      666 dislikes

    48. Twilight Paladin

      Matt talking about Biffa being #36 on the leaderboard while he’s literally 16 points behind Zedaph.

    49. SrBoromir

      Okay, roundabouts may be good in real life, but this isn't real life.

    50. Riley Tavernier

      Real Civil Engineer: I dont know if you saw but we just unlocked a Imac cinema Me: Where's the Apple logo Also Me: That doesn't exist

    51. amiee swallow

      The piquant turret summatively permit because kidney admittedly enter plus a merciful crack. best, satisfying hardware

    52. Gabi Donnachie

      My face when he said “These white people go this way-” 0-0 My brain legit went, wait what did he just say? I do understand though :)

    53. Look At This

      You also just showed me why so many road planners have such good intentions and assume that every human will be like a robot and do exactly as they planned they should in order for what they planned to work perfectly...well humans aren't robots and they have a thing called free will lol Plan around unpredictability and randomness and free will....

    54. Look At This

      Is anyone in the highway engineer world trying anything new or doing any risks to try to think outside the box and do something different than what everyone has done before them? If so, what? Also, why haven't we segregated the 16 wheelers with the regular cars? Why haven't we segregated a seniorway (a road system just for seniors)?

    55. Edward Blom

      7:11 “These white people…” *Demonetized*

    56. Romann DOMICE

      I think the main issue was when you placed the first roadway, you separated the houses from the stores which forced the reds to take the same roads as the other colors just to reach the roadway

    57. Anime Draw

      how about philippines? haha

    58. Mel Crisp

      in aussie, roundabouts arent that close to houses lol

    59. Bulat

      I heard in Greece the roundabouts work this way, the wrong way

    60. Pandaboi

      Please stop promoting round-abouts. As a pedestrian I spent 5 minutes waiting to cross because I couldn't figure out which cars were crossing my path fast enough. We need less cars, not faster traffic flow.

    61. KingSpoderMan

      Now imagine adding crosswalks in this game.

    62. kitsurubami

      Hello, I'm from Austin Texas. Why are you trying to reduce traffic? Isn't the goal of roadwork to maximize traffic?

    63. Cian Caldera

      This is so different from how Aliensrock plays…

    64. OriginalAkivara

      In America it's technically illegal to use a parking lot to avoid the road. But you can get around it by opening your door and putting your foot on the ground.

    65. Devon Teague


    66. Max Bouchard

      Actually in France you do give ride of way if your in the middle bit

    67. WaltWhitman

      13:24 bruh these dudes employed to each other lmao

    68. WaltWhitman

      10:04 got me saying in my head whyy won't you connect the white Imax in the top right to the road right next over

    69. WaltWhitman

      10:03 lmfao those sole 2 whites that aren't connected to the regular road like the rest

    70. WaltWhitman

      9:19 why not wrap it around back up to the other blue?

    71. WaltWhitman

      the entirety of linear programming = roundabouts

    72. WaltWhitman

      bruh roundabouts are still aids i wish i was convinced

    73. Some Guy

      It's like the 1950s but with more colours and no protests

    74. CGagnon5

      This guy sucks at designing roads

    75. Red leicester Cheese

      logic makes sense right

    76. Autotrope

      Bit annoyed the game author did an exclusivity deal with Apple on this game

    77. Rime Prime

      I came here from DF

    78. Mojos Bigstick

      In Reading, where the A327 meets the B3031, there's a whole slew of houses that drive straight onto a busy roundabout.

    79. SuperSuchties

      i love you’re laugh 😀

    80. Abiyyu Panggalih

      this game is cool cute

    81. Gray Lee

      I love when he calls them white people lol

    82. Austin Ehmke

      The traffic engineers I've dealt with were USELESS! They made our operations such a giant headache!

    83. Stu Pedaso

      What's crappy about them is the fact they put giant ass bushes and trees in the center so you cant see shit

    84. John Donovan

      Engineers and car guys alike, both love roundabouts

    85. Alien

      2:30 Actually, if there aren't any road signs, the person joining the roundabout goes first. It's very rare nowadays, but it happens. I live near a town with a roundabout like this and you always have to watch out for people who aren't from there.

    86. mary johnson

      Until you put a roundabout In the Backwoods of the Southern United States you ain't seen nothing those yahoos back there are hilarious they didn't know what to do with it

    87. ClapZbean

      The game looks so fun but I don’t get the point of it. Someone please inform me

      1. Dark Libertário

        Nothing has a point, not even our own lifes.

    88. João V M L Silva

      I don't know how nor why I got you, oh you said you're British, that makes sense

    89. Timothy Perdue

      I like your content a lot, it would be really interesting if the developers for this game upped the AI so that they wouldnt always try to take the shortest path. Then distributor roads and the like would actually help immensely. Unfortunately though the best way to play this game seems to just segregate as much as possible so that there just isnt any chance for traffic to build up

    90. J.Productions

      Just bought mini motorsways cause of your content. Keep it up!

    91. Jetter Garcia

      thank God yt recommended me this channel

    92. Unimportant Account

      they all drive on the wrong side of the road. smh

    93. Skyfire48

      I don’t know if you know this, but you can use a diagonal road instead of 2 turns right next to each other, and it saves a road tile!

    94. John Dinkeloo

      You've got to build bypasses.

    95. Bailey Maule

      13:25 they are best friends And the 3rd friend

    96. Daniel Will

      Play satisfactory

    97. Bryce Britton

      These white people 😂

    98. Rakeem Keem


    99. Lukai_Smack

      been watching since 1k. Proud of you bro.

    100. orangekidz508

      This kinda remains me of city skylines