Housekeeper is GIVEN the house she is sent to clean

Daily Mail

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      Wow, what an amazing video!! The people that arranged this are Angels.

    2. Lucky Akins

      Omg, 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭, cant stop crying. Tears of joy

    3. Brett Lee

      This restored my faith in humanity 😁😁😁

    4. jahmehkan horn

      Wouldn't happen in UK. Americans are great.

    5. Emeli :3

      This makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    6. Almost Zen

      How can nearly 2500 people dislike this video? You're entitled to your opinion, but if anyone deserves this home it's this sweet lady.

    7. Tranquil Savage 👽

      I hope she is still there living her best life

    8. Tranquil Savage 👽

      Her face when he said "6 more courses"

    9. Sven Reimaa

      Faith in humanity restored.

    10. Mrs Justicewilbeserved

      She’s such a sweet heart. She deserves nothing but the best.

    11. Malgetsfit

      Bless their souls.

    12. S F

      🥲🥲 Soooo happy for her!

    13. Tawana Lewis

      Oh Wow I just saw this video and it brought tears to my eyes and I'm really happy for this family and she really deserve it, AWESOME.

    14. Arlene Portsmouth

      I absolutely love this woman! I think I heard her saying can I save this for later? Unfortunately everything he mentioned in those dishes I would not be able to eat. Except for perhaps the ribeye. 🥰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 what a fantastic way to make someone's dream come true. Now I can't something like this ever happened to me?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    15. Raenna Johnson

      She is so deserving ❤

    16. Jane Conrad

      So her employer knows she's not paid enough to live off of. If the employer can't pay a living wage then they have a bad business model!

    17. Sheá Vibe


    18. Ridwaann

      I salute to all mothers where ever they are. This episode made me cry ..

    19. Rasheedah B Sanders

      take it from a massage therapist , you want that massage BEFORE you eat lol

    20. Rasheedah B Sanders

      who would put a thumbs down to this smh pffffttt

    21. Shanoy Knight

      Wow i literally cried omg what a beautiful soul well done to everyone

    22. Multi Vitamins

      2.4 k people disliked this, why?. You can see what kind of person she is throughout, polite, charming and non judgemental of what she must have assumed to be extravagances yet her demeanor throughout was proof of a beautiful soul.

    23. Ricsic6

      More companies should do this.

    24. Chris Morring

      I need to get these allergies under control my eyes are watering up everywhere. lol

    25. Rebel Yell

      What jealous asshats gave this a thumbs down?

    26. Asnath Katane

      How nice is

    27. Alison Reid

      Made me cry....

    28. Kathryn Garza


    29. Cameron Renwick

      I'm so happy for her and the family.

    30. CheckurselfB4uwreckurself Wreckurself

      who thumbs this down???


      omg im so happy for this hard working women who have children that love her so much,she was deserving of this

    32. Tracey Thomson

      Wow what a lucky lady. I wish someone did something like that for me. I was a carer for 5 years and that was probably one ot the hardest jobs in the world especially when the person you was caring for was disabled and 64 years old. It was the most rewarding job though. X

    33. Joan Benson

      I think it is awesome when hard working people get rewarded.

    34. Joanne Samuel


    35. Dees Nuts

      Simply Awesome!!

    36. Daniel

      This is the best prank ever

    37. Forty Andretti

      I can't, I just can't 😢❤️

    38. Ssemanda Susan


    39. Rhonda Wilson

      I've never seen a give away like this. Absolutely amazing!!!!!!! I'm sure she's well deserving of this. CONGRATULATIONS🙏❤️👍

    40. Mucca Corse

      Let's help them in their home.

    41. sam n

      I’m a 30 year old construction worker and I love this so much I actually come back to it!

    42. Linda Decker

      This perfect family will make this perfect house a home! Well deserved!

    43. K Zorus

      Where's your kids' father(s)?

    44. The Opinionated

      That’s beautiful😭😭

    45. Alysia Magen

      I really wish this would happen for a friend of mine who could really use this for her and her daughter

    46. Gregory Coleman

      So beautiful

    47. Te Papa Shā'ne Youtube

      I wonder how they are now

    48. Shay


    49. Jessica Harmon

      Her faces when she tries the food are so cute omg

    50. Tina OSullivan

      So happy for her

    51. Marc Price

      LOVE THIS!!!

    52. scott miller

      Cara. You go girl Take on the world

    53. Follow the white rabbit

      She just so bubbleing.

    54. Patsy Green

      This was beautiful

    55. One To

      What a beautiful soul she is , so humble and genuine . The world needs more human beings like Cara ..

    56. Phteven Stein

      Beautiful woman, inside out ❤️❤️❤️

    57. Charisse Rempel

      Well deserved. Congratulations! May you have many happy years in your new home.

    58. John Samples

      Word up! Amazing woman!

    59. Dave D

      Thank Guys! I had tears in my eyes!!!!!

    60. Matthew Hogue

      I love it what you guys did was great

    61. Heather Max

      I feel like our ancestors smiled with her

    62. sandra patnode


    63. Devon Lindsay

      I love these types gifts. I tend to worry, however, about how she'll pay the property taxes and insurance.

    64. draydayj1

      Congratulations Cara!!! 😭👏🏽😭👏🏽

    65. scott scarberry

      Frigging Awesome!!!

    66. omg gamer girl

      Wish that was me😔😔😔

    67. J B

      I love this!

    68. Pebbles Pond 🎏


    69. M E

      Cara and her children are frankly gorgeous, although beside the point.

    70. Enna James

      Love it

    71. Nashvile Studios

      I cried

    72. David Lohnes

      Finally some happy news

    73. Wes CARPENTER

      Luv these kinds of stories

    74. mielizia

      Made me cry❤️

    75. Ken Li

      I would not go there... Travel with Covid.... No thank you. Put me in the Carlton for a week

    76. Ken Li

      Brings a tear

    77. Ken Li


    78. Ken Li

      Hahhahahaa massage by these gentle men

    79. Ken Li

      I would not eat any of that stuff

    80. Ken Li


    81. J Wilson

      🥲🥲Happy Tears! 🥰🥰

    82. Philip Malone


    83. Delila Sloan

      All the women in her family featureD here are gorgeous...and that little boy she has is adorable

    84. Ronald Cheatham

      Wow. I didn't see this coming. You have me in tears watching this. She is so nice. Wishing the best in life to them all.

    85. Cef Cat

      Nice, very nice. I wish her more.

    86. danielle McDole


    87. Elizabeth Guilbe

      Look @ her face 🤣🤣🤣 Nobody will believe her ❤️💫 WOW She’s having a ball! 🤩🧚🏼‍♂️

    88. Joe Blow


    89. Word Buzz Jones

      Now, that's the best prank ever.😀

    90. Annika Shern

      “You can have our old house”😂💖

    91. Reflection & Progression

      Her energy is so pure💜

    92. charlene brown

      Wow that's awesome congratulations beautiful ❤️

    93. Farmer Bold


    94. Janet Pattison

      Wow. What an incredible surprise!

    95. TyBrown

      This is amazing

    96. Lor Joker_

      It’s the facial expressions for me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    97. Harry Pottah

      definitely cried watching this!

    98. Ron Smith

      She look so pretty... Thank you for having a heart...

    99. Sophia O

      I would do this for any si gle mother. This got me teary