Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

MLG Highlights

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    1. jeblofo lofoplo

      The pleasant draw objectively spot because green intriguingly count in a useful august. possible, lively pipe

    2. 오은택

      it's okay bulls let's go again next season

    3. BeatThatMeat 212

      This just showes how strong the offense of the nets acutally is, can't wait for the playoffs

    4. 3 代行

      The painstaking bun dolly polish because plane cumulatively grip above a roasted epoch. guarded, optimal agenda

    5. Yung Mizlo


    6. daiely does

      Bulls played well

    7. Edo Truman

      Good game Bulls but Nets are another level.

    8. Travel Notes By kiddie Solis

      Beautiful defense by kd, they are ready for playoffs..

    9. Dzaky Adiyatama

      one man stand by lavine

    10. Chan -ID

      Nice :)

    11. Aasar Ptah

      Nets offence/Defence enough to superbly defeat the Bulls. KD exceptional offence and Defence enable the win.

    12. Justin Humphrey

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    13. Kaiyeem Walker

      KD is a cheat code on the court, silky smooth sheesh.

    14. Feliiix_

      man i miss clippers blake

    15. Nicholas Hammond

      you know they are going to add James Harden .. league MVP to this team... you know that .. right??

    16. Aditya Kencana

      scary hours is near boys....

    17. Nicholas Hammond

      KD pretty much took off the regular season and now decided to play

    18. You you


    19. Phú Nhật

      Zach Lavine played fire

    20. Regalado Cedillo

      Hoping KD and Harden sign up with Chicago Bulls...Ressurection.

    21. Jeffrey Mandia

      Good job Nets

    22. Ibra Dawoud

      KD beast is back

    23. Natasha Bolton

      Good win Brooklyn:) nets got great chance if they stay healthy and keep up this in playoffs 🙂🙃🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

    24. vanessa carlson

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    25. Brandon Calero

      KDs defense, offensive efficiency, and playmaking this game were all exceptional

      1. Misael Olivo

        yes, today comeback the plamaker king to brooklyn nets, James harden

    26. JT JT

      The way KD move guarding Cody white is just incredible

    27. jo po

      Griffin can barely dunk now. How. I’m 44 and I can still grab the rim at 6’3 in his prime he could put his chin on the rim.

      1. Nicholas Hammond

        they said he can't dunk anymore at all, 14 so far with the nets now

      2. Daedalus

        Plus he was roided out before

      3. AHMAD2423

        Yea, but you weren't jumping over car's in your prime year's thou...Now his knee's are shot.

    28. Velichko Stoev

      LaVine is fo real. Elite.

      1. Aldrin Mercado

        He deserves more. Time to go a better team to win rings. Bulls aint gonna give him one

    29. Arda Çiftçi

      If Bulls can't make the playoffs, I'm rooting for Clippers

    30. Carlson


    31. Sinyor Maya

      Where is the Mike James Crossover?

    32. Elysian_x

      I can't wait to see Harden back Again and Witness the Destruction of The Deadliest Big 3 in the league rn

    33. Saad Syed

      It's clear Zach keeps getting frustrated playing for the Bulls. You see it in game and after each game when he has monster nights. He's their only consistent player and shows desire to win. I don't see him staying long term, especially if the Bulls keep missing the playoffs, but if the Lakers can somehow get him via a trade or in free agency and dumping Kuzma to the Bulls or a third team, Lakers will be a legit threat to any team on Off. They have solid D, but lacklustre Off. That is their weakness against teams like the Jazz, Clippers, Nets, 76ers and Bucks. There is too much pressure on LBJ and AD to score big every game. Kuzma has been a failed third string. They should have kept Ingram instead. It's time to replace him with someone more consistent.

      1. Chris Tuvs

        Petition to dump kuzma and get back Ingram.

    34. SEBU

      You can't teach long arms

    35. Diana Ngesa

      Brooklyn in the playoffs will be beautiful to watch...

    36. Hyperborean 2

      Griffin is moving like the mafia crushed his knees

      1. AHMAD2423

        That's the price you pay for jumping over car's.

      2. Kahchu  Kalu


    37. DylanJacob15

      KD’s defense and playmaking needs more recognition!

      1. DylanJacob15

        @Nicholas Hammond jup that’s true, super pumped for the playoffs to see the BIG 3 on the BIG STAGE!

      2. Nicholas Hammond

        he's obviously turning it up on defense but the guy is the iso god scorer when you need a bucket, they all agreed for Harden to be the teams playmaker

      3. DylanJacob15

        @AHMAD2423 yeah for sure and rightfully so ☝🏼

      4. AHMAD2423

        He delivers the CHIP he'll get all the recognition in the World.

    38. Gian Esparagoza

      Why did MLG did not put mike james ankle breaker highlight

    39. marco narca

      Bulls need to form their own big 3 or big 4

    40. Jonel Centino

      idol KD🥰🥰

    41. D.K

      KD had a block party out there

    42. One Snap And Gone

      Why is that one commentator moaning every play?🤣

    43. Star

      im on that nets tip fr but the bulls are lookin reeeeeal good ngl

    44. Yato Aragoto

      Claxton 🔥🖤💪

    45. anonymous

      Cant stop Durant.. thats why they lose

      1. anonymous

        @enjoy our e-life just so you know LBJ don’t have the chance to win chips this year

    46. Jeffrey Ong

      Blake Griffin has been steadily improving every game. You gotta give him points for resilience, he looked really bad at the start an people were writing him off. It's not just his point scoring, it's his overall effort that has been impressive, on both ends of the floor.

      1. Zett76

        @Tamer Oduncu He is currently 9th, of 27 players on the roster, in PER rating. That doesn't make him a superstar on the team - and nobody expected him to be -, but a valuable addition. More importantly: his numbers are rising. He is still shaking off rust and gaining his old self esteem back. Will he be the same as in the old days? Of course not. But he will be, and already is, someone to be reckoned with. Ignore him on D, and he will punish you.

      2. Tamer Oduncu

        @Nicholas Hammond btw i agree that he plays better but dunno about benefits

      3. Tamer Oduncu

        @Nicholas Hammond are u really watching nets i will drop link here when i found about his legs are done he cant do defense he just cant stay in front of ball handlers a bit also do you think he can guard embiid or giannis in playoffs

      4. Nicholas Hammond

        @Tamer Oduncu please read the above

      5. Nicholas Hammond

        he's a +9 on the floor, his impact is noticeable even defensively holding off big post ups and leading league with charges taken

    47. 1 Nic

      1:00 anyone else was waiting for a dunk

      1. Shahzaib Khan

        Those Lob City days smh

    48. Ehsan Rahmedt

      Zach Lavigne to lakers next season with Lebron and Ad will beat any team

      1. AHMAD2423

        @Romel Solitana Exactly, SMGDH but he's the greatest player of All-time...FOH !!! All his fan's want him to do is stack the deck in his favor to win them weak ass Championships.

      2. Romel Solitana

        Yah also curry, liliard, and gianis, 😁😂to carried old lebkre 😁😁😁


      Oh wow beng,beng 😆

    50. javier alejandro grande

      Nets bang, bang, bang!!

    51. Paolo Alcantara

      KD can get those blocks if he wants to

    52. 瘦底大波可能係假波

      Good win Kyrie quick rehab plz

    53. Donadoni Music

      Durant’s a different breed. He’s elite on many levels 💯

    54. R 66

      i swear mlg hates bulls. didnt post shit about the 3 straight wins, but gonna post bulls losing games

      1. deep void

        he is chasing views and dont give a shit about fans if you ask me. only reason this game was posted is not because they lost but because they played with nets. thats it really.

    55. Bong Fong

      KD is King

    56. Martín Rangel

      Respect to Lavine

    57. ALTER EGØ

      The bulls commentator sounds so depressed 😭.

      1. stupendousA

        He's probably used to it by now haha

    58. Blame Youself

      2all star vs 2 all star fair game

      1. AHMAD2423

        Fair Game regardless they're all paid professionals. Stop feeding into that Fanboy nonsense...

    59. Wuvex

      Claxton is the nets best defender

      1. Misael Olivo

        No, its KD, then maybe claxton, but he cant defend big strong men and harden is good when he wants but in the post not at the perimeter

      2. Nicholas Hammond

        agree cause he can guard all positions

      3. Reduney Conceição

        Na, it is KD then James Harden when he wants and then is him.


      I see curry in lavine he's carrying the bronze members

    61. RY Wong

      Sad LaVine

    62. JamRoc News and Culture

      Its over when harden returns lol...KD FINALS MVP!!!

      1. JamRoc News and Culture

        @Nicholas Hammond yeh harden might yes..doubt it because KD will be better defensively and offensively...harden will be the glue..but KD will the the closer...on voting KD will get the nod..harden a beast though

      2. Nicholas Hammond

        Harden might get the MVP, but you are right, who gonna stop that level of talent

    63. arira pipan

      Where is 13❓

    64. Won't Marry You, I'll BURY YOU

      Bulls are so poverty

    65. Javier Griffith

      Dikembe Durant is on 🔥

      1. Mac-Gustave MULONDA K

        😂😂😂😂 I like that one

      2. Alexander Shabazz I

        Lol ayo, that's A1 hahaha.

      3. David Hugh

        That’s right

    66. mar jase

      Your talking about a sniper a marksman who is 6.11 with a 7 foot wingspan averaging 28 points per game who can pull up FROM THURTY thats right THURTY in his sleep STEVEN A SMITH VOICE lool

      1. Keenan Harrigan

        Get me every time 😂

    67. The Goat

      Kd started to play that playoff defense

      1. bokossah scott

        Yeah . Can’t wait for the playoffs. He is gonna go off

    68. Steven James

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      1. Make Me Moan


    69. Tak Kim

      Blake still got a very weak defense. Too slow to guard. Must improve.

      1. Misael Olivo

        the problem to brooklyn nets is the perimeter defense so many slow players

      2. Keon Follett

        He’s a great post defender though so it balances out

    70. Angelo Coloma



      Harden might return soon as well

    72. A- ROD1299

      Kd finally did some let's put it right on the thumbnail

    73. Blake

      Durant defense got better!

      1. David Hugh

        That’s right

    74. TK Alphonzo

      Zach Lavine is damn good.. He's the future...

      1. James Hardy

        @enjoy our e-life you're a casual or you smokin meth if you the Zach Lavine is the future of the NBA 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

      2. AHMAD2423

        Zach Lavine is not the future because he'll never be the best player on a Championship team. His best bet will be to go join a ready made team because otherwise he'll never be a champion.

      3. James Hardy

        @TK Alphonzo the brooklyn nets are already probably the best team in the league. Put any good player on that team and it increases their chances. I don't think he's a good fit though

      4. TK Alphonzo

        @James Hardy how abt Brooklyn Nets?? Good fit for him though.

      5. James Hardy

        @TK Alphonzo If you win to the knicksI still don't think that when a championship

    75. Mike J

      And imagine Spencer Dinwiddie returning probably first or second rd too..Scary Hours huh.

      1. Taulant Beqiri

        nah man nash said he does not plan to return this season

      2. Nicholas Hammond

        @Mamba Kenny The GOAT most likely second round is the rumor

      3. Mike J

        @Mamba Kenny The GOAT It's a slim chance of that happening but for sure he could return tho if BKLYN makes it to the ECF or Finals for sure.

      4. Mamba Kenny The GOAT

        Is he tho?

    76. Laura Márquez

      Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados.

    77. Paint Home

      when james harden is back the nets gonna be illegal

      1. DVH_Voltz

        @It’s “Kijjer” I’ll be back when we win a ring

      2. It’s “Kijjer”

        Useless bunch of lazy divas, out in the first round. Injury prone morons like the bandwagon fans!!!!

    78. LeBeautiful

      This ain't no ordinary game. This, To Kyrie, was Royal Rumble

      1. JohnAngelo Villanueva

        Realtalk sir!

      2. Gilboimesh

        u hella beautiful

    79. Người Nhật

      Laundry Shamet plays really well.

      1. Taulant Beqiri

        @ray thomas well everyone that does LAUNDRY well smells good

      2. ray thomas

        He smells good too

    80. feddy the artist VEVO


    81. Stephen Curry

      Masked Kyrie will be back 🔥